Role of the Wildlife Section, Forestery Divison in the Management Development of the Aripo Savannas Scientific Reserve

Sharon Schwab


The proposal to make the Aripo Savannas a Scientific Reserve is encouraged because of the uniqueness of the area. There are no "virgin" savannas left in Trinidad; the Aripo Savannas are the only ones to remain relatively undisturbed and they are known to have the greatest diversity of flora, fauna and habitats. The Wildlife Section should have two roles in the management of the Aripo Savannas. One role should be research on the existing fauna including studies of abundance, diversity, and interrelationships; the other role should be management and protection of the area. The proposal for a Scientific Reserve, although based on mainly floral and pedological studies of the area, mandates a better understanding of the fauna which inhabit the area. Such knowledge of the fauna should provide evidence to support designation of the Aripo Savannas as a protected Scientific Reserve and should bring the Aripo Savannas the recognition they deserve.

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