Melipona trinitatis and Melipona favosa, the only species of the Genus Melipona in Trinidad.

Marinus J. Sommeijer, Luc L. M. de Bruijn


The stingless bees (Meliponinae) compose together with the Honeybees (Apinae), the Bumlebees (Bombinae) and the Orchid bees (Euglossinae) the family of the Apidae (Michener 1974). All species of the stingless bees are "eusocial"; this implies that, in a similar way to the honeybee (Apis mellifera) they live in permanent colonies with specialized queen and worker castes. The Meliponinae (about 400 species) form a diverse group. The subfamily of stingless bees can be divided into various groups. One major group is formed by the species of the neotropical genus Melipona, with a distribution ranging from Argentina to Mexico. Only two species of this group are recorded from Trinidad.

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