Incidents involving Whales in Trinidad waters during 1987

Tessa Ottley, Christine Henry, Ahmad Khan, Avril Siung-Chang, Maxwell Sturm


The occurrence of marine mammals in our waters is not uncommon. Porpoises are often seen off Trinidad's north coast and in Tobago waters. Pilot whales were once so abundant in the Gulf of Paria that a whaling station was built at Pointe Baleine on the west side of Gaspar Grande island, where whales were processed for meat and oil. One of the many names given to the Gulf of Paria was Golfo de la Ballena, or Gulf of Whales (Borde 1876 and 1883). At present, however, encounters with whales are fairly rare. It is therefore of great interest that in 1987 three separate incidents incolving whales were recorded.

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