The Surinam Toad, Pipa Pipa (linn.)

Hans G. Kugler


H. W. Parker in his list of the frogs and toads of Trinidad (Tropical Agriculture, Vol. X, pp. 8-12, 1933) mentions this extremely interesting, and only representative species of the tamily of the Pipidae, without any comments. It has been recorded in the Handbook of Trinidad and Tobago for 1924, page 100, but as far as I know there is no authoritative record of the existence of Pipa in Trinidad. My late friend F. W. Urich mentioned once to me that had had seen it in the swamps of Cumuto, but in spite of repeated search over many years, I failed to secure any specimens. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Mr. T. M. Knowles sent me in April 1953 a live specimen caught near the swamp south of Barrackpore. This specimen is now deposited with the batrachian collection of the Roval Victoria Institute Museum. A brief account of its life history follows.

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