Field-identification of the Caligo Butterflies (Nymphalidae, Brassolinae) of Trinidad and Tobago

Matthew J.W. Cock


Three species of Caligo are found in Trinidad: C. brasiliensis minor Kaye (forest mort bleu), C. teucer insulanus Stichel (cocoa mort bleu), and C. illioneus illioneus (Cramer) (cane mort bleu) (Barcant 1970, Cock 2014). The first two are also found in Tobago (Cock 2017). Although Barcant (1970) provides guidance for their identification based on characters of the dorsal surface, identification based on the ventral surface alone has not been documented. This note is intended to fill that gap and enable all three species to be identified in the field and from photographs of butterflies at rest.

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