Baseline Vegetation Survey of Paria Springs Eco-lodge, Brasso Seco-Paria, Trinidad and Tobago

Michael P. Oatham, Deveka Boodram, Courtenay Rooks


A baseline vegetation survey was carried out on the site of a proposed eco-lodge and an area of contiguous forest in a neighbouring forest reserve near Brasso Seco-Paria. Tree species characteristic of abandoned cacao plantations were recorded on both the eco-lodge site and the adjacent forest, indicating disturbance and the possibility that the cacao plantation had extended over the forest reserve boundary in the past. Both the eco-lodge site and the adjacent forest had species characteristic of succession subsequent to disturbance, indicating that disturbance in the adjacent forest may be ongoing. Recommendations made for tree species to plant on the eco-Iodge site so as to move the tree species community composition closer to a natural forest community composition and to attract wildlife for eco-tourists.

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