Pollination of Some Trinidad Plants by Glossophagine Bats (Anoura and Glossophaga)


  • O. Marcus Buchanan 1. New York Zoological Society, New York, NY, USA and 2. William Beebe Tropical Research Station, Simla, Arima Valley, Trinidad and Tobago


Pollination, Glossophagine Bats, Anoura, Glossophaga, Trinidad


With the exception of the observations of Vogel (op. cit.) on a number of bat and plant species in Colombia, and the early notes of Hart (1897) on Bauhinia megalandra in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Port-of-Spain, and of Porsch (1931) on Crescentia cujete and Parmentiera alata in Costa Rica, little has been recorded on the role of bats in pollinating plant species in the New World tropics. It is of some interest, therefore, to add the following observations made on Trinidad between 1967 and 1970.