The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad Part 17, Hesperiinae, Anthoptini and the Remainder of Evans’ Genera Group I


  • Matthew J. W. Cock CABI Europe – Switzerland, Rue des Grillons 1, CH-2800 Delémont, Switzerland.


Trinidad and Tobago, Hesperiidae, Synapte, Propapias, Anthoptus, Corticea, Lento, Vinius, Anatrytone, life history, food plant


Trinidad skipper butterflies (Hesperiidae) of the tribe Anthoptini (genera Synapte, Propapias, Anthoptus,Corticea) and the remaining genera of Evans’ Genera Group I (Lento, Vinius) are treated. Details are given of the taxonomy, history, description, identification and biology of the 11 Trinidad species in these genera. Of these, four species, S. malitiosa pericles (Möschler), Anthoptus insignis (Plötz), Anthoptus maracanae (Bell) and Corticea corticea (Plötz), occur in Tobago. Adults of all species are illustrated, as are the external female genitalia of Corticea spp. The life histories of S. malitiosa pericles and C. corticea are described and illustrated. In an addendum, Anatrytone barbara (Williams and Bell) is a new record for Trinidad, and compared with Anthoptus epictetus (Fabricius) and V. tryhana (Kaye).






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