The Vegetation of Chacachacare Island


  • Johanna P. E. C. Darlington Department of Biology, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago


Vegetation, Chacachacare Island, Trinidad


During the TFNC expedition (May 28-30, 1966) a brief survey of the vegetation of the western part of the island was attempted. "Sites'' were selected in which the vegetation appeared to be fairly uniform, and the structure of the vegetation cover was described. Any soil profiles exposed were examined. Samples of as many plant species as possible were collected from each site, and were kindly identified by Mr. M. Bhorai of the Botany Department, U.W.I. Descriptions of the eight sites chosen (see map) follow, and a table of species distribution in six of them. An alphabetical flora list for the island is appended.