Breeding of Twa Twa in Captivity


  • R. S. W. Deane Trinidad and Tobago Cage-bird Association, Texaco Trinidad, Inc., Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago


Large-billed Seed-finch, Twa-Twa, Trinidad


The Large-billed Seed-finch or Twa-Twa, Orzoborus crassirostris, is now one of the rarest birds in Trinidad, being widely, though illegally, sought for a cage-bird. Many are also now imported as cage-birds from South America. Mr. Deane, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cage-bird Association, has followed up his previous successes in breeding birds in captivity by breeding a pair of Twa-Twa. It is believed that this is the first time the species has been bred in captivity. Since this article was written, the pair have reared several more clutches.