First Report of The Trinidad and Tobago Rare Bird Committee


  • Floyd E. Hayes Department of Life Sciences, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago and 2. Department of Biology, Caribbean Union College, Maracas, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Graham L. White Waterloo Estate, Carapichaima, Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago, Rare Bird Committee, First Report, Ornithology, Ornithology, Rare Bird Report, 1981-1996


For nearly four decades, reports of rare bird records for Trinidad and Tobago were compiled and evaluated single-handedly by Richard ffrench, who periodically published summaries of such records and incorporated those records into two editions of his comprehensive field guide to the country's birds (see ffrench 1973, 1991, and references therein). During this period many regional committees were established in the more developed countries to evaluate and compile records of rare birds within their jurisdiction. Consistent with this trend, ffrench's efforts to objectively compile and evaluate rare bird records culminated in the establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Rare Bird Committee (TTRBC) in September 1995.

The TTRBC, which currently comprises seven volunteer members, is an independent organisation governed by a set of bye-laws. In addition to the authors, the initial TTRBC members included Richard ffrench, Davis Finch, Ian Lambie, William Murphy and Victor Quesnel. The primary functions of the TTRBC are to ascertain which records of rare birds in Trinidad and Tobago are acceptable beyond reasonable doubt, to publish periodic reports of TTRBC decisions, and to
maintain an official list of birds for Trinidad and Tobago.