Mating Behaviour of the Neotropical Skink Mabuya nigropunctata (Spix) in Trinidad, West Indies


  • Victor C. Quesnel Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club


Mating behaviour, Mabuya nigropunctata, Trinidad


An account is given of mating behaviour in the neotropical skink Mabuya nigropunctata (Spix). The male tracks the female by scent, bites her tail first, and then at the end of a rapid series of bites along her flank, holds on to the upper arm on the side approached. The animals remain thus until sunset, with minor movements relative to one another, or changes in location seemingly initiated by the female. Copulation then occurs and lasts 2-5 sec. For most of the period of inactivity that follows initial contact, which may last as much as 10 h, the animals seem to be asleep. Eleven of thirteen matings were recorded in the months January - April, the dry season, with one each in June and August.





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