Rainfall-Temperature-Humidity Relationships in Bush Bush Forest, Trinidad


  • Elisha S. Tikasingh Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory, Federation Park, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Bush Bush Forest, Trinidad


Bush Bush Forest and its environs were proclaimed a Wild­ life Sanctuary on July 16, 1968. This forest has been the focus of field activities of the Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory (TRVL) since September 1959, where Staff Members spent great efforts in studying the ecology of certain arthropodborne viruses (arboviruses). Part of the data collected were records of rainfall starting 1st May 1961. Later in November 1962 a thermo-hygrograph was installed and operated until 31st December 1964. A preliminary account of the rainfall-temperature-humidity relationship has already been published (Downs et al. 1968). The purpose of this report is to give further details of our observations, which might be of interest to future workers.