Living World 2016

This year Living World has reached a major milestone in that we are now published online. This enables Living World to be more widely accessible and, even more importantly, to be searchable online through Google Scholar and similar services. This issue of Living World contains seven research papers, six nature notes, and one report. We cover a wide range of animal taxa including insects, arachnids, molluscs, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Cover Photograph: The ocelot, Leopardus pardalis, is our only documented native species of cat. Rarely seen and typically nocturnal, its status on the island is poorly understood but it is known to exist in forested areas throughout Trinidad. This individual was photographed in Cat's Hill during a camera trapping exercise in 2013.

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Table of Contents


Graham White

Research Papers

Matthew J.W. Cock
Donna-Marie Alexander, Christopher K. Starr
Andrea A. Scobie, Christopher K. Starr
Joe Morpeth, Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Christopher K. Starr
Ruth Shepherd, Paul A. Hoskisson, J.R. Downie
Mike G. Rutherford, Kimberly Chu Foon
Ryan S. Mohammed, Lanya Fanovich

Nature Notes

Mike G. Rutherford
Rakesh Bhukal
Saiyaad H. Ali, Nalini Rampersad-Ali, John C. Murphy
Saiyaad H. Ali, Nalini Rampersad-Ali
Mike G. Rutherford
Kris A. Sookdeo, Charles Sookdeo


Martyn Kenefick


Faculty of Life Sciences University of the West Indies