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The Trinidad Field Naturalists' Club was started in July, 1891 and by February, 1892 was publishing a bi-monthly journal. The Journal consisted of a variety of papers which included reports of meetings and field trips, elementary information on a variety of subjects as well as scientific papers which included descriptions of new species. The journal ceased publication in 1896 but was restarted in 1956. From 1956 to 2000 it was published generally on a biennial basis, but from 2001 it became an annual  journal.

The journal is a semi-technical, peer reviewed publication which is produced annually by the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club. It publishes articles on studies and observations on natural history carried out in Trinidad and Tobago, and in countries in the Caribbean Basin. Contributors are not limited to members of the Club.

Information on current and past issues is available on this site, including instructions for authors interested in having their work published in the Journal.

Editorial work on the Journal is performed on a volunteer basis by members of the Club.

Current Issue

Living World 2023
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The Editorial Committee was saddened by the passing of Dr Elisha Tikasingh in August 2023. Elisha was the Editor of Living World between 1997 and 2013 and was well known to our regular contributors. The 2023 Living World is a bumper edition, with six research papers, ten nature notes and the regular Report of the Trinidad and Tobago Bird Status and Distribution Committee (TTBSDC).

Cover Photograph: Our cover photograph shows a colony of Zoanthus sociatus, photographed by Stanton G. Belford at Saline “Salybia” Bay in May 2022. It was found at low tide at less than 0.3 metres depth on a clear day with low turbidity. Belford initially thought that it was Zoanthus pulchellus based on the colour, however mitochondrial COI and 16S revealed it to be Z. sociatus. This demonstrates the value of molecular analyses for species identification. See page 126 for a full account of this study.

Published: 2023-12-30

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