Collections of Phlebotomine Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae), 1953 - 1977 in Trinidad, West Indies

Elisha S. Tikasingh


During the period 1953-1977 collections of phlebotomine sand flies in Trinidad yielded 21 species in two genera: one Brumptomyia and 20 Lutzomyia. L. gomezi was the most commonly collected and most widely distributed species occurring in 20 of the 26 localities surveyed. One species, L. flaviscutellata, is a known vector of enzootic rodent leishnaniasis in Trinidad.

Key words: Psychodidae, Brumptomyia, leopoldoi, Lutzomyia, antunezi, aragaoi, atroclavata, ayrozai, barrettoi, cayen- nensis, christenseni, dubitans,  aviscutellata, gomezi, lichyi, micropyga, migonei, ovallesi, pilosa, rangeliana, shannoni, sordellii, trinidadensis, walkeri.

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