A Preliminary Survey for Spiders on St. Lucia, West Indies

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal


During a two-week period in August 2010, a wide variety of habitats on the island of St. Lucia, West Indies were surveyed for the presence of spiders. As in previous surveys in Grenada and Montserrat, St. Lucia produced more species in natural than in human-made or highly disturbed habitats. Thirteen localities were surveyed from 11 habitats, including five man-made habitats. Twenty-two families representing 40 species were collected. Members of the families Araneidae and Tetragnathidae comprised almost half of the species found.

Key words: Anapidae, Araneidae, Corinnidae, Linyphiidae, Lycosidae, Miturgidae, Mimetidae, Mysmenidae, Oecobiidae, Oxyopidae, Pholcidae, Pisauridae, Salticidae, Sparassidae, Scytodidae, Symphytognathidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiidae, Theridiosomatidae, Thomisidae, Theraphosidae, Uloboridae.

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