A Survey of Freshwater Fish Distribution in Tobago, West Indies

Ryan S. Mohammed, Karl Phillips, Kerresha Khan, Avi Bhagan


The freshwater fish of Tobago were reported by a number of researchers between 1910 and 1998 with differing species richness and diversity being listed by each. Results of the recent survey reported here serve to update this baseline. Surveys were conducted at 81 sites in Tobago over the time period 2004-2015, with observations being conducted both nocturnally and diurnally. The most widespread species was Sicydium punctatum (Gobiidae). The species with the highest abundance was Poecilia reticulata (Poeciliidae), and the rarest species was Gobiesox nudus (Gobiesocidae). Micropoecilia picta (Poeciliidae), Ctenogobius boleosoma (Gobiidae), and Synbranchus marmoratus (Synbranchidae) were documented for the first time for Tobago. The ichthyofaunal richness for this survey now stands at 13 species. The drainage with the greatest species richness was Roxborough River with nine species noted.

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