Predation on a Freshwater Crab, Dilocarcinus dentatus (Tricodactylidae), by Several Tropical Wolf Spiders, Ancylometes bogotensis (Ctenidae), in Trinidad, W.I.

Rakesh Bhukal, Mike G. Rutherford, Ryan S. Mohammed


On 4 September, 2014, during a nocturnal field trip to the Aripo Savannas, Trinidad, (WGS 84 UTM 0697545 1176021), an unusual observation was made. Three adult spiders, Dilocarcinus dentatus, were observed feeding on an adult freshwater crab, Ancylometes bogotensis. The spiders were on vegetation above a flooded trail and there were many crabs in the water below. The crab was initially held by a female spider; two males were then seen to approach and also feed on the crab

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