Arthur Mervin Greenhall (1911-1998)

Geoffrey Gomes, Victor C. Quesnel


Arthur Greenhall was born on 6 August 1911 in New York City. From an early age he was attracted to animals and kept many of them as pets, especially snakes. After leaving high school in 1930 he entered the University of Michigan and graduated with a B.A. in 1934 and an M.S. in 1935. During this time he spent his summers in the Caribbean collecting animals and doing studies relevant to his course at the university. In 1932 while on board a vessel off the coast of Cuba, Arthur first heard about Trinidad when he met a gentleman by the name of Sullivan Dillon who was from Tobago. Sullivan's lively enthusiasm about Trinidad, its varied wildlife habitats, and profusion of flora and fauna, impressed Arthur. Hence the seeds were planted in Arthur's mind for Trinidad being a possible site for future collections and study.

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