The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad. Part 19. Hesperiinae, Moncini: the Remaining Genera with Pale Spots: Cymaenes, Cobalopsis, Arita, Lerema, Morys and Tigasis

Matthew J.W. Cock


Trinidad and Tobago skipper butterflies (Hesperiidae) of the tribe Mancini (genera Cymaenes, Cobalopsis, Arita, Lerema, Marys and Tigasis) are treated and the adults illustrated. Details are given of the taxonomy, history, identification and biology of the 14 Trinidad species in these genera, of which two species also occur in Tobago. Partial life histories of Cymaenes tripunctus theogenis (Capronnier), Arita arita (Schaus), Lerema ancillaris ancillaris (Butler), Marys valerius valerius (Moschler), Marys geisa geisa (Moschler) and a probable Tigasis sp. are described and illustrated, and notes are provided on the early stages of Cobalopsis nero (Herrich-Schaffer) and Marys compta compta (Butler).

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