Corybantes mathani (Oberthür) (Lepidoptera: Castniidae), an Addition to the Insect Fauna of Trinidad, West Indies, and a Probable Oviposition on Moriche, Mauritia flexuosa (Arecaceae)

Matthew J.W. Cock, Jorge M. González


Castniidae is a family of large to very large moths, which mostly fly by day and can be brightly coloured. The Neotropical Castniidae comprises 87 described species in 33 genera (Vinciguerra et al. 2011). González and Cock (2004) provide a synopsis of the family in Trinidad and Tobago, reporting 11 species, originally included in nine genera, but now known to be only eight genera, since Castniomera Houlbert has been made a synonym of Telchin Hübner (Moraes and Duarte 2009). The genus Corybantes (Hübner) was not amongst those known from Trinidad and Tobago.

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