Is this the caterpillar of Arsenura beebei (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)?


  • Matt Kelly
  • Matthew J.W. Cock CABI, Bakeham Lane, Egham TW20 9TY, United Kingdom


We report here on a very distinctive caterpillar and suggest its likely identity. M.K. and Dr Feroze Omardeen encountered it on 11 March 2018 along Martinez Trace, just north of Brasso Seco in the Northern Range of Trinidad, West Indies. The approximate coordinates were: 10°44’00.00” N, 61°18’08.08” W. The caterpillar was stationary on a rotting leaf stalk of Cecropia peltata L. (Urticaceae) on the ground, so there was no evidence as to what the food plant was. The caterpillar was striking. It was black with 10 bright blue bands and 7.5-8.0cm in length





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