The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad. Part 12, Heteroptinae Genera Group H and Hesperiinae


  • Matthew J.W. Cock CABI Bioscience Switzerland Centre, Delémont, Switzerland


Lepidopterology, Skipper Butterflies, Hesperiidae, Heteroptinae Genera Group H, Hesperiinae Genera Group N


Heteroptinae (Genera Group H) are represented in Trinidad by one doubtful record of a Dalla sp.: D. quasca Bell or near. Because this is such a colourful and distinctive species, it seems strange that there are no other records if it were a true Trinidad species. Furthermore, members of this genus normally occur at relatively high altitude. Hence, this may well prove to be either a vagrant or a mis-labelled specimen, and is unlikely to be a resident Trinidad species. Genera Group N of the Hesperiinae is represented in Trinidad by just one record of a single species, Lerodea eufala eufala Edwards, which is widespread in North and South America. The only previous record of L. eufala from Trinidad is shown to have been based upon a misidentification. However, a new record is reported, the first and only one for the island to date, so that this species is retained on the Trinidad list. Neither species has been reared in Trinidad. Both species are described and illustrated as adults, and the male genitalia of L. eufala are illustrated.





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