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In this issue we have eleven research papers and seven nature notes. We also pay tribute to Professor Peter R. Bacon, Sylvia Kacal and T. Francis “Frankie” Farrell.

Cover Photograph: The bromeliads, which are monocots, include 46 genera and 2110 tropical American species. One species occurs in West tropical Africa. There are a few that are found in the American subtropics. Bromeliads grow as terrestrial xeromorphic pachycauls (having a thick stem) or as stemless epiphytic herbs. The bromeliad most people are familiar with is the pineapple (Ananas comosus) a native of South America. The fruit is a multiple organ, formed by the coalescence of the fruits of a hundred or more individual flowers. The most important pineapple producing area is Hawaii



Published: 2004-12-31


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