• Graham White Editor


The 2014 issue of Living World represents a change in Editor and new additions to the editorial team. Dr El¬isha Tikasingh has retired after 15 years serving as the Editor as described in the Editorial of the 2013 issue. We thank Dr Tikasingh for his hard work in getting the Liv¬ing World to its current standard. The editorial team now includes Graham White (Editor), Yasmin Comeau, Bill Murphy and Palaash Narase. While the team has changed, our vision for the Journal has not. We will continue to encourage the publication of studies and observations on the natural history of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region. We will continue to encourage Nature Notes so that rare occurrences or observations are recorded and not forgotten and we will continue to honour those nat¬uralists with outstanding contributions to our knowledge of our natural history. This year we have instituted a new section containing reviews. This section will be by invi¬tation only and address subjects for which we consider a review timely or which might encourage further work.