First Records of Mantids (Insecta: Mantodea) on Huevos Island, Trinidad and Tobago


  • Mark S. Greener School of Life Sciences, Graham Kerr Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, UK
  • Amy E. Deacon
  • Mike G. Rutherford
  • Kris Sookdeo


Huevos Island is one of several islands off the northwest tip of Trinidad. It is privately leased and therefore rarely visited.  However on 22 February, 2014, as part of a TTFNC overnight trip to the island, a wide-ranging survey of the wildlife was undertaken. Dry forest in the gully just north of the only house on the island was surveyed from approximately 0830  to 1100 h during which time several mantid specimens were hand collected. A light trap was set up by KS in the gully and ran from dusk until around 0230 h.  Of the 19 species that have so far been recorded on the two main islands of Trinidad and Tobago, 4 were found on Huevos during our survey. All specimens collected were identified by MSG and have been deposited in The University of the West Indies Zoology Museum.






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