A Field Guide To The Reptiles And Amphibians of Trinidad and Tobago

Authors: John C. Murphy, J. Roger Downie, Joanna M. Smith, Suzanne M. Livingstone, Ryan S. Mohammed, Richard M. Lehtinen, Meredith Eyre, Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Nigel Noriega, Gary S. Casper, Tom Anton, Mike G. Rutherford, Alvin L. Braswell, Michael J. Jowers

This comprehensive guide covers all of the country’s herpetological fauna, complete with species accounts and full colour plates.

During the development of this field guide, John Murphy and members of his team spent an enormous amount of time examining in detail animals they encountered as well as museum specimens from collections around the world, and comparing specimens from both Trinidad and Tobago to mainland conspecifics and related species. The result has been a major step forward in our understanding of the relationships of Trinidadian and Tobagonian species, many of which have diverged from their presumed mainland relatives and are shown to represent distinct species, often unique (endemic) to one or both of the sister islands.

This is a 336 page softcover book measuring 5.47″ x 8.5″.

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