The Field Naturalist (Quarterly Bulletin)

The ongoing activities of the Club are reported in our quarterly bulletin entitled “The Field Naturalist”. The bulletin is circulated to all members. In addition to accounts of our field trips, the bulletins also offer miscellaneous articles on various topics of interest.



The content of past issues of the bulletin has been indexed and this information is available for your use. You can access the index either by downloading the MS Excel spreadsheet or via the interface displayed below. If you find a topic of interest, you can access the relevant issue in the Bulletin Library.

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ItemAuthor CommentIssue  
Visiting OrnithologistsGustav Yaki and Howard Martin form Canada are visiting and require accommodation.Gustav Yaki, Howard Martin1973-1
WantedBird recording wanted.Geoff Gibbs1973-1
Pointe a Pierre Wild Fowl TrustMinor noticeapplication1973-1
Club's Projects 1973Introduction of new projects for 1973 icluding the littoral animal survey, nature tail project, flowering plant survey, bird song collection and Caroni Swamp documentation.littoral chip trail1973-1
Turtle ProjectOutline of turtle project for 1973 and request for more data on other turtle species.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys, bacon1973-1
Breeding cycle of littoral animalsProposal for the new projectprojects victor quesnel1973-1
Trail makingProposal for the new projectBill Milne-Home, project1973-1
Observation of flowering treesProposal for the new projectproject1973-1
El Tucuche Trail ProjectUpdate on the project1973-2
Tree Flowering ProjectUpdate on the project1973-2
Tobago (27/29 Apr 1973)Report on a field trip to Tobago including Grafton Estate, Bloody Bay and Buccoo Reef. Several bird sightings, inspection of Hurrican Flora damage and mention of lava flows.Hurricane Flora1973-2
Paria and Petit Tacarib (26/27 May 1973)Club Field Trip.turtle, Murphy Bay1973-2
Seminars at the AWNCNotice on seminar on Tropical Ecology at the nature centre1973-3
Nature Trails in the Arima ValleyTrails at Las Lapas and AWNC have been marked.1973-2
A Cheap Book on Tropical BirdsReview of a book by Clive Roots entitled "Tropical Birds"1973-2
Wildlife Conservation Committee ReportIan LambieReport of developments on the WLCC including the wildlife act, manicou tax, the Cocrico and Caroni barge issue.manicou tax cocrico, barge, blue, wlcc, brac1973-2
Caroni Swamp-Natural Resource or Industrial WaterwayIan LambieBeginning of the Caroni Swamp/Shell barge issueblue river, Shell , barge, No 9, drain, bottling, brac, action1973-3
The Turtle Conservation ProjectPeter BaconUpdate on the projectturtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys1973-3
El Tucuche Trail ProjectBrian CooperUpdate on the project1973-3
The Tree Flowering ProjectRay Fordham, Kate GibbsUpdate on the project1973-3
Beginners' Bird WatchingGeoff GibbsInvitation to join a introductory birding trips1973-3
Bird NotesGeoff GibbsNote on some wet season birds at Fishing Pons and at Caroni. Includes roseate spoonbill, crakes and rails.Fishing Pond, Platalea ajaja1973-3
Chaguaramas Development Plan1973-3
Easter Excursion (Guyana)Invite by N.S. Poonai to join their excursion to the Rupununi and Matthews ridge1973-4
Club Objectives and Activities in 1974Kate GibbsThoughts on potential Club activities for the year to comeproject1973-4
The Cocrico in TobagoRichard FfrenchBiology and status of Tobago's national birdChachalaca Ortalis ruficauda pest hunting1973-4
The Club's Christmas PartyPatricia GouveiaAnnual party of 19731973-4
New Bird BookGeoff GibbsNotice for Richard Ffrench's upcoming bookRichard Ffrench1973-4
Shell LatestUpdate on the Shell barge issueTowle, shell barge, Blue River BRAC1973-4
ManateesRecord of two manatees - Ortoire River and Nariva SwampTrichechus manatus, lamantin, ortoire River, Cocal Estate1973-4
Buccoo ReefNotice that Buccoo Reef has been declared a nature reserve.marine bon accord lagoon1973-4
Turtle Tagging ProjectPeter BaconSoliciting volunteers for the projectturtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys1974-1
The Tree Flowering ProjectKate GibbsLow participation has prompted the termination of this project1974-1
Chaguaramas ProjectUpdate on the project1974-1
Report from the Blue River Action CommitteeUpdate on recent developments and increasing shipments through the swampTowle, shell barge, Blue River BRAC1974-1
Sea Turtles-Their natural history and conservationReview of a book by Robert Bustard1974-1
Ecological principles for economic developmentReview of a book by Dasmann, Milton and Freeman1974-1
Samaan TreesIshmael Samad campaigns to save our samaan treesSamad Albizia saman Samanea saman1974-1
Donation to the ClubJan Linblad donates two films to the ClubJan Linblad1974-1
Club RulesNotice that rules are being revised1974-1
Biology of the stingless beesMarinus SommeijerEcology of the trigonid beesTrigonini bee honey1974-1
Tacarib Bay/Turtle Watching (25/26 May 1974)Derek SimonsReport on a field trip to observe turtles.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys, Murphy Bay1974-2
A Note on the Leatherback (Leathery) TurtleDerek SimonsInformation on the leatherback.1974-2
Interesting Bird RecordsRichard FfrenchSouthern Lapwings, B/W warbler, Sabrewing and other rare bird sightingsgeoff gibbs warblers christmas bird count bobolink soldado rock poaching sooty1974-2
Which Binoculars to Buy?Kate GibbsAdvice on binoculars1974-2
The summer programme for junior membersIqbal MohammedProstherapis trinitatis1974-3
Excursion to GuyanaNote from the Gibbs on a trip to Guyana1974-3
Tacarib (5/6 July 1974)Yves Gillaume, David Rooks, Derek SimonsClub Field Trip. Patrols conducted and turtles observed.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys,1974-3
Caribbean Conservation AssociateionAnnouncement of a meeting.1974-3
Turtle legislationThe government promises to ammend turtle legislation.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys,1974-3
Congratulationsabout Hans Boos' articles on Gonatodes ocellatus and Bothrops schlegelii that appeared in Wildlife Magazine1974-3
Seismic Survey in Nariva Swamp1974-3
Christmas Cards1974-3
Club LibraryThe Club gets a cupboard at St. Mary's College1974-3
Club Rule Changes1974-3
Highlights of the Rule changesGeoff GibbsChanges to the Club rules1974-4
A field naturalist in VenezuelaGeoff GibbsVisit to Rancho Grande, Andes and the llanos1974-4
SimlaBeebeNote on the incorporation of Simla by AWNCBeebe1974-4
No-one for birdsDerrick EnglandLow turnout at Derreck England's display1975-1
Turtles Turtles Turtles Turtles Turtles TurtlesSummary of the Club's turtle tagging prject and the proposed amendment to the regulations by G.E.L. Laforestturtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations19521975-1
Turtle Tagging Patrol 1975Soliciting volunteers for the projectturtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations19521975-1
Aprio Cave (Feb 1975)Geoff Gibbs Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Oilbirds counted and sections of the cave were mapped.oilbird Steatornis caripensis1975-1
Chaguaramas National ParkBrian CooperOutline of the Club's proposed use of the NW peninsula1975-1
The Club's Turtle Tagging ProjectIan LambieReport on the 1975 nesting season.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1975-2
Extra News from MaturaKate Geoff GibbsAdditional report on the 1975 nesting season.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations19521975-2
The Mora Forest (May 1975)Cleo CooperClub Field Trip. Walk through Matura's mora forest and the Rio Seco pools.Salybia climax forest pure stands1975-2
Habitat-UN Conference on Human SettlementsHannah PavlikReport on a seminar attended by a Club member1975-2
No more felling in sanctuariesMatchwood was being cut in Bush Bush. Ministry directed that it be stopped.matchwood Didymopanax morototoni Jereton1975-2
Caribbean Conservation AssociationThe CCA moves tp BarbadosCCA1975-2
Rare BirdbookThe Livingstons, publishers of Richard Ffrench's "A Guide to the Birds of T&T", are bankrupt. Salvaged copies are being shipped to T&T.1975-2
Pollution Control CouncilCouncil being formed by the state.1975-2
The Year of the Rain ForestThe WWF and IUCN declare 1975 the YOTRFWWF1975-2
STOP PRESS - Leatherback filmed!TTT has filmed a leatherback turtleTTT TV1975-2
A Tribute to Kate GibbsIan LambieTribute on the departure of the Gibbs from T&T1975-3
El Tucuche Nature TrailBrian CooperUpdate on the trail project.Trail Guide1975-3
Tacarib/Madamas Bays (19 Aug 1975)Ian lambieClub Field Trip. Turtles sighted.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations1952 hawksbill green1975-3
South West Peninsula (Jul 1975)Hannah PavlikReport on a field trip to the Cedros Forest Reserve. Crappo-Guatecare forest with several plant species identified. Side trip to Chatam to investigate the gas release from White Cliff.Cedros, Bowen, sulphur volcano geology rock1975-3
Short note on PorcellaniteHannah PavlikReport on the stones washed ashore at Chatam and discussion on the Erin and Morne L'Enfer FormationsChatam rock geology stones beach lignite coal pyrites1975-3
Angostura-Barcant CollectionNotice that the display would be opened to the publicbutterflies1975-3
Introducing the Naturalist MagazineNotice on the upcoming release of the magazineStephen Mohammed1975-3
Tropical Marine PollutionBook Review1975-3
Physical aspects of natural catastrophesBook Review1975-3
A Note on Mora ForestsVictor QuesnelEcology of mora forests outlining differences with mainland populationscrappo-guatecare gregarious beard seeds guyana phenol alkaloids1975-4
Ant SpraysMarianne KummerloewUse of ants by starlings in Europe to repel parasitesants formic acid1975-4
How Mosquito Repellents WorkHannah Pavlik1975-4
The Club's end of year get-togetherAnnual lunch of 19751975-4
Trinidad Naturalist MagazineFirst issue launchedSteven Mohammed1975-4
Chaguaramas National Park UpdateCDA requests copies of Club's comments1975-4
Industry/Environment SeminarNotice of a seminar1975-4
Capital Region PlanReceipt of plan drafted by Town & CountryNational park system1975-4
For SaleTopograpy maps for sale1975-4
Mount Catherine (25 Jan 1976)Victor QuesnelSeveral plant and bird observations. A skink and rusty-tipped page were observed.Convolvulaceae Ipomea Merremia Jacquemontia lantana asclepias cordia Metamorpha epaphus butterfly jatropha mabuya skink1976-1
Visit By White IbisObservation of Eudocimus albus in Caroni Swamp on 9 Mar 1976.rare bird1976-1
Sucessful Incubation of Leatherback Turtle Eggs at HomeDavid RooksHatching of Dermochelys coriacea eggs in home made incubatorDermochelys hatching1976-1
Plywood Mother Rears Baby BaboonsMarianne KummerloewForeign eventmonkey imprint husbandry farm1976-1
Oropouche Cave (7 Mar 1976)Trip to cave to count oilbirds. At least 247 nests visible. Boa constrictor seen.Boa snake measure mapping Steatornis caripensis1976-1
Special Offer to MembersSpecial price on "Birds of the Caribbean" by Robert Allen1976-1
Turtle Tagging Project 1976Short notice. Turtle project is in 12th yearturtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations1952 hawksbill green1976-2
El Tucuche (28 Mar 1976)Brian CooperClub Field Trip. The trail has deteriorated following tropical storm Alma and by lack of use.1976-2
Tacarib Bay (24 May and 29 May 1976)David RooksReport on two field trips. Part of the turtle project.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations1952 hawksbill green1976-2
Human PheromonesVictor QuesnelSummary of a research paper on the subject1976-2
Tayra RecordMary AlkinsObservation of a Tayra on Mt. CatherineEira barbara Tayra, High Woods Dog, Chien Bois1976-2
Notes on Small Mammal Trapping at SimlaIan LambieTrapping of murine opossums at SimlaMarmosa1976-2
Yellow-headed Caracaras seen at ChaguaramasIan LambieReport of two birds in Chaguaramas. One bird was observed eating a fish.Milvago chimachima rare birds1976-2
Does the Little Hermit occur in Tobago?Victor QuesnelRequest to keep a lookout for the hermit in TobagoPhaethornis longuemareus1977-1
Excursion to Manzanilla BayVictor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Includes fossil shells, several lizards and plant observations.1977-1
Visit to Tobago (Oct 1976)Ian LambieReport of a field trip.Several bird records including a yellow billed cuckoo and leaftosser. Reef diving included.rare birds1977-1
Annual Caribbean Conservation Association ConferenceIan LambieReport of a CCA conference.1977-1
Environmental ConservationOutline of conservation events in 1976 including the launch of the Club's Environmental Alert Reporting Systempollution control council1977-1
Mount Catherine (30 Jan 1977)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Includes several plant records and the snake Leptotyphlopssnake, herpetology1977-2
Scotland Bay (Mar 2977)Victor QuesnelReport on a field trip by the Botany Group. Includes the newly recorded Eustoma exaltatum and several bird, reptile and fish observations.Mahout Bay, plica, tabebuia, Eustoma exaltatum1977-2
Conservation NewsSave or Savannah Committee, bush fires and the CCA1977-2
How our Club feels about "bush fires"Recommendation for the establishment of a Forest Fire Prevention Committee and a Fire Prevention Education Project1977-2
Photography GroupFormation of a special interest group1977-3
Art GroupFormation of a special interest group1977-3
Austin-Coromandel Swamp (27 Mar 1977)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Disappointing, with few observations made.1977-3
Any volunteers for a "moth watch"?Victor QuesnelSoliciting volunteers to help collect data on the migratory white-tailed pageprojects1977-3
Grand Tacaribe (Apr 1977)Ian LambieClub Field Trip. Turtle tagging involved.1977-3
Beach Patrols in TobagoIan LambieNote on nesting and poaching of sea turtles in Tobago1977-3
Are we accessories?Note on the activity of bird smugglers and bird collectors in T&T, both as collection site and transhipment.Macaws, parrots amazona, bal ramdial, kurt hergoz, birds1977-4
Butterfly collecting at Forest ReserveJulius BoosNote on butterflies observed in the area including a new Brassolidae for the island, several rare Papillionidae and the discovery of the food plant Aristolochia boosii.1977-4
El Tucuche (26 Sep 1977)T.F. FarrelClub Field Trip. Observations include the Northern White Page (butterfly) and several plantsPsamisia, Orthaea, Coix lacryma-jobi, rubiaceae, Hamelia, Proctoporus shrevei1977-4
Maracas Waterfall (30 Oct 1977)T.F. FarrelClub Field Trip. Damage from Tropical Storm Alma observed. Several plant observations.epiphytes, Mesechites trifidus, Olyra cordifolia, Leiphaimos aphylla, Myrcia leptoclada, Psychotria involucrata, cophaelis pubescens, botany1977-4
Anyone interested in Plant Geography?Victor QuesnelProposal for the new project.1977-4
Living World - Our New Look JournalDiscussion on the revised journal1977-4
What a Christmas present- Barge leaves swampWithdrawal of the Shell barge from the Caroni Swampblue river, Shell , barge, No 9, drain, bottling, brac, action1977-4
Seminars at the AWNC1978 schedule of activities1978-1
ScholarshipsAWNC natural history scholarships1978-1
Navet Dam (22 Jan 1978)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Many plant observations.Flemingia strobilifera, Pentaclethra macroloba, Heliconia bihai, Cassia alata, WASA1978-1
Fig Walk (25 Feb 1978)David RooksClub Field Trip. Also called Fig Wharf. Howler monkeys and some birds, fish and plant observations.Ceohaelis tomentoso, Psychotria uliginosa, hot lips, bellbird procinas, rivulus matura rio seco1978-1
Activities of the Botany GroupIan LambieSummary of the groups activities including the Cyrtopodium broadwayi and plant geography project.1978-1
Aripo Caves (30 Apr 1978)Hans BoosClub Field Trip. Many herptile observations including the capture of Bothrops.Leptotyphlops, Eleutherodactylus urichi, mapepire balsain Bothrops Steatornis caripensis Dendrobates crab1978-1
Manatee at ManzanillaReport of manatee washedashore on lower Manzanilla.Trichechus manatus1978-2
Oropouche Caves (19th Mar 1978)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Attempt to find the stream source and count oilbirdsoilbird Steatornis caripensis1978-2
The Search for the Oropouche Sink (21 May 1978)Victor QuesnelReport on a field trip to continue the search for the source of the river's water.1978-2
Aripo Caves (30 Apr 1978)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. A record 91 participants journeyed to map the cave and count Oilbirds. Approximately 100 nests found.oilbird Steatornis caripensis1978-2
Aripo Savannah NewsVictor QuesnelUpdate on an attempt to secure recognition for the savanna with Town and Country Planning Div.cyrtopodium, byrsonima, perama, paspalum, hummingbird, nightjar albicollis1978-2
Turtle Tagging ProjectUpdate on the project for the 1978 season.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys, law regulations19521978-2
Forests-Land-WaterIan LambieDiscussion on the related issues of forest cover, land use and flooding.1978-2
Tobago (19 Jun 1978)Ian LambieClub Field Trip. Various observations around Tobago.1978-3
St. Anns Peak (27 Aug 1978)Vivien NathanClub Field Trip. Various plant and butterfly observations. Subsequently it was realised that this was the wrong peak.Aristolochia grandiflora, dutchman, hedychium coronarium, wyeomia mosquito, hamadryas arethusa, Dynamine theseus, feronia, metamorpha, precis, anartia, Biblis1978-3
Bird NewsRichard FfrenchNotes on some rare bird records including hook-billed kite, scarlet tanager, black headed gull and oilbird nest count results.Chondrohierax uncinatus, Piranga olivacea, Bursera, Larus ridibundus, 1978-3
Frightening NewsVictor QuesnelSummary of a report on the rate of extinction of animal species.1978-4
Making ListsRichard FfrenchNote on the habit of listing by birdwatchers and other naturalists.1978-4
El Naranjo Estate (24 Sep 1978)Club Field Trip. Some plant and bird observations.Cassia multijuga, Panyptila nest, Tabernaemontana undulata, roi de mapipire, hummingbirds1978-4
St. Anns Peak (25 Sep 1978)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Return to the "correct" peak following the Aug 1978 trip.1978-4
Canari Bay (Oct 1978)Club Field Trip. Several plant, butterfly and reptile observations.Bassanacantha phyllosepala, Drymonia serrulata, Hura crepitans, Bursera, Spondias, Faramea, Chlorophora, Swartzia, Brownea, Cocoloba, Heliconia, Hylocerus, Paullinia, Gonatodes vittatus, humeralis, Sphaerodactylus molei, Thecadactylus,Plica, Colubura1978-4
Lady Chancellor Road (25 Jan 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Many plant observation. Mention is made of a "purple finned leaping guabine" (fish).Protium guianense, Bursea simaruba, Ceiba pentandra, Hymenaea courbaril, Cedrela mexicana, Spondias mombin, Apeiba schumburghii, Warszewiczia coccinea, rudgen freemani, Brownea latifolia, Termenalia amazonia, petrea arborea, Securidaca divesifolin, combretum fruticosum, Rivulus, Trigonia, Phyllobates trinitatis, stingless1979-1
El Tucuche (3 Mar 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Efforts to rehabilitate the trail following storm damage. Thermometer readings, nightingale thrush and a dead quenk are mentioned.Catharus auranticrostris, Proctoporus shrevei, Pecari tajacu1979-1
Preservation of Historic BuildingsNotice on the plan by Town and Country to inventory historic buildings1979-2
Bush FiresReward offered to prove "fire stones" exist.1979-2
Shark River (25 Mar 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Geology observations and several trees are mentioned.Couroupita guianensis, Andira inermis, Hernandia sonora, toporite, cannonball, angelin1979-2
Tacarib (28/29 Apr 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plants observed. Turtles tagged.Phyllanthus pulcher, Amazaili tobaci, Roystonea oleracea, Rudgea freemani, Longocarpus latifolius, Couroupita guianensis, turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1979-2
Platanal and Matura River (19/20 May 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip.Procnias bellbird, mot, Galbula ruficauda, Psarocolius decumanus, Elanoides forficatus, Quebrada Grande, Fig Walk, fig wharf matura pipile pawi, atilla Chloroceryle oilbirds Steatornis caripensis, Myiornis ecaudatus, Turdus fumigatus, squirrel, ocelot, armadillo, howler monkey alouatta1979-2
Moruga Bouffe (29 Jul 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Failed attempt to reach the mud volcano in Edwards TraceCeiba pentandra tassik1979-3
Monos Island (31 Aug / 2 Sep 1079)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Plant, bird and herptile observations on Monos with a unsucessful jaunt to Huevos to look for the oilbird cave.Laguncularia, seaside mahoe, hummingbirds, Peltophorum ferruginum, seabirds, noddy, Desmoncus, Brownea latifolia, Terminalia obovata, bihai, psittacorum, Rudgea freemani, Apeiba schomburgii, tobago sandbox, bursera, lizards bachia, herptiles boa snake1979-3
Interesting Notes from AripoVictor QuesnelShort note on some birds seen the the savannah annd the lizard Cnemidophorus lemniscatusgoldenthroat, jacobin, lizard, snipe1979-3
North Oropouche (30 Sep 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Tour of the WASA wier.1979-4
Morne Catherine (28 Oct 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Many plant and butterfly records. Includes Quiina guianensis (plant) which had not been seen locally for 100 years and red howler monkeys.croton, centropogon, duggena, cnidoscolus urens, hirsuta, dioclea, maranta gibbs, stromantha tonckat, solanum, palicourea, Kholeria, taygetis, butterflies Philaethria dido metamorpha epaphus bloodwood1979-4
Asa Wright Nature Centre (25 Nov 1979)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Visit to AWNC with emphasis on the oilbird colonySteatornis caripensis1979-4
The Quarterly BulletinVictor QuesnelA plea for bulletin submissions1979-4
The journalVictor QuesnelA plea for journal submissions. Makes reference to a possible oilbird cave near Paria.Steatornis caripensis1979-4
Special interest groupsVictor QuesnelA plea for groups to be formed and maintained.1979-4
St. Lucia (14/20 Apr 1980)Hans BoosAccount of a trip to attend a conference on behalf of the Club. Several lizard and snake observations.Cnemidophorus, Leimadophis, Anolis, Bothrops, Eleutherodactylus johnstonei, Hyla, fer-de-lance, Bufo, Amazona parrot veisicolor1980-1
Request for AssistanceRequest for obeseravtion of tagged Least Terns1980-2
Bird NotesNotes on rare birds including Scarlet Tanager, Manx Shearwater, Hook-billed Kite, American Kestrel, warblers and oilbird nest countSteatornis caripensis1980-2
Botanic Gardens/ZooVictor QuesnelClub Trip Report.Rheedia lateriflora1980-2
MorugaAnne HiltonClub Field Trip. Several interesting observations of plants and the confirmation of Pyrrhogyra crameriMorocoy turtle, butterflies, mud volcano rivulus racoon plica callichthys 1980-2
RulesUpdated Club rules1980-3
El Tucuche (30 Mar 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Observations of some plants.Calliandra, Psychotria berteriana, raspberry, house1980-3
Matura/Aripo (26/27 Apr 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Dual trips.Cyrtopodium1980-3
Parrot Conference (St Lucia)T.F. FarrellSummary of conference on the St Lucian parrot.Amazonia parrot conservation1980-3
Cyrtopodium Project ReportVictor QuesnelComprehensive update on the orchid projectcyrtopodium conservation aripo savannah1980-3
Christmas Bird CountNotice on the AWNC bird count1980-4
AwardThe TTFNC was awarded the Medal of Merit (Gold)1980-4
Tacarib (24/26 May 1980)Victor QuesnelZephyranthes, Spondias mobin, Couroupita guianensis, Hura crepitans, hernandia sonora, Pachira insignis, Virola surinamensis, Sterculia caribea, Carapa guianensis, Terminalia obovata, palicourea crocea, Duggena, Heliconia wagneriana, Tussacia, Maranta gibba, Rheedia acuminata, Dalbergia, Pariti, Vigna repens, Sporobulus, Solanum, Anthephora.1980-4
Maracas Bay from Santa Cruz (27 Jul 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Trip Report. Bird and plant observations.Coussarea paniculata, Protium guianense, Besleria longipes1980-4
Mt. Harris (29 Jun 1980)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Trinidad's first teak field and the "coal mine". Several plant observations.Pentaclethra, Pithecelobium, Inga, Brownea, Hieronyma, Alchornia, carapa, Eschweilera, terminalia, Sterculia, Didymopanax, Manilkaria bidentata, Cieba, maximiliana, Laetia procera, bois toucan1980-4
90th Birthday CelebrationsOutline of anniversary plans1980-4
Mammal RecordsPlea for observations of mammals to be recorded1980-4
Special Interest GroupsSoliciting volunteers1981-1
Cerro del Aripo (28 Sep 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations. A few frogs mentioned.bamboo Arthrosylidium, calathea trinitensis, Prestoea, Richeria grandis, Didymopanax capitatum, Clusia intertexta, Clethra broadwayana, Palicourea crocea, Cephaelis tomentosa, Psammisia urichiana, Podocarous, Geonoma, Phyllobates, Phyllomedusa, thrush, Spinetail1981-1
Tamana Cave (26 Oct 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Trip to the bat cave. A few plant observations.Columnea scandens, solandra guttata, Aphelandra incerta1981-1
Erin Savanna (29 Nov 1980)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Interesting comparisons between the plant communities of the Erin and Aripo savannahs.Curatella americana, Pogonia rosea, Sipanea pratensis, Aristolochia boosii, snake lizards.1981-1
El Tucuche (25 Jan 1981)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant records, including the rare endemic Macrolobium trinitense.Macrolobium trinitense, Calathea altissima, Amphodus auratus, Phyllodytes auratus, Glomeropitcairnia, Proctoporus shrevei and Columba fasciata.1981-2
Trinity Hills (22 Feb 1981)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. A single notable plant - Psychotria horizontalis. No monkeys were seen.1981-2
Footnote to the Nov 1980 trip to Erin SavannaVictor QuesnelNote on the identification of an unknown plant (Buchnera) from the previous Erin trip.1981-2
Quesnel strikes againVictor QuesnelHumourous notice about a member's subscription fee1981-2
What is the food plant of Catonephile numilia?Matthew J.W. CockNotes on the food plant of this butterflyAlchornea triplinervia, cithareyxlum fruticosum, Alchornea cordata, Alchornea iricuran, Nectandra venulosa, Acontius1981-2
On the foodplants of Actinote sppMatthew J.W. CockNotes on the food plant of this butterflyEupatorium odoratum mikania scandens Actinote pellenia lacewing food plant1981-2
90th Birthday CelebrationsPlans for the Club's anniversaryBotanic gardens1981-3
Fig Walk (21/22 Mar 1981)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several plant and bird observations.Mora, pachira insignis, brownea latifolia, Carludovica insignis, mamoo, kingfisher, jacamar, mot mot, quail, antbird, trap gun, hunters,1981-3
Bush Bush (26 Apr 1981)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Many plant observations including a new plant record for Trinidad (Marantaceae). Possibly new to science.Macaw, liophis cobella, virola surinamensis, Sterculia caribaea, parinari campestris, Vismia falcata, Didymopanax morototon, Pithecelobium jupumba, Rudgea freemani, amaioua corymbosa, Desmoncus, Maximiliana elegans, terite Ischnosiphon arouma, Monotagma spicata, Psychotria cuspidata, Heliconia wagneriana, H. hirsuta,1981-3
Paria and Tacarib (30/31 May 2014)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Plans go awry as boatman fails to show up.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1981-3
Christmas Bird CountNotice for the 1981 bird count1981-4
Caroni Swamp (28 Jun 1981)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Walk along river bank and then boat tour. Several plants and birds recorded.Rhizoploera mangle, avicannia initida, laguncularia racemosa, eupatorium odoratum, elcocharis mutata, batis maritima, heliconia prittacorum, stigmaphylon, eichornia crassifos, gouiphus eristata, Erratus piasoni,1981-4
Request for a copy of Barcant's Book on ButterfliesCilian MollSearch for a copy of Barcant's book.1981-4
Missing Person aka Quesnel strikes again (2)Victor QuesnelHumourous notice about a member's subscription fee1981-4
Chacachacare Island (9 Aug 1981)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip to the one of the Bocas islands off NW Trinidad. Several plant observations and notes on the manchineel, including a discussion on whether raindrops falling from the tree have any real effect. Also a taste test. Nelson audalcio, manchineel tree, Hippomane mancinella, Lygodium fern, ruellia tuberosa, sansevieria thyrsiflora, sesuvium portulacastrum, Sida acuta, S seaforthianum, stachytarpheta indica, tecoma stans, tridax procumbens, cassia bascillaris, chiococca alba, Genipa americana, guetarda paryiflora, smilax, ceiba pentandra, lonchocarpus punctatus, bursera simaruba, commelina elegans, solanum biccolor, eulophidium sp, anthurium huegelis, huegelii, Tarebuia, bromelia pinguin,1981-4
Zoology Notes from ChacachacareVictor QuesnelFootnote to the Chacachacare Aug 1981 trip with bird and reptile observations.Anolis chrysolepis, Gonatodes ceciliae, Gymnophthalmus speciosus, hawksbill, Eretmochelys imbricata, Aramides axillaris, formicivora grisea, rail, antwren, lizards, reptiles.1981-4
Information for new membersNotice for new Club members1982-1
Help RequiredNotice on missing turtle project equipment1982-1
El Tucuche (27 Sep 1981)Club Field Trip. Short note with no observations. Thermometer installed.1982-1
Tobago (2/4 Oct 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Visits to Grafton, Charlotteville and Englishman's Bay. Some reptile and bird observations.snake Imantodes cenchoa, reef, fish, hawksbill turtle1982-1
L'Anglais Point (25 Oct 1981)Victor QuesnelGeology Field Trip. Mud volcanoes and several plants documented.Conocarpus erectus, pluchea symphytifolia, Baccharis trinervis, Brachieria nutica, Myrcia arimensis, Capparis trinitensis1982-1
Brasso Seco to Paria (29 Nov 1981)David RooksClub Field Trip. Observations of general forest life.Mora excelsa, Norantea1982-1
Tents and Tagging equipmentNotice on missing turtle project equipment1982-2
Lopinot Valley (31 Jan 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Observation while lost.Borreria eryngioides, manettia coccinea1982-2
North Manzanilla Fossil Beds (28 Feb 1982)Victor Quesnellignite, bivalve shells, Heliconia psittacorum, Cbactris, Desmoncus, tupinambis nigropunctatus, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, oldenlandia herbacea1982-2
Missing Person aka Quesnel strikes again (3)Victor QuesnelHumourous notice about a member's subscription fee1982-2
On the larval food plant of Ascia menciae janetaMatthew CockA foot plant for this butterfly is identified as Capparis odoratissimaChacachacare, butterflies1982-2
The homeward flight of the cattle egret.Victor QuesnelObservations of the flight path of the cattle egret, (Bubulcus ibis) 1982-2
Weekend of 25th-26th September 1982Notice of special weekend meeting to discuss key issues. To be held annually.1982-3
North Post to Macqueripe (28 Mar 1982)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Observations on a relatively uneventful trip.pachira insignis, ficus, Bright-rumped Attila, Attila spadiceus1982-3
Soldado Rock (28 Mar 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several notable observations related to plant, bird, insect and reptile life. The lizard Sphaerodactylus sp is found.Sphaerodactylus molei, insects, geology, birds, pelican, petrel, terns, frigate, beetle, iguana, dung, guano,1982-3
Toco/Matelot (24/25 Apr 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Visit to Dr. Richardson's estate. No observations.1982-3
Tobago (9/13 June 1982)David RooksClub Field Trip. Several bird observations. The palm tanager Thraupis palmarum is noted at Speyside. A possible Bird of Paradise is also reported.Urania leilus, page, moth, Phaethon aethereus, jungle fowl, chicken, crab, bird or paradise1982-4
Arena Dam (25 Jul 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Multiple plant and bird observations.Pentaclethra macroloba, Clathropis bracypetala, Byrsonima spicata, Carapa guianensis, Vismia falcate, Vismia cayennensis, Warszewiczea coccinea, Mandevilla hirsute, Arrabidaea inequalis, Lundia corymbifera, Petastoma broadwayi, Paullinia dasygonia, Passiflora serrato-digitata, Crotalaria quinquefolia1982-4
Rincon Trace (29 Aug 1982)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Few observations. Mention of Peripatus habitat.lycopodium1982-4
List of Birds Seen in Tobago (Jun 1982)Complete list for the Jun 1982 trip.bird1982-4
Annual Christmas PartyThe 1982 annual lunch was held at Naturalists House1983-1
New MembersBriefing of what Club members can expect from the Club and what the Club expects from members1983-1
El Tucuche (28 Nov 1982)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Few plants in flower. Richard Ffrench caught a Papilio anchisiades and heard a possible scaled antpitta. Victor finds a rare Lisianthus brittonii (plant), and the snake Liophis melanotus. Victor is just shor of 75 years at this point.Grallaria guatimalensis, butterflies, rare bird, Lisianthus brittonii1983-1
Point Radix (30 Oct 1982)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations including an unknown Duggena. Common birds noted.Tabernaernontana psychotrifolia, Randia aculeata, Solanum seafortheanum, Duggena hirsuta, Acurel moussara, light trap, moths1983-2
Bush Bush (1983?)David Rooks and T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Large numbers of Red-bellied Macaws and several plant observations. Cows are found grazing on the island and Victor see to their removal. Few monkeys observed. Reports of manatee in the "Mitan River".Crinum erubescens, ludwigia, Cyperus giganteus, Roystonea oleracea, Mauritia setigera, palm, guppy, macaws, WLCC, conservation, Didymopanax morototoni, Ficus amazonica, Carapa guianensis, Terminalia dichotoma, Vitex capitata, Sterculia caribaea, Vittaria lineata, fern, Phaseolus pilosus, kirtella racemosa, Trichechus manatus, Dioscerea cayennensis1983-2
Mt. Chaguaramal (30 Jan 1983)David Rooks and T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Part of the group gets lost. A few plant observations.mamoo, Calathea, vriesia glutinosa, Guettarda crispiflora, bromeliad1983-2
Moruga Bouffe (27 Feb 1983)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant and some bird observations. Unidentified species of calabash mentioned. Largest silk cotton tree noted.mud volcano, bouffe, grasshoppers, Bactris, tassik, Epidendrum fragans, Epidendrum rigidum, Hohenbergia stellata, Clusia minor, Mikania micrautha, rauwolfia ligustrina, eleocharis geniculata, polypodium repens, Randia aculeata, Randia formosa, calabash, Ceiba pentandra1983-3
Tacarib and Madamas Bays (23/24 Apr 1983)David Rooks and T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Part of the Turtle project.Clusia rosea, Terminalia catappa, Coccoloba uvifera, cocos nucifera, Hibiscus tiliaceus, Dalbergia, Pomaea, Pitcairnia integrifolia, Phyllanthus, turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1983-3
Caltoo Trace (29 May 1983)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. The rare Azure Gallinule is seen.Fluvicola pica, Jacana jacana, Porphyrio flavirostris, Buteo nitidus, amazona amazonica, Aramus guarauna, Icterus nigrogularis, Sporophila minuta, Oryzoborus crassirostris, Sand Hill, Spondias mombin, Pentaclethra macroloba, Myristica surinamensis, Protium guianenses, Amocious corymbosa, Monotagma, Iguana, Mabuya mabouya, Ameiva, plica, liophis cobella, Leptophis ahaetulla, Pseudis paradoxa, snakes, frogs, rare bird1983-3
A collecting trip in the Trinity Hills areaVictor QuesnelA botany trip to search for uncommon plants. The rare Scarlet Tanager is seen.Apeiba schomburgi, calabash, randia, Calathea altissima, ictinea plumbea, Pseudastur albicollis, Alouatta seniculus, monkey, rare bird, Piranga olivacea, Elanoides forficatus.1983-3
Las Cuevas (3 Jul 1983)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Substitute trip with low turn out.1983-4
Additional Notes to Mt. Chaguaramal (30 Jan 1983)T.F. FarrellTwo plant species included for this trip.Aspilia verbesinoides, Neurolaena lobata1983-4
Additional Notes to Moruga Bouffe (13 Feb 1983)T.F. FarrellEight plant species included for this trip.Vigna vexillata, Synedrella nodiflora, Ludwwigia, Dactylotenium aegyptium, Stigmaphyllon grenadense, Triumfetta lappula, Malachra alceifolia, Thunbergia alata1983-4
Additional Notes to Caltoo Trace (29 May 1983)T.F. FarrellSeven plant species included for this trip.heliotropium indicum, Commelinopsis glabrata, Protium guianenses, Cyperus surinamensis, Myrcia arimensis, Heteropteris macrostachya, lacistema aggregatum1983-4
Galeota Point (28 Aug 1983)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Geologic observation with few plants.Oariti tiliaceum, Bactris, sandstone, geology, rock1983-4
Rule ammendmentChanges to the rules with regard to the President and Hon. Secretary.1984-1
More on Planners and PlanningVictor QuesnelDiscussion on development planning.1984-1
Treatment of snakebiteVictor QuesnelNote on the treatment of snakebite with Vitamin Csnake bite, ascorbic acid1984-1
The camp at Monos (26/27 November 1983)Victor QuesnelExperiment by Victor on the use of Vitamin to combat plant toxins including the Manchineel.Morinda citrifolia, calliandra creugeri, Combretum fruticosum, Hippomane mancinella, Cnidoscolus urens1984-1
Reappearance of the Scaled Dove (Scardafella squammata) in TrinidadVictor QuesnelNote on the possible presence of the Scaled Dove in Valsayn.rare bird, ffrench, Scaled Dove, Scardafella squammata1984-1
Tobago/Little Tobago (29/30 Oct 1983)Hans BoosNotes on the snakes and lizards seen on the trip.Anolis richardii, Gonatodes ocellatus, Thecadactylus rapicauda, Ameiva ameiva, Mastigodryas boddaerti1984-1
Monos Island (26/227 Nov 1983)Hans BoosNotes on the snakes and lizards seen on the trip. Interesting observation of the eggs of a possible Geochelone turtle. Side trip to Huevos with some observations there.Thecadactylus rapicauda, Ameiva ameiva, Gonatodes vittatus, Polychrus marmoratus, Geochelone, Iguana, Plica plica, Anolis extremus, Mastigodryas boddaerti1984-1
New MembersWhat the Club expects of you and what you can expect from the Club.1984-2
La Laja to Brasso Seco (30 Jan 1984)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations.Macrolobium trinitense1984-2
Rincon Trace (26 Feb 1984)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Trip to the waterfall. A Fer de Lance encountered on the trail.Bothrox, Sterculia caribaea, Heliocarpus trichopodus, Tabebuia serratefolia, Cross Grace a Dieu.1984-2
The Silk Cotton Tree near Morgua BouffeT.F. FarrellNotes on the massive Silk Cotton (Ceiba pentandra) that grows in Moruga. Estimated at 56m high.1984-2
The JournalVictor QuesnelVictor's thoughts on the Journal.1984-2
Tacarib Bay (28/29 Apr 1984)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. A visit to the bay. Turtles observed along with two plants - Duggena and Dalbergia.1984-3
El Tucuche (27 May 1984)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. The rare Brown Violetear is spotted.Rondoletia, Colibri delphinae, violetear, rare bird, Tangara guttata1984-3
Reappearance of the American Oystercatcher in TrinidadVictor QuesnelAccount of a possible American Oystercatcher.Haematopus palliatus1984-3
The American Oystercatcher in TobagoDavid RooksReport on the sighting of this rare wader.Haematopus palliatus1984-3
In search of the manateeVictor QuesnelTrip on 13 May 1984 to search for manatees in the Nariva area. Multiple inddividuals observed.Trichechus manatus, lamantin1984-3
Excursion to Tobago (22/24 Jun 1984)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several plant observations.Sterna anaethetus, Cocothrinax australis, Anthurium Huegelii Gemini, Bursea simaruba, Cecropia peltata, bambusa vulgaris, spondias mombin, Aphelandra tetragona, Abrus precatorius, momotus momota, 1984-4
Incorrect record of the American Oystercatcher for TrinidadVictor QuesnelRetraction of a previous sighting by Victor which turned out to be the southern lapwing (Vanellus chilensis)1984-4
Morne Diablo Wildlife Sanctuary (29 Jul 1984)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Unintentional visit to the Landorf mud volcano with some tree observations including the moussara. A new rube for the island is found.acoma topi, acoma, Didymopanax morototoni1984-4
Mt. St. Benedict (26 Aug 1984)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Observation of plants typical of the fire climax.Cephaelis pubescens, Curatella americana, Byrsonima crassifolia, Hyrosma cannifolia, Genipa americana, 1984-4
Morne Bleu (30 Sep 1984)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Trip on which members got lost. Several plant and bird observations including the Hepatic Tanager.Ischnosiphon arouma, spicatum, Psychotria uliginosa, Geonoma vaga, Prestoea pubigera, Piranga flava, Tangara guttata1985-1
The status of the Grey-headed Kite in TrinidadVictor QuesnelNotes on Leptogon cayenensis1985-1
How to identify birdsRichard FfrenchTips on bird identification1985-1
Mt. St. benedict (26 Aug 1984)Anne-Marie KacalBird Group Trip. Several small passerines seen including the Golden-headed Manakin (Ceratopipra erythrocephala)1985-1
Asa Wright Nature Centre (16 Oct 1984)Anne-Marie KacalBird Group Trip.Setophage ruticilla, Spizaetus ornatus1985-1
Bird Records CommitteeOn the formation of the rare bird committee.1985-1
Peregrine Falcon banded in TrinidadRichard FfrenchNote on the banding of a falconFalco peregrinus1985-2
Reappearance of Dickcissels in South TrinidadRichard FfrenchNotes on the migrant finch Spiza americana1985-2
Making sense of bird sight-recordsRichard FfrenchOn the standards of accepting bird records1985-2
Balata Bay (25 Oct 1984)T.F. Farrell, Paul ChristopherClub Field Trip. Several intersting plant, bird and butterfly observations. Chiococca alba, carapa guianensis, Rollinia, Didymopanax morototoni, Inga, Chimarris cymosa, Hernandia sonora, Diospyros ierensis, Clathrotropis brachypetala, Brownea latifolia, marila grandiflora, Colaenis iulia, Philaethria dido, Buteo brachyurus, Buteo nitidus, Pitcairnia integrifolia, Terminalia catappa, 1985-2
Maracas Waterfall (27 Jan 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several intersting plant and bird observations including the Brown Violetear (Colibri delphinae)Cephaelis pubescens, Brown Violetear, Colibri delphinae1985-2
Aplomado falcon SightedVictor QuesnelReport of an Aplomado in the Aripo Savanna on 13 Jan 1985Falco femoralis1985-2
Aripo Savannah (9 Mar 1985)Anne-Marie KacalBird Group Trip. Overnight stay at the savannah. Bat falcon (Falco rufigularis) observed.Sulphury Flycatcher, Tyrannopsis sulphurea, Red-bellied Macaw, Orthopsittaca manilata1985-3
Lagoon Bouffe (24 Feb 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Some plant and butterfly observations.Pariti tiliaceum, clusia matapal, Phabdadenia biflora, Couroupita guianensis, Ceiba pentandra, Anaea itys1985-3
Bois Neuf (31 Mar 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip in Nariva.Roystonea oleracea, Ampullaria giga, tupinambis nigropunctatus, 1985-3
Cumaca Cave (28 Apr 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Count of the oilbird colony taken.Steatornis caripensis1985-3
Santa Cruz to Maracas Bay (26 May 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Some plant and bird observations. Victor catches a cigale.Vismia cayenensis, Protium guianensis, Maraquil Cupania, Psychotria, cigale1985-3
Oropouche Lagoon (21 Apr 1985)Anne-Marie KacalBird Group Trip. Typical marshland birds observed.1985-3
Announcement on the Club's 100th anniversary.Preparations for the Club's anniversay are underway.1985-3
Ecology of the Aripo SavannasRequest for help in a study of the savannas by Sharon Schwab1985-4
One way to deal with a pestVictor QuesnelOne way to dealy with ant problems. Eat them.1985-4
El Tucuche (28 July 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Some plant observations.Rondoletia, Graphium protesilaus, Protesilaus protesilaus, Clusia aripoensis, Eschweilera subglandulosa, 1985-4
Constance Estate (24/25 August 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Late morning observations including the Spotted Tody-Flycatcher, Todirostrum maculatum and the mud turtle, Kinosternon scorpioides. A Sun Bittern, Eurypyga helias is also found in a cattle pasture.1985-4
Some interesting bird observationsGlen & Cathy PowellSome observations on common birds in TobagoMomotus motmot, jacamar, galbula1985-4
New MembersBriefing of what Club members can expect from the Club and what the Club expects from members1986-1
Salibia Reef, Toco (29 Sep 1985)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several bird observations including a Brown Booby, Sula leucogaster. Several algae idenified.caulerpa, lithothamnion, Hippomane mancinella, Erythria corrallodendron, morinda, dalbergia, heliconia psittacorum, manilkara bidentata.1986-1
Some unusual bird sightingsDavid RooksSome notes on birds, including a king vulture, Sarcoramphus papa.albino, albinism, rare bird, 1986-2
Nesting of the Southern LapwingPat MilneNotes on the lapwing, Vanellus chilensis nesting n Penal.Vanellus chilensis1986-2
"Big ffrench" is thirteen years oldVictor QuesnelReminder that the first book contained now outdated informationRichard ffrench birds, Todirostrum maculatum1986-2
"Little ffrench" has just been bornVictor QuesnelNotice that a new mini-guide on being done.1986-2
Salibia Reef, Toco (29 Sep 1985)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Follow up on the atricle that appeared in QB1986-1 with names of fish and coral.reef fish and coral, porites porites, porites furcata, Porites divaricata, acropora cervicornis, Montastraca annularis, Gobiosoma occanops, Coryphopterus glaucofraenum, Gobiosoma genie, Gobiosoma evelynae, Sparisoma virid, Scarus coelestinus, Scarus guacamaia, Sparisoma aurofrenatum, Scarus croicensis, Scarus taeniopterus, parrotfish, goby, angel, staghorn, snapper, Lutjanus apodus, Lutjanus analis, Lutjanus jocu, Lutjanus griseus, Lutjanus cyanopterus, Lutjanus synagris, Lutjanus mahogani, Ocyurus chrysurus, Abudefduf saxatilis1986-2
La Laja Waterfall (27 Oct 1985)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Wrong turns lead the group astray.1986-2
Oropouche Swamp (South) (24 Nov 1985)T.F. Farrell, Graham White, Scott Alston-SmithClub Field Trip. Several bird and butterfly observations including Thecla besidia and Nymula pelops.butterfly, Dendrocygna autumnalis, Anas discors, Circus buffoni, Seierus noveboracensis, 1986-2
First record of the nest of the Short-tailed Pigmy-Tyrant in TrinidadVictor QuesnelNotes on the nesting of Myiornis ecaudatus1986-3
Toco/Matelot (26 Jan 1986)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip.Spiranthes1986-3
Aripo Savanna (23 Feb 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations and the caterpillar of Unica sp. (buterfly) on its food plant.Lagenocarpus, Rhynchospora, Cyrtopodium broadwayi, Otostylis brachystalyx, Epistephium parviflorum, Unica butterfly, Mabea taquari.1986-3
Fishing Pond (23 Mar 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations and the caterpillar of Unica sp. (buterfly) on its food plant. Rhizophora racemosa, Rhizophora harrisonii, Drepanocarpus lunatus, Scheelea1986-3
Birding Notes from Sylvia KacalSylvia KacalNotes on bird observations.Rufous-necked Wood Rail, Aramides axillaris, Flamingo, rare bird1986-3
Conservation in ActionVolunteers required to collect clippings from the newspapers.1986-3
Matura/ Rio Seco (26/27 Apr 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Site of Posoqueria trinitatis lost.1986-4
Charlotteville (24/25 May 1986)Luisa Zuniaga, L Ahwai)Club Field Trip. Some plant observations.1986-4
Caltoo Trace (29 Jun 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Some reptive observations.Ameiva, Anolis chrysolepis, Plica, iguana1986-4
Pt. Tablas (24 Aug 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. A few observations including army ants on the beach. Notes on the army ant follows.Omphalea diandra, Omphalea magacarpa, Urania leilus, army ants. Eciton hamatum.1986-4
Morne Catherine (27 Jul 1986)T.F. Farrell, Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several interesting plant observations.Bursera, Longocarpus, Protium, Tabebuia, Maprounia guianensis, ti-fay, petit feuille, obi, Trichilla trinitensis, Bomarea edulis, Drymonia serrulata, Wulffia baccata, Acalypha, Lundia, 1986-4
Invitation from Jamaica ViewInvite from a eco-resort in Jamaica.1986-4
Locusts at Moruga BouffeVictor QuesnelThe locusts seen at the bouffe on 27 Feb 1983 is identified as Coscineuta virens.1987-1
Cuesa River (28 Sep 1986)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Some plant and bird observations.Swartzia pinnata, bois pois, Leea indica, Falco rufigularis, Leptodon cayanensis1987-1
Rincon Trace (26 Oct 1986)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Common bird observations.Pitcairnia integrifolia1987-1
Grand Fond Bay, Monos (29/30 Nov 1986)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Fishing bats, Noctilio leporinus observed. A member is pricked by Cnidoscolus urens. Some common bird observations.Anthurium jenmanii1987-2
Saman Trees - To save or not to save?Victor QuesnelThoughts on the saman treePoecilloptera phalenoides, Albizia saman1987-2
Photographic display at HSTTClub wins the third prize1987-2
Icacos (24/25 January 1987)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several fish and plant observations. A leatherback turtle was observed nesting. Common birds noted. The sunbittern was not relocated.Spigelia anthelmia, Cyathula prostrata, Achyranthes indica, Hyptis mirabilis, Eupatorium odoratum, Isocarpa bilbergiana, Wedelia carcasana, Elephantopus mollis, Croton hirtus, Croton lobatus, Sesamum indicus, Hyptis pectinata, Hyla ruba, Bufo marinus. Phyasaemus pustulosus, Leptodactylus fuscus, Leptodactylus macrosternum, Leptodactylus bolivianus, Phrynohyas venulosa, Leptodactylus wagneri, Pseudis paradoxus, Hemigrammus unilineatus, Astyanax bimaculatus, Hopilas malabaricus, Erythrinus erythrinus, Gasteropelecus sternicla, Gymnotus carapo, Rhamdia sp, Callichthys callichthys, Corydoras aeneus, Cichlasoma bimaculatum, Crenicichla alta, Corynapoma riisei, Tilapia mossambica, Polycentrus schomburgkii, Poecilia picta, Iguana iguana, Ameiva ameiva, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus1987-2
Manzanilla Point (22 Feb 1987)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Unsuccessful search for the acurel and moussara. Some lizard osbervations.Brosimum alicastrum, Trichilia oblanceolata, Coursetia arborea, Roystonea oleracea, Ameiva ameiva, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, Mabuya mabouya1987-3
Madamas Road (29 Mar 1987)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Bird trappers encountered.Oryzoborus angolensis, bullfinch1987-3
Bush Fires on El Tucuche: Trip 1 (22 Apr 1987)T.F. FarrellFirst exploratory trip to assess bush fire damage on El Tucuche following the dry season of 1987.marijuana1987-3
Bush Fires on El Tucuche: Trip 2 (26 Apr 1987)T.F. FarrellSecond exploratory trip to assess bush fire damage on El Tucuche following the dry season of 1987. Interesting paw-paw type plant found.1987-3
Bush-Bush (23 May 1987)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Exploration of Bush-Bush reveals that it is not an island. Many plant and bird observations.Scoparia dulcis, Eschweilera subglandulosa, Byrsonima spicata, Virola surinamensis, Spondias, Symphonia globulifera, Carapa guianensis, Protium guianense, Couroupita guianensis, Pitcheceilobium jupunba, Puni, Terminalia obovata, Didymopanax morototoni, Cecropia peltata, Sterculia caribaea, honeywood, Alchornea glandulosa, l'epinet, Zanthoxyium martinicense, Pentaclethra macroloba, Ceiba pentandra, Genipa americana, Ryania, Amaouia, Pisonia, Desmoncus, Coccoloba latifolia, Tupinambis, ameiva, Oxybelis aeneus, Alouatta seniculus, Cebus albofrons, Sciurus granatensis, Gampsonyx swainsoni1987-3
A trip to the Cumaca CavesHans BoosTrip by a few members to investigate the sighting of a strange animal in the cave.Steatornis caripensis, oilbird, Selaginella, leptophis rivetti, Eudaniela garmani, manicou crab, bufo marinus, Caecorhamdia urichi, blind catfish,1987-3
La Laja Road/Heights of Guanapo (28 Jun 1987)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several plant observations, including the roi de mapepire which is an alleged snakebite antidote.Tabernaemontana undulata, Psychotria uliginosa, palicourea, roi de mapepire, hura crepitans, hieronyma caribaea, antidote,1987-4
Erin Savanna (25/26 Jul 1987)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Overnight at the Forestry Rest House. Several botanical observations.Spigelia anthelmia, Heliconia psittacorum, Ischnosiphon arouma, Omphalea megacarpa, monotagma, coctus speciosus, Zanthoxyium martinicense, Didymopanax morototoni, Pentaclethra macroloba, Guazuma ulmifolia, Carapa guianensis, Pachira insignis, Sterculia caribaea, Manicaria saccifera, Timite, Palma Real,1987-4
Tobago (26/28 Jun 1987)Glen WilkesClub Field Trip. Various points of interest visited.1988-1
Chacachacare (22/23 aug 1987)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Numerous savonette treese observed in bloom.Lonchocarpus punctatus, Agave, Machaerium robinifolia, Solanum, Gravisia, langue boef, Sansivieria thyrsiflora, Euphorbia tirucalli, pringa mosa, Cnidoscolus urens, Opuntia, Hylocereus lemairei1988-1
Fig Walk (27 Sep 1987)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip.1988-1
Trinity Hills (25 Oct 1987)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Trail lost.1988-1
La Laja Waterfall (31 Jan 1988)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several interesting orchid observations including Cryptarrhena lunata.Sterculia caribaea, Hieronyma caribaea, Terminalia obovata, Epidendrum, Cranichis, Cryptarrhena lunata1988-2
Moruga Bouffe (28 Feb 1988)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Attempt to determine if the size of the tassik changes.1988-2
A note on two butterfliesVictor QuesnelNotes on the puddle drinking habit of butterflies. Graphium pausanias and Papilio androgeus is observed.1988-3
Chaguaramal (27 Mar 1988)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plants observed.Hernandia sonora, Ishnosiphon aruma, Stromanthe tonckat, Calathea trinitensis, Renealmia silvicola, Diffenbachia seguine, Vriesia glutinosa, bromeliad, Geonoma vaga, Presoea pubigera, Bactris cuesa, Selagenilla.1988-3
Mt. Tamana (29 Nov 1987)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Notes on the cave system and plant observations.Castilla elastica, Couroupita guianensis, Brownea latifolia, Swartzia simplex, Heliconia bihai, hirsuta, wageriana, duggena, Aphelandra tetragona, Xanthosoma, Drymonia, Tetrapteris, Mollinedia, Maranta gibba. Seasonal montane forest. Moussara.1988-3
Fig Walk (24 Apr 1988)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Route missed. Some orchid observations.1988-3
Birding - Jabiru storkDavid Rooks reports a Jabiru at Buccoo Point, Tobago.Jabiru mycteria1988-4
Bloody Bay, Tobago (27/29 May 1988)Richard WallaceClub Field Trip. A few common bird records.1988-4
Caroni-Arena Dam (26 Jun 1988)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Several plant records.Pterocarpus, Byrsonima spicata, Clathrotropis brachypetala, Eschweilera subglandulosa, Puni, jupunba, Pentaclethra macroloba, Didymopanax morototoni, Carapa guianensis, Xylopia, Muntingia,1988-4
Tacaribe ((27/28 Aug 1988)Neville AchamClub Field Trip.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys1988-4
Hololo Mt. Road (31 July 1988)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. Several plant observations.Bois gris, Licania ternatensis, Licania biglandulosa, Hymenaea coubaril, bois l'agli. Ryania speciosa, bois tatou, Rudgea freemani, maraquil, Cupania americana, cutlet, Citharexylem broadwayi1989-1
Mt. Harris Forest Reserve (25 Sep 1988)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Guided by forestry division.1989-1
El Tucuche (30 Oct 1988)Victor Quesnel, T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Podocarpus trinitensis collected. A machete savanne is seen eating a bat. Mention made of the wild paw-paw that was previously collected.Chironius carinatus, 1989-1
Mt. St. Benedict (27 Nov 1988)Victor Quesnel, T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Notes on the bois bande. Small sections of the original savanna are found.Trachypogon lingularis, Myrosma cannifolia, Heliconia psittacorum, Borreria latifolia, Borreria bartlingiana. Desmodium barbatum, Cassia patellaria, Stylopanthes guyanensis, Piptadenia, Myrcia, Roupala montana, Clidemia rubra, Amasonia campestris1989-1
Grand Riviere/Sangre Grande Bridle Path (28/29 Jan 1989)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. A possible Great Black Hawk and other bird observations. Many plant records.Justicia secunda, Pachystachys coccinea, Centropogon, Sida, Broomweed, Tontanea, Hyptis capitata, Cyclanthaceae, Mamoo, Psycotria ulignosa, 1989-2
North Oropouche Water Intake (26 Feb 1989)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. A possible Great Black Hawk and other bird observations. Many plant records.Borreria laevis, Borreria verticillata, Oldenlandia corymbosa, Sterculia caribaea, Ryania, Palicourea crocea, Cephaelis tomentosa, Malanea macrophylla1989-2
The Call of the Short-tailed Pygmy-TyrantVictor QuesnelNotes on the call of Myiorais ecaudatus.1989-2
What Are We Going To See?Victor QuesnelThoughts by Victor on what makes a trip. Interesting mention made of red howler monkeys in Chaguaramas, Plantanal and Rio Seco.Alouatta seniculus1989-2
Little Tobago (28/29 March 1989)Paul Christopher, Caroline ChabooClub Field Trip. Twenty three species of sea bird recorded. Lizards and "machetes" also seen. Listed incorrectly as May.1989-3
An Opportunity On The DoorstepRichard FfrenchNoted on the potential for birding in Venezuela.1989-3
IADB-Second Consultative Environmental SeminarYasmin ComeauNotes on the seminar1989-3
Neville Acham, deceasedFollows the death of Neville Acham. The memorial fund is launched.1989-3
Request for informationJohanna DarlingtonRequest for information on the animals that live in caves and the location of some systems.Laventille cave, Casti Cave, La Soconosco Cave, La Fountaine Cave, Paramin Cave, Perseverence Cave, Zagaya Cave1989-4
Guadeloupe (1/15 Aug 1989)Caroline ChabooObservation by a member1989-4
Little Tobago (27/29 Mar 1989)T.F. FarrellAdditional observations to the March 1989 trip. A Wilson's Storm Petrel is observed.Oceanites oceanieus, Cocothrinax barbadensis, Bursera simaruba, Roystonia oleracea, Palmiste, Cassia bacillaris, Ouratea guildingii, Anthurium hookeri, Hemionitis palmata, Vittaria lineata, Adiantum, Cestrum altenifoleum, Capsicum baccatum, Kalinum paniculatum, Abrus precatoria, Canavalia maritima, Cassia bacillaris, Oxalis frutescens, Malvastrum americanum, Plumbago scandens, Alternanthera ingramiana, Erithalis fruticosa, Vernonia scorpioides, Aphelandra pulcheprima, Phoradendron trinervium, Tragia volubilis, Bromelia, Cephalocereus, Antigonon leptopus, Fureraea, Diacrinum bicornutum, cactus broadwayi, Turk's Cap cactus, Hylocereus lemairei.1989-4
Conservation in ActionAnnouncement of a meeting1989-4
Rule changes1989-4
El Tucuche (28 May 1989)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip.Ameiva ameiva, Quesada gigas1989-4
Trinity Hills (30 Jul 1989)Victor QuesnelClub Field Trip. The trail could not be located but a capuchin is seenCebus albifrons, Phrynohyas zonata1989-4
AGM 1990Nevile Acham1990-1
Monos (25/26 Nov 1989)Clayton HullClub Field Trip. Observations of birds and fishes. A remora attaches itself to a member.Echeneis nauphrates, 1990-1
Central Range Wildlife Sanctuary (27 Aug 1990)T.F. FarrellClub Field Trip. Degraded forest is encountered.1990-2
Birding NewsRoger NecklesLarge numbers of wetland birds are encountered including the fulvous tree-duck and glossy ibises.Plegadis falcinellus, Dendrocygna bicolor, ducks, rare birds1990-2
Financial appealAppeal for support for Lana Campbell.1990-2
Hundreth Anniversay CelebrationsPlanning for celebrations - 7th July to 14th1990-3
Fig Walk (27/28 Jan 1990)Graham WhiteClub Field Trip. Notes on the trip including the orchid Cranichia mucosa.Pachira insignis, Ceiba, bihai, Cyclanthus bipartitus1990-3
Karamat Mud Volcano (4 Mar 1990)Paul ComeauClub Field Trip. Visit to mud volcano off Haggard Trace, Penal Rock Road.Ipomea hederifolia, Bravaisia inteegeerrima, Crescentia cujete, Rhabdadenia biflora. Arrabidaea sieberi, Ceratophytum tobagense, Combretum fruticosum, Paullinia pinnata, Mikania cordifolia, Pluchea symphytifolia, Cyperus ligularis, Enicostema verticillatum, Solanum jamaicense.1990-3
Matelot to Blanchisseuse (14 Jun 1990)Paul ComeauClub Field Trip1990-4
More Notes on Matelot to Blanchisseuse (14 Jun 1990)Marlene HussainClub Field Trip1990-4
More Notes on Matelot to Blanchisseuse (14 Jun 1990)R.F. BarnesClub Field Trip1990-4
Change to Club RulesHonorary members are exempted from paying dues but can still vote.1991-1
Centenary Celebrations - 1991Outline of plans thus far1991-2
Soho Caves (25 Nov 1990)Paul ComeauClub Field Trip. Oilbirds seen. Extensive notes on the efforts to map this new cave.Asplundia rigida, mammoo, xanthosoma undipes, tannia1991-2
The Southern White Page in TalparoVictor QuesnelNotes on the geographical seperation of Graphium which Victor disproves.Graphium telesilaus, Graphium protesilaaus, food plants, butterfly, white page,1991-2
Natural History Notes on Fig WalkPaul ComeauExtensive notes on the Fig Walk environment. The wild paw paw is mentioned. The story behind the name "Fig Walk" is revealed.Carica sp.1991-2
Aripo CavePaul ComeauA poem1991-3
El Tucuche (26 May 1991)R. F. BarnesClub Field Trip. Some plant records. Vriesia splendens, Guzmania lingulata, Prestonia britonii, Calathea casupito1991-3
Centenary CelebrationsSynopsis of the celebration.1991-4
Rediscovering one of Carriker's CavesPaul ComeauExtensive account of the search for the cave.1991-4
Chacachacare (28/29 Sep 1991)Christopher K. StarrClub Field Trip. Notes on social wasps and other insects.Mischocyttarus alfkeni, Polistes versicolor, Polybia occidentalis, wasps, termites, Nasutitermes costalis, Nasutitermes ephratae, Microcerotermes arboreus, Apis melli£era, bees, Zeta canaliculatum1992-1
Notes on arthropod specimens collected on Chacachacare on 28/29 Sep 1991R. Martinez, R. SinghNotes on the flies and scorpions collected on the trip.Aedes scapularis, Aedes taeniorhynchus, Culex (Culex) nigripalpus, Culex (Micro culex) sp., Culex (Melanoconion) sp., Haemagogus celeste, Limatus durhami, Phoniomya sp., Wyeomyia medioalbipes, Wyeomyia sp., Culicoides cruciferus, Tityus melanostictus, Tityus trinitatis, DIPTERA, CULICIDAE, CERATOPOGONIDAE, ARACHNIDA, SCORPIONIDAE,1992-1
Formation of an information network on manateesInterested members asked to contact Jalaludin KhanTrichechus manatus1992-1
Congratulations from Zoological Society of London1992-1
Trip to Hillsborough Dam, Tobago to collect caimans.Hans BoosTrip in September 1988 to collect caimans in order to determine if they were of a new subspecies.Caiman crocodilus, Spectacled Caiman, Steatornis caripensis, Corallus enydris cookii, Amazona amazonica, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, 1992-1
A further note on the Aripo Soho CaveJohanna DarlingtonMuseum references for material collected at the cave on the 1990 trip.Paul Comeau1992-1
Chacachacare (28/29 Sep 1991)Hans BoosClub Field Trip. Another account. Numerous bird and fish records.Steatornis caripensis, Cathartes aura, Coragyps atratus, Buteogallus anthracinus, Buteo albonotatus, Hilvago chimachima, Pandion haliaetus, Sternia dongalli, Actitis maeularia, Progne dominicensis, Fregata magnificens, Pitangus sulphuratus, Huscivora tyrannus, Hyiarchus sp., Thraupis episcopus, Tylosurus crocodilus, Hycteroperca bonaci, Caranx hippos, Lutjanis apodus, Lultjanis analis, Anisotremus virginicus, Haemulon flavolineatum, Lutjanus synagris, Anisotremus surinamensis, Chaetodon ocellatus, Abudefduf saxatilis, Pomacentrus fuscus, Coryphopterus glancofraenum, Scarus sp., Halichoeres sp., Scomberomorus brasiliensis, Gerres cinereus1992-1
Projects for Field TripsVictor QuesnelVictor suggests some topics that could be studied.Howler monkey, Bellbirds, Zandolie, White tailed Page, Manicou Crabs, Bachac, Alouatta seniculus1992-2
The Gold Drop HelicopisRhea Nadine SinghRecord of Helicopis cupido on a club trip to Salibea.butterfly, Montrichardia arborescens, Helicopis cupido, Ichneumonid1992-2
East Coast Geology Trip (26 Jan 1992)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some plant and geographic observations.COCOS NUCIFERA, COCCLOBA UVIFERA, Galera Grits, TERMINALIA CATAPPA, Indian almond, 1992-2
Maracas Waterfalls (23 Feb 1992)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Trip above the falls.1992-2
Adventure at Dog River, Tobago (24 Nov 1991)David RooksTrip by the Tobago branchto the Great Dog River.1992-3
Moruga Bouffe (31 May 1992)Paul ComeauClub Field Trip. Substantial information on the geology and ecology of the surrounding area of the volcano. Measurements of the giant silk cotton are provided.Ceiba pentandra, Mora (Mora excelsa), Royal Palm (Roystonea oleracea), Carat Palm (Sabal maurItiformis), Jiggerwood (Bravaisia floribunda), Roseau (Bactris major) and Wild Calabash (Crescentia sp.), Seaside Purslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum), Rhabdadenia biflora (with white tubular flowers), White Mangrove, (Laguncularia racemosa), the sedge Cyperus ligularis, fern Acrostichum danaeifolium, orchids, Epidendrum fragrans, Oncidium luridum, Gravisia aquilega, Hohenbergia stellata, Black Sage (Cordia curassavica), Geritout (Pluchea carolinensis), Hylocereus lemairei, Indigo Berry Randia aculeata, Swallow-tailed Kite, Elanoides forficatus, the Double toothed, Harpagus bidentatus, Plumbeous Kite, Ictinia plumbea, Galap, Rhinoclemmys punctularia.1992-3
Notes on social insects at Marianne RiverChristopher K. StarrNotes on the social insects.Eciton burchelli, Angiopolybia pallens, Mischocyttarus fitzgeraldi, Protopolybia exigua, wasps, ants,1992-3
Butterfly Observations at Mt. St. Benedict and Moruga BouffeLuis R. HernandezNotes on the butterflies observed on these trips.Pierella hyalinus fuscimaculata Euptychia penelope E. hermes Euptychia Danaus plexippus Tithorea harmonia Hypothyris euclea Mechanitis polymnia solaria. Greta andromica Heliconius melpomene Heliconius ricini Dryas iulia Anartia amathea Janatella leucodesma Adelpha iphicla Junonia evarete Morpho peleides insularis Caligo teucer insulanus Parides anchises cymocles Phoebis philea Eurema venusta E. elathea Nymphidium olinda Calycopis beon Calycopis ?vesulus ergina Urbanus catillus Achylodes busiris negro Polites vibex1992-3
Chacachacare (22/23 Aug 1992)R. Martinez, R. RagoonanansinghNotes on scorpions and butterflies collected on the island.Tityus trinitatis , Ananteris cussinii , Microtityus rickyi, Aedes taeniorhynchus, Morpho peleides, Heliconius melpomene, Colaenis iulis1992-4
Proposed field trip to VenezuelaAnnouncement of a proposed trip.1992-4
Rule ChangeTo allow the Club to apply for charitable status1992-4
El Tucuche (26 Apr 1992)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Approach from Loango.Mazama americana, deer, Formicarius Analis, baby manakins.1992-4
Tobago (26/28 Jun 1982)Dan JaggernauthDetailed notes on the Tobago trip.Leptotila Verreauxi, Polistes versicolor, Wattled Jacana, jacana jacana, rare bird,1992-4
Floral and faunal listsChristopher K. StarrRequest for lists of various plant and animal groups.1992-4
Dog River, Tobago (27 Sep 1992)David RooksTrip by the Tobago branchto the Great Dog River. Some bird observations.1993-1
Report from the Manatee Awareness NetworkJalaludin Khan1993-1
Goodwin Heights Nature Centre (26 Jul 1992)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Detailed account of the journey.Hans Boos watch, St Philomena, Cookie the bird lady, Celine Cesaire1993-1
Grande Riviere (25 Oct 1992)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Humorous account of the trip. A hunting camp is destroyed and pawi are seen.guan1993-1
Results of Club SurveyPaul ChristopherUseful summary of the Club's demographics.1993-2
Manatees at NarivaPaul ComeauA search for the West Indian Manatee, Trichechus manatus.Montrichardia arborescens, Hoplosternum littorale, Rhizophora mangle, Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), Para Grass (Brachiara mutica), the aquatic fern Salvinia auriculata, Duckweeds (Spirodela polyrhiza, Lemna sp.) and Hydrocotyle umbellata, Monkey or Pond Apple (Annona glabra), Sarcostemma clausum, Rhabdadenia biflora, Phryganocydia corymbosa, Ipomoea sp., legumes Entada polystachya, Dalbergia ecastaphyllum), ferns (Acrostichum danaeifolium, Nephrolepis biserrata), Mlkania micrantha, Rbynchospora corymbosa Bois Canot (Cecropia peltata) Matapal (Ficus amazonica, Ficus nymphaeifolia) Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) and Bladderwort (Utricularia sp.)1993-2
Book Review: Sejour a TrinidadChristopher K. StarrLeon Provancher1993-2
Unidentified hummingbirdIshmael SamadNotes on a possible rufous-shafted woodstar (Chaetocercus jourdanii) in Maraval.rare bird1993-2
News from the Tobago BranchRomano McfarlaneNotes on turtle protection efforts in Tobago.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1993-2
Panel discussion on the manateeInteresting notes from the discussionWest Indian Manatee, Trichechus manatus.1993-3
The ecology of tent-making batsThomas H. KunzLecture summary.Artibeus einereus, Cocos nueifera, Mesophylla macconnelli, Artibeus jamaicensis and Uroderma bilobatum1993-3
The jumping guabine and the secret of its successDouglas FraserLecture summary.rivulus hartii1993-3
Forest degradation in T&TPaul ComeauLecture summary.1993-3
Soho Cave (28 Feb 1993)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Oilbirds counted and a "dos-cocorite" is encountered.Steatornis caripensis1993-3
Maracas Valley - Maracas Bay (Christopher K. Starr, Ishmael Samad, Peter PasoldClub Field Trip. Route along the Tyrico trail. Several wasps and other insects noted.Eciton burchelli, Plebeia mosquito, Morpho peleides,Nasutitermes costalis, Microcertotermes arboreus, Trypoxylon fabricator, Colostethus trinitatis, Agelaia pallida1993-3
Note for ManagementFormation of a nominating committee.1993-3
On the improvement of field tripsPeter ReisSuggestions for improving trips.1993-3
How to be a frogJonathan Barnes, Roger Downie.Lecture summary. How tree frogs hold on and the ecology of foam nesting frogs.1993-4
Why there are things that stingJustin O. SchmidtLecture summary.1993-4
What can you do with a Zoo?Hans BoosLecture summary.1993-4
Notes from ManagementVarious housekeeping notes.1993-4
Direction finding for the expeditionary or hikerPeter ReisDetailed notes on direction finding.1993-4
African honey bees and the miracles of evolutionJustin O. SchmidtNotes on the african honey bee.apis mellifera scutellata, killer bees1993-4
What difference could a breadfruit make?Laura Roberts-NkrumahLecture summary.Artocarpus altilis1994-1
What can you do with a breadfruit anyway?Recipes1994-1
Notes form the SecretaryVarious housekeeping sheets, Naturalista Postal1994-1
Iron content of sea-scorpion castsChristopher K. StarrNotes on the Ophiomorpha (Sea Scorpions) casts. Found to contain as much as 32% iron.1994-1
The wasps on Victor's houseNotes on the diversity of wasps at Victor's house in Talparo.Polistes lanlo and P. versicolor, Metapolybia cingulata, Parachartergus colobopterus, Mischocyttarus1994-1
Biological agents for the fight against Dengue fever and its vectorSamuel C. RawlinsToxorhynehites moetezuma, Poecilia reticulata, Aedes aegypti,Mesocyclops1994-2
Mt. St. Benedict to Tunapuna (28 Nov 1993)Club Field Trip. Notes from the trip.Scleria braeteata, Corallus enydris)1994-2
Matelot to Madamas (29-30 Jan 1994)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. The Earth People are encountered.Myristica fragans, Morpho peleides, pachystachys coccinea, Manilkara bidentata, Terminalia catappa,1994-2
UWI School of Life Science SeminarsSchedule of seminars1994-2
Manatee WorkshopAnnouncement of a workshop on 30 Jul 1994West Indian Manatee, Trichechus manatus.1994-3
St. Lucia (1/4 Apr 1994)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip.Hergestes auropuncatus, Leptotila verreauxi, Hibiscus elatus, Cnemidophorus vanzoi, Lecopternis albicollis.1994-3
Searching for Ericaceae in TrinidadPaul ComeauNotes on a search for members of this plant family on Mt. Aripo (Cerro del Aripo) and El TucucheOrthaea apophysata, Sphyrospermum buxifolium, Vaccinium latifolium, Psammisia urichiana, Pena de Juangalo, Piedra Blanca, Hippeastrum puniceum, Solanea trinitensis/purdiaei1994-3
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1994-3
Report on the Caribbean Conservation Association 1994 MeetingHaroon HusainNotes form the meeting.1994-4
Natural History and mystique of the Galapagos IslandsFloyd E. HayesLecture summary.1994-4
Earthquakes and Earthquake PreparednessWilliam AmbehLecture summary.1994-4
The Challenge of Environmental JournalismAnn HiltonLecture summary.1994-4
Bois Neuf (25 Apr 1993)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Extensive rice cultivation observed and a rare species of calabash is found by Paul Comeau.Ampullaria gigas, Mauritia flexuosa1994-4
Pt. Radix (26 Sep 1993)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some plant and geology observations. Reports of a manatee by a local fisherman are explored.Hura crepitans, Bambusa vulgaris, Conocarpus erectus, Ophiomorpha, sea scorpions, West Indian Manatee, Trichechus manatus.1994-4
Rice Speculations at NarivaPaul ComeauNotes on the illegal cultivation of rice in the Nariva Swamp.Plum Mitan, Jai Ramkissoon1994-4
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1994-4
Tobago (17/19 Jun 1994)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Englishman's Bay Nature Reserve. Several plant and bird observations.Pelicanus occidentalis, Columnea scandens, Tragan collaris,Chiroxiphia pareola, Monstera adansonii1995-1
Survey of beach vegetation at Tacarib Bay (24/25 Sep 1994)T.F. FarrellIpomea pes-caprae, Vigna luteola, Canavallia rosea, Sesuvium portulacastrum, Coccoloba uvifera, Pitcairnia integrifolia, Dalbergia ecastaphyllum, Parti tiliacens, Erythrina pallida, Solanum nigrum, Sporobolus indicus, Anthephora hermaphrodita1995-1
Is vagrancy in birds scientifically important?Floyd E. HayesComments on the signaifance of vagrant bird recording.1995-1
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1995-1
The wetlands of TrinidadPeter BaconLecture summary.1995-2
Coastal environment along the California coastLucy St.OmerLecture summary.1995-2
Erin SavannaDan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some plant observations. Forestry officers assure that the Caribbean pine would not be planted in the remaining savanna.Pinus caribaea, Scleria bracteata, Polybia rejecta1995-2
What is the condition of the Saman in T&TChristopher K. StarrThoughts on the future of the saman in the country.Samanea saman1995-2
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1995-2
Sustainable development: A conservation biologist's perspectiveStanley A TempleLecture summary.1995-3
Natural history in your backyardVictor QuesnelLecture summary.Strophocheilus oblongus, Pseudosphinx tetrio, Gonotodes vittatus, Acontiothespis multicolor, Myschocyttarus punctatus, Tabebuia rufescens, Ruellia tuberosa,1995-3
Native palms of T&TPaul ComeauLecture summary.Roystonea, Euterpe precatoria, E. oleracea, Acrocomia, Sabal, Manicaria, Maximiliana; Acrocomia, Prestoea pubigera, Geonoma, Acrocomia, Bactris, Maximiliana, Manicaria; Bactris, Euterpe, Roystonea, Sabal; Desmoncus, Mauritia, Euterpe precatoria, Oenocarpus, Mauritia. Bactris major, Maximiliana maripa, Manicaria accifera1995-3
Fig Walk (28/29 Jan 1995)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some plant observations. Notable sighting of oilbirds. The area is also know as Fig Wharf.Procnias averano, Steatornis caripensis, Anthurium hookeri1995-3
El Cerro del Aripo (30 Apr 1995)Savitri MahabirClub Field Trip.1995-3
Cyrtopodium broadwayi revisitedVictor QuesnelNotes on the original orchid study site.Cyrtopodium broadwayi1995-3
Gerald Durrell 1925-1995In Memoriam1995-3
Mission StatementEarly versions of the mission statement are proposed.1995-3
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1995-3
Report on the Caribbean Conservation Association 1995 MeetingHaroon HusainNotes form the meeting.1995-4
Aripo Savanna (26 Feb 1995)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Several plant observations. Concerns about the environment's degradation expressed.Mauritia flexuosa, K.P.'s Transport and Quarrying, Mandavila hirsuta, Nasutitermes ephratae, Drosera capillaris, Cassythia filiformis1995-4
Aripo Savanna-Night Trip (10 Jun 1995)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Several night bird observations.Pinus caribaea, Nyctibius griseus, Bufo marinus, Savanna Serrette, Brysonima crassifolia, Southern Lapwing, Vanellus chilensis, Caprimulgus cayenensis, Nyctidromus albicollis1995-4
Guanapo Gorge (29 Oct 1995)Savitri MahabirClub Field Trip.1995-4
Looking for mushroomsJ C Williams,Account of mushroom hunting in Romania1995-4
Note on Saman TreesSylvia KacalThoughts on the future of the saman in the country.Samanea saman1995-4
Illustrations by Dunstan Williams (DEW).1995-4
Venomous animals: Insects and arachnidsChristopher K. StarrLecture summary.Tltyus trinitatis. Spiders, scorpions, wasps, ants, bees1996-1
Economic opportunity and the environmentJoseph MaderLecture summary.A case study of municipal waste collection.1996-1
Little Tobago (23/24 Jun 1995)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Several bird, fish and plant observations. Includes the Tobago Turk's Cap cactus.Momotus momota Thraupis episcopus, Red-billed Tropicbird, Phaeton aethereus, Fregata magnificens, Sea fan coral and Brain coral, Spiny lobster, Panulinus argus, Queen Angel fish Holacanthus ciliaris, French Angel fish Pomacanthus paru, Foureye Butterfly fish Chaetodon capistratus, Blue Tang Acanthurus coeruleus, Parrot fish Scarus spp, Puffer Canthi gaster Spp., Sargeant Major Abudetdut saxatilis and Redlip Blenny Ophioblennius atlanticus. Melocactus broadwayi. Tobago Turk's Cap, cactus1996-1
Noel Vaucrosson 1932-1996In Memoriam1996-1
BirdlogBird recording software1996-1
A Home-makers contribution to environmental preservationLalmanie MohammedLecture summary.2/3/1996
Climate ChangeEli B HenryLecture summary.2/3/1996
Survey of vegetation on Lagon BouffeT.F. FarrellA note on the plants at this mud volcano.Clusia, Muntingia, Rhabdadenia, Pluchea and Gravisia2/3/1996
Nesting Turtles (Grand Riviere)Muriel PierreNotes on turtle nesting at Grande Riviereturtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys2/3/1996
Monos Island and Cathedral Cave (30 Jul 1996)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some plant and animal observations.Hippomane mancinella, Conocarpus erectus, Buto marinus, Scleria bracteata, Noctilio leporinus2/3/1996
Plants seen on Monos IslandVictor QuesnelExtensive list of plants on the 30 July 1996 trip.Laguncularia racemosa, Conocarpus erectus, Hippomane mancinella, manchineel, Morinda citrifolia, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis, Lonchocarpus punctatus, Citharexylum sp. (probably spinosum), Piper aduncum, Cecropia peltata, Casearia sp., Piper marginatum, Piper tuberculatum, Ceiba pentandra, Apeiba schomburghii, Zanthoxylum martinicensis, I'epinet, Protium guianense, Heliconia wagneriana, Coccoloba sp, Spondias mombin, Erythrina micropteryx, Monstera sp. (prob. adansonil), Cedrela odorata, Warszewiczia coccina, Brownea latifolia, Lundia corymbifera, Xanthosoma hilleborifolium, Cupania Americana, maraquil,
Heliconia hirsute, Terminalia obovata, Swartzia pinnata, Byrsonima spicata, Rudgea freemani, Desmoncus
Saving the Erin SavannasPaul ComeauNotes on the imoprtance of the Erin SavannasPinus caribaea, Scleria bracteata, Pogonia grandiflora, Eupatorium amygdalinum, the grass Axonopus anceps, the legumes Eriosema crinitum and E. mplicifolium, and the figworts Buchnera lobe/lioides and B. rosea, Mauritia flexuosa, moriche2/3/1996
Closing vignettes from RomaniaJ C WilliamsShort notes from Romania2/3/1996
The Yellow Tail TreeMatt KellyAccount of a roosting tree of the Crested Oropendola (Psarocolius decumanus) in Tobago. Interesting interaction with Giant Cowbirds noted.Yellow-crowned Night Heron (Nyctanassa violacea). Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor), Little Blue Heron (Florida caerulea), Snowy Egret (Egretta thula), and Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)Short-tailed Swift,Chaetura brachyura. Scaphidura oryzivora, botfly larve, Philornis2/3/1996
Potential of biocontrol agents in the supression of hibiscus mealybugR. D. GautamNotes on the mealybug and its control.MACONELLICOCCUS HIRSUTUS, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant and Scymmnus coccivora2/3/1996
Biocontrol strategies for the management of hibiscus mealybug in commercial nurseriesR. D. GautamLecture summary.MACONELLICOCCUS HIRSUTUS, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant and Scymmnus coccivora1996-4
Management of the Mora forests in T&TS. JhilmitLecture summary.1996-4
Guayaguayare - South Coast (27 Aug 1995)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Some archaeologic sites and animal observations.Annona reticulata, Mimus gilvus, Amerindian site, artifacts, Furcraea hexapetala, Elanoides forficatus, Urania leilus, Galap, Geomyda punctularia, turtle, moth, page,1996-4
Natural EcosystemsPaul ComeauA look at forest cover and the factors affecting it.Mora excelsa, Evergreen seasonal, Semi-evergreen seasonal, Deciduous seasonal, Dry evergreen, Lower montane, Xerophytic, Seasonal montane, Montane, Elfin, Mangrove Swamp, marsh1996-4
Forest Point (27/28 Jan 1996)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Overnight near Toco. A three-headed coconut tree is seen.Genipa americana, Coccoloba uvifera, soucouyant, Nyctidromus alblcollis, triple headed coconut tree.1997-1
Fungi: Getting to know themDoreen JodhanLecture summary.1997-1
Blanchisseuse Christmas PartyJ C WilliamsAccount of the party.1997-1
Draft amendment to the TTFNC RulesRules related to behaviour on trips and general conduct.1997-1
Tobago (25/26 May 1996)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Notes on the trip.Maconellicoccos hirsutus, Butorides striatus, Larus atricilla, Nyctibius griseus, Hylocereus lemairei,2/3/1997
A natural history experience in Tobago (8 May 1997)Jesma McFarlaneNotes on a mystery tomb in Runnemede, Tobago.Sacred To the Memory of Christopher William Irvine Who died in this island On the 30th day of January (?) Age (?)2/3/1997
Caroni Swamp (24 Nov 1996)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Thoughts on the construction of the visitor centre. Several swamp birds are seen and gunshots are heard.Caiman crocodilus, Falco peregrinus, Aratus pisonii, Eudocimus ruber, scarlet ibis, Cascabel dormillon, Rhizophora mangle, Cascabel, Common potoo, Nyctibius griseus, Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, Avicennia germinans, Conirostrum bicolor, Crassostrea rhizophrae, 1997-4
The Animal Construction CompanyRequests for nests of various birds for display.1997-4
Toward a new wildlife billNadra Gyan, Christopher StarrDrafting of a new wildlife policy1997-4
Amendment to the RulesEwoud HeestermanRules related to behaviour on trips and general conduct.1997-4
Sayings and Expressions About AnimalsChristopher StarrA collection of local wildlife related sayings and phrases1998-1
Chacachacare (25/26 Jan 1997)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Several bird observations. Dan details the mysterious "sand dance".Machaerium robiniifolium, Conocarpus erectus, Buteo albonotatus, Milvago chimachima, Amazilia tobaci, Tiaris fuliginosa, Caprimulgus cayennensis, mangrove cuckoo, Coccyzus minor, Hippomane mancinella, Tabebuia rufescens1998-1
Monos, a Lizardly IslandChristopher K. StarrNotes on the lizard life of Monos. The presence of the morocoy is confirmed.Microcerotermes, matte, Tupinambis nigropunctatus, teids, the whiptail, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, zandolie, Ameiva tobagana, Plica plica, Iguana iguana, Thecadactylus rapicauda, Hemidactylus palmichthus, Mabuya mabouya, Amphisbaena fuliginosa, Geochelone carbonaria, Gonatodes vittatus2/3/1998
Tobago Coral Reef PatrolSheldon EdwardsStory of reef patrolman Michael Frank2/3/1998
Englishman's Bay (24/26 May 1997)Sheldon EdwardsClub Field Trip. Exploring the Englishman's Bay Nature ReserveLeimadophis malanotus, 2/3/1998
Madamas (23/25 Jan 1998)Glen WilkesAdventure at sea as Glen kayaks to Madamas from Blanchisseuse2/3/1998
Cats Hill Reserve (29/30 Aug 1998)Graham WhiteClub Field Trip. The group gets rained out but some bird observations are made.short-tailed nighthawks, Lurocalis semitorquatus, Nyctidromus albicollis, pauraque, Crypterellus soui, Otus choliba, Phyllomedusa trinitatis, Sclateria naevia1998-4
Letter (Moruga grasshoper)Dr. Lilory McComieShort communication on the moruga grasshoper.Moruga grasshoper, locust, Schistocerca1998-4
1998 Christmas PartyAccount of the annual party1999-1
Past and present thoughts of a Trinidad Field Naturalist: 1943-1990Arthur GreenhallAbridged version of an article written for the Living World Centenary Issue Magazine in 1991.1999-1
Hollis Reservoir Watershed Project: a summaryLaurent De Verteuil, Mike OathamA project between the Botany Group and UWI, Plant Sciences DepartmentCrappo - Debasse (evergreen seasonal) Serrette - Bois Gris (lower montane) Pois Doux - Redwood (seasonal montane) Bois Band - Guatecare (montane rainforest)1999-1
Botany for the BeginnerAnne Hiltonan edited version of the first in a series of articles entitled "Botany for the Beginner"which was first published in the September-October 1979 of the "Trinidad Naturalist" Magazine.1999-1
Natural history Resource CenterHeadquarters opened on July 11 1999#3 Keate Street Port of Spain1999-1
Tobago (23/25 Apr 1999)Rene van DongenClub Field Trip. Several bird observations for Main Ridge and Bloody Bay.Orlalis ruficauda, Bateau Bay, Gouleme Bay, Thamnophilus doliatus, Galbula ruficauda, Momotus momota, Mimus gilvus, Leptotila verreauxi, Gymnothorax moringa, Heliconia bibai, Heliconia wagneriana, Dendrocoloaptidae, Psarocolius decumanus, Caprimulgus cayennensis, Turminalia catappa1999-2
The Importance of Biological DiversityPeter BaconLecture summary.1999-2
Botanical Notes on Fishing Pond from the Field Trip of October 25 1998Victor QuesnelBotanical notesAcoma, Sideroxylon quadriloculare, Rheedia acuminata, Guttiferae, Caesalpinia bonducella, bonduc, Avicennia germinans, Avicennia schaueriana, Laguncularia racemosa and Rhizophora harissonii, Sarcostemma clausum, Asclepias curassavica, Matalea viridijlora,1999-2
South-west peninsulaKrishanta MaharajClub Field Trip. Various geographic observations, including erosion on the coast.1999-2
Plant Data Collection SheetMike Oatham, Doreen JodhanGuide to recording botanical observations1999-2
A review of achievementsIan LambieExcerpts From the address by lan lambie on the occasion of the 108th Anniversary of the Club1999-3
The Oldest Task in Human HistoryChristopher K. StarrAbridged version of lecture delivered on June 10 1999 on the subjecto of classification.1999-3
We are in danger of losing our historyVictor QuesnelThoughts on preserving the history of the Club and its members1999-3
Grande Riviere (26 Jun 1999)Krishanta MaharajClub Field Trip. Turtle watching.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys1999-3
In search of the Vincie ParrotNotes from the Overseas Trip to St Vincent & the Grenadines. Aug. 5-12 1999Amazona guildingii, manicou trap1999-3
Notes on the Plant Data Collection Sheet: Part 2Mike Oatham, Doreen JodhanGuide to recording botanical observations1999-3
Publications CommitteeLaurent De VerteuilOn the work of the committee1999-4
Tropical Dry Forests of St Lucia, West IndiesOtto J. Gonzalez, Donald R. ZakResearch paper abstract1999-4
A peculiar concentration of honey beeChristopher K. StarrNotes on the situation of nine bee colonies in close proximity1999-4
Increase in membership fees1999-4
If this is not a hiking club then what is it?Leonard Chan ChowReflections on the diverse membership of the Club.1999-4
TTFNC Seeks a Home1999-4
Botany GroupLaurent De VerteuilThoughts on the botany group's activities1999-4
A Pictorial Review of Some 1999 Events1999-4
Our dear friend, the termiteChristopher K. StarrLecture summary.2000-2
Valencia (26 Mar 2000)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on several quarry sites in Valencia.2000-2
El Tucuche (27 Feb 2000)Krishanta MaharajClub Field Trip.2000-2
Fund for older membersHans BoosSuggestion for the creation of a fund for older members2000-2
Dredging of the Port of Spain Harbour to Reclaim Land at Invaders' BayRupert MendsSummary of a briefing sessionPort Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, Ecoengineering Consultants, Cocorite Fishing Association, Council of Presidents of the Environment, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union, Independent Consultant - captain Ron Wilde2000-2
We Made It To The Boiling Lake!Eurico JardimClub Field Trip. Visit to Dominica2000-3
Revising the trail guideProject to update the guide2000-3
TTFNC publishes Native Trees bookAnna Griffith2000-3
Marianne River (30 Jul 2000)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Observations in Blanchisseuse.2000-3
Tobago (29/30 Apr 2000)Krishanta Maharaj, Claudelle LewisClub Field Trip.2000-3
An edifying incidentChristopher K. StarrAre you cool?Dan Jaggernauth2000-3
On Damselflies and Jumping SpidersChristopher K. StarrInformation needed2000-3
What's brown and sounds like a bellChristopher K. StarrA compendium of facts about animal excrement.2000-3
Grand Tacarib (27/28 Aug 2000)Averil RamchandClub Field Trip.2000-4
We Made It To The Boiling Lake - Part 2Eurico JardimClub Field Trip. Visit to Dominica2000-4
Panel Discussion on the Green FundDeosaran MaharajSummary of the discussion2001-1
A tribute to Denise Lee HayGlen WilkesIn Memoriam2001-1
Summary of the 2001 AGM2001-1
Chacachacare (26/27 Jan 2001)Averil RamchandClub Field Trip. Account of the trip to various parts of the island.Pithecellobium ungus-cati, Hippomane mancinella, Cyrtopodium punctatum, La Tinta, Diacrium virginale,2001-1
Greater POS Plan & Tree Mapping exercise2001-1
Hiking in and out of perspectiveChristopher K. StarrOn what makes the distinction between hiking and field trips.2001-1
Roraima-Mother of all watersVictor QuesnelSpecial report on the overseas trip to Roraima2001-2
Erin Savanna - A disappearing natural habitatEditor's note2001-2
Angel Falls (25 Feb 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Visit to Angel FallsFolanum, cocoa shat,2001-2
Comments on a Botany Group TripKarl KnoblochComments after a trip.2001-2
Mud Volcanoes/Erin Savanna (23/24 June 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the loss of the savanna. Summary of history of efforts.Paul Comeau2001-2
Follow-up report on Erin SavannasJohn Lum YoungExploration of the savanna reveals that the middle savanna is in good condition.Byrsonima,Curatella, Xyris, Sauvagesia, Maurita flexuosa, Maximiliana, Euterpe,Nasutitermes ephratae, Roystonea, Acrocomia, Manacus, lek, 2001-3
Status of the Jane Boyle mollusk collectionChristopher K. StarrCollection on loan to Florida State Museum2001-3
What is to be done? Pt 1Christopher K. StarrThoughts on the systematic survey of particular areas of interest.survey group2001-3
Hiking in and out of contextGlen WilkesA response to C. Starr's "Hiking in and out of perspective" of QB 2001-12001-3
El Cerro del Aripo (27 May 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Several plant observations including manu orchids. Victor makes the climb at 76 years.Ornithoeephalis gladiatus, Dieheaea picta, Stenia pallida, Jaequinella globosa, Polystaehya luteola, Hexisea reflexa, Riehenbaehanthus reflexus, and Gongora maculata. Vanilla, Eryehrodes and Stellis, Dichaea muricata, Paphinia cristata, Richeria grandes, Arthrostylidium, Clethra broadwayi, Didymopanax glabratum, Clusia itertexta2001-3
Welcome to Planet OceanChristopher K. StarrBook Review2001-3
Forest Point, Toco (26/27 Oct 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Several plant observations including the beached drift seeds.Cocos nucifera, Coccoloha uvifera, Terminalia catappa, Pelecanus occidentalis, Chrysobalanus icaco, Clusia rosea, Manicaria saccifera, Nypa fruticans, Heliconia psittacorum2001-4
Nasutitermes in the Erin SavannaChristopher K. StarrNote on the identity of the termintes mentioned in John Lum Young's QB 2001-3 article.Nasutitermes ephratae2001-4
Update on the trail guide revision projectHaroon HusainUpdate on the project2001-4
Point Radix (30 Sep 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Observation of plants and the area's geologyGenipa americana, Hura crepitans, Psarocolius decumanus, Pelecanus occidentalis, Grande Anse Beach, sandstone, claystone, Early Pliocene age, Gros Morne Formation, Ophiomorpha2001-4
A feast of ophidiophiliaChristopher K. StarrReview of Han Boos' book "The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago"2001-4
Further on the Erin SavannasChristopher K. StarrFurther observations of the state of the Erin Savanna. The middle savanna appears to be safe. Many butterflies climax, 1/2/2002
Correction...Correction as to the nature of Ophiornorpha, which relates to the burrow and not the animal.Ophiornorpha1/2/2002
Further on the Erin Savannas-comments by Paul ComeauPaul ComeauResponse to C. Starr's note in QB2002-1 on the nature of the Erin Savanna1/2/2002
AGM Secretary's Report (10 Jan 2002)Full report.1/2/2002
Raising funds, fine, but consciousness?Christopher K. StarrA look at how Club activities reflects ourobjectives1/2/2002
What? An Entomology Group?Christopher K. StarrOn the formation of a Bug group.1/2/2002
Cumaca Cave (25 Nov 2001)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Extensive notes on the cave and surrounding area. Some bird and butterfly observations.Steatornis caripensis, Oropuche River, Quare River, Cumac,Lachesis muta muta, Paponette, Morpho peliedes, Catagramma asfarte antillena, Philaethrla dido, Pecari tagacu,1/2/2002
Rampanalgas Falls (27 Jan 2002)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the lek of the white-bearded manakin. Some plant observations.Driftwood Zoo,Dolly Ramirez, Genipa americana, Pachira insignis, Pentaclethra macroloba, manacus, Mora excelsa, Ischnosipholl sp, Termillalia obovata, Pinus caribaea, Virola surinamensis, Brownea latifolia, lserlia parviflora, 1/2/2002
My Fringe Field Trip to CumacaRichard WallaceMore on the history of the Cumaca area and the Paponette family.1/2/2002
A world of our ownChristopher K. StarrBook Review. John Kricher1/2/2002
Peering into the past, fondlyChristopher K. StarrBook Review. David E. Allen1/2/2002
AGM Annual report of groups and committees1/2/2002
Are there any poisonous spiders in T&T?Christopher K. StarrNotes on spiders in T&T.Avicularia avicularia, Latrodectus mactans2002-3
The Geology of Trinidad Red SandLaurent de VerteuilOn the origin and nature of 'red sand'Durham sequence,Sum Sum sequence, iron sulphide2002-3
Aripo Savannas (24 Feb 2002)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Many orchid observations.Oenocarpus batua, Bactris campestris, Manicaria saccifera (timite), Roystonea oleracea (royal palm or palmiste), Attalea maripa (cocorite), Euterpe precatoria and E. oleracea. The dominant palm was Maurita flexuosa. Scaphyglottis cuneata, Encyclia bradfordii, Maxillaria conferta, Notylia augustifolia, Rodriquezia segunda, Epidendrum strobiliferum and Polystachya foliosa. Maxillaria camaradii, Epidendrum nocturnum, Catasetum macrocarpum, Euglosine, Gongora maculatum, Coryanthes macrantha, Hexisea reflexa, Sphagnum perichaetiale, Otostylis brachystalix, Epistephium paviflorum, Cyrtopodium broadwayi, Cassytha filiformis, Drosera capillaris, bladderworts (12 Utricularia and the Genlisea pygmaea of which the Utricularia adpressa, U. benjaminiana and G. pygmae, Rhynchospora aripoensis, Selenipedium palmifolium, Ramphastos vitellinus, Ara manilata,Tityra cayana, schomburgkii, 2002-3
Eastern Savanna-Erin Forest Reserve (12 May 2002)John Lurn YoungThe existence of an eastern savanna is confirmed.Alauatta seniculus, Scleria bracteata, Nasutitermes, Byrsanima crassifalia, Curatella americana, Coccolaba latifolia, Sauvagesia rubiginosa, Pentaclethra macroloba, Manicaria saccifera, Euterpe precatoria, Pinus caribaea, Precatoria, Attalea maripa, Sitanea pretensis,2002-3
Tamana Hills (26 May 2002)Nicholas See WaiClub Field Trip.2002-3
Bright Paradise: Victorian Scientific TravellersChristopher K. StarrBook Review - Peter Raby2002-3
Looking BackNicholas See WaiReflection on Club trips.2002-3
Rio Seco Waterfall (29 Sep 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Measurements of the plunge pool and falls provided. A search is made for a possible second fall nearby.Isertia parviflora, Lycopodium cernum, Mucuna sloanei, Donkey Eye, Diaclea megacarpa, Diaclea reflexa, 2002-4
Aripo Savannas (19 Oct 2002)Nicholla JohnsonBotany Group Trip. Many orchids, palms, bormeliads and other records. Ara manilata, Mandevilla hirsuta, Scleria bracteata, Bactris campestris, Miconia ciliata, Coutoubea spicata, Heliconia psittacorum, Mayaca fluviatilis, Byrsonima crassifolia, Comolia veronicifolia, Wedelia caracasana, Isertia parviflora, Episephium parviflorum, Rynchospora curvula, Rynchospora barbata, Cassytha filiformis, Drosera capillaris, Utricularia, Perama hirsuta, Sauvagesia sprengelii, Cyrtopodium broadwayii, Clusia palmicida, Coccocypselum guianense, Terminalia amazonia, Symphonia globulifera, Chrysobalanus icaco, Rollinia exsusca, Eleocharis interstincla, Catopsis, Inga setigera, Coccoloba latifolia, Parinari campestris, Pepperomia, Achmea mertensii, Amasonia campestris, Coryanthes, Bactris campestris, Mauritia flexuosa, Manicaria saccifera, Euterpe precatoria, Euterpe oleracea, Roystonea oleracea, Oenocarpus bataua, Dasyprocta leporina, Tilandsia bulbosa, Palmorchis pubescens2002-4
La Laja Waterfalls (31 Mar 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Fied Trip. Many cultivated and native plant species identified.Oncidium papilio, Epidendrum hartii, Epidendrum coronatum, Cephaelis tomentosa, Centropogon surillamensis, Impatiens, Xyris, Gonolobus broadwayi, Pachira insignis, Bois Flot, Croton gossypiifolius, Bambusa vulgaris, Mannophryne trinitatis2002-4
Acono Falls (28 Jul 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Details of the history of the area.Annona montana, Philoeoceastes melanoleucos,Dryocopus Iineatus2002-4
Botanists, Orchids and White-faced Capuchins in the Nariva SwampNicholla JohnsonClub Field Trip. Extensive notes on the plants of Bush Bush.Eichornia crassipes, Utricularia foliosa, Ipomoea aquatica, Limnobium laevigatum, Azolla caroliniana, Phragmites australis, Typha domingensis, Leersia hexandra, Paspalum fasciculatum, Urochloa mutica, Thalia trichocalyx, Mimosa casta, Mimosa pigra, Ludwigia, Crotalaria incana, Crotalaria retusa, Mucuna pruriens var utilis, Sida acuta, Eclipta prostrata, Cenchrus, Centrosema pubescens, Coco Chat/Dog Teeth, Solanum stramonifolium, Desmoncus polyacanthos, Hibiscus furcellatus, Diacrium bicornutum, Manilkara bidentata, Attalea maripa, Bois Lum tree, Guazuma ulmifolia, Ficus guianensis, Heliconia psittacorum, Heliconia hirsuta, Dioclea guianensis, Uncaria tomentosa, Spiralltes acaulis, Oeceoclades maculata, Schefflera morototoni, Protium guianense, Virola surinamensis, Byrsonima spicata, Eschweilera subgladulosa, Bactris simplicifrons, Sabal mauritiiformis, Hernandia sonora, Couroupita guianensis, Xiphidium caeruleum, Alouatta seniculus, lnga acuminata, Cebus albifrons, Montrichardia arborescens, Phragmites australis2002-4
Tamana Caves (26 May 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the fauna of the cave. Details of the physical cave system provided.Lachesis muta, bushmaster, nutmeg, Mammea americana, Ceiba pentandra, Lithothamnion, Small Nectar Drinking Bat Anoura, Guinotia, Histoplasma capsulatum, Phyllostomus, Glossophaga, Anoura and Carollia. Chilonycteris, Pteronotus, Mormoops, Desmodus and Natalus. Pteronotus and Mormoops, Pseustes sulphureus, Caprimulgus cayennensis,2002-4
Feathers and what goes with themChristopher K. StarrBook Review - Steven Hilty2002-4
The Snakes of Trinidad and TobagoChristopher K. StarrBook review - Hans Boos2002-4
Mayo Quarry/Piparo Mud Volcano (27 Oct 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Several geologic observations at the quarry. Account of the Feb 2002 eruption.limestone or calcium carbonate, Emilia coccinea, Emilia sonchifolia, Bidens pi/osa (Spanish Needle or Railway Daisy), Tridax procumbens and the legumes Mimosa pudica (Ti-marie), Crotalaria retusa (Shack Shack) and C. verrucosa (Chac Chac), Euphorbia hyssopifolia, Ricinus communis (Castor Oil), Spigelia anthelmia, Sida acuta, Jussiaea (Ludwigia) erecta, Jussiaea (Ludwigia) octonervia, Muntingia calabura, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (Vervain).2003-1
Southern Watershed Reserve (25 Nov 2002)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Several interesting plant observations in the Quinam area.Teak (Tectona grandis), L'epinet (Zanthoxylum martinicense), Sandbox (Hura crepitans), Calabash (Crescentia cujete), Naked Indian (Bursera simaruba), Wild Orange (Swartzia simplex), Juniper (Genipa americana) and Laylay or Manjak (Cordia collococca), Acurel (Trichilia smiithii)/Moussara (Brosmium alicastrum)/Jiggerwood (Bravaisia integerrima), Tantacayo (Albizzia caribaea), Silver-thatched Palms (Coccothrinax barbadensis)2003-1
Rousillac Swamp/Caroni Bird SanctuaryJohn Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Many bird observations including the rare Mangrove Cuckoo.Immortelle (Erythrina poeppigiana), Magnificent Frigate Bird (Fregata magnificens), White-headed Marsh-Tyrant (Arundinicola leucocephala) Common Black Hawk (Buteogallus anthracinus), Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura), Black Mangrove (A vicennia germinans), Cascabel snakes (Trigonoeepha/us tararaca), Poor-me-one or Silky Anteater (Cyclopes didaetylus), Carib Grackle (Quisealus lugubris), Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogu/aris), Bicoloured Conebill (Conirostrum bie%ur), Little Blue Heron (Egretta eaerulea), Cattle Egret (Bubuleus ibis), Green-backed Heron (Butorides striatus), Cornbird (Psaroeolius deeumanus), Spotted Sandpiper (Aetitis maeularia), Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (Nyctanassa violaeea), Scissors-tailor Fork-tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus savana), Large-billed Tern (Phaetusa simp/ex) and the Mangrove Cuckoo (Coeeyzus minor), Common Pootoo (Nyetibius griseus),2003-1
On the Trail. Chasing the Four-EyesChristopher K. StarrNote on the four-eyed fishes, Anableps,2003-1
Field Trips, new findings and the quarterly bulletinChristopher K. StarrNote on the development of the QB and on the importance of noting observation that could lead to concrete research.2003-1
Peter Robin Bacon-The Architect of the Turtle Conservation LawsIan LambieIn Memoriam2003-1
The Earth DwellersChristopher K. StarrBook review - Erich Hoyt2003-1
Aripo Caves (30 Mar 2003)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the cave and its fauna.Desmodus rotundas, Hernandia guianensis, Tradascantia zanouia, Steatornis caripensis, Histoplasma capsulatum, Glossophaga s. socrina, Guinotia garmani, Eudaniela, Anoura g. geoffroyi, G.L.A, Gunther’s Swimming Pool2003-2
La Laja Waterfall (23 Feb 2003)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Many cultivated and native plant species identified. Several spiders identified.Agalenidae or Funnel-web Spider.Hevea brasiliensis, Castila elastica, Pachira insignis, Hura crepitans, Croton gossypiifolius, Pachystachys coccinea, Ochroma pyramidale, Clusia rosea, Mesabolivar aurantiacus,Nasuititermes ephratae, Tithorea harmonica negera, Anaea fabius, Sicana trinitensis2003-2
Chacachacare (25/26 Jan 2003)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the plants and birds of the island.Annona squamosa, Cocos nucifera, tobacco, cotton, Megaptera novaeangliae, Gray Hawk (Buteo nitidus), White-fringed Antwren (Formicivora grisea), White- lined Tanager (Tachyphonus rufus), Yellowbellied Elaenia (Elaenia flavogaster), White-tipped Dove (Leptotila verreauxi), Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis macularia), Northern Waterthrush (Seiurus noveboracensis), Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura), Yellowheaded Caracara (Milvago chimachima), Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis), Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola), Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus), Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus), Palm Tanager (Thraupis palmarum), Black Vulture or Corbeau (Coragyps atratus), Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), Grayish Saltator (Saltator coerulescens), Tropical Parula (Parula pitiayumi), Blue Jean (Thraupis episcopus) and Magnificent Frigate Bird (Fregata magnificens).Tityus melanostictus, Canavalia rosea, Sesuvium portulacastrum, Trianthema portulacastrum, Rhizophora mangle and Avicennia germinans, Bromelia chrysantha and Pitcairnia intergrifolia. Ficus benjamina2003-2
What is to be done? Part 2Christopher K. StarrThoughts on the Club, conservation and how the two should interact.2003-2
Better Living Through ChemistryChristopher K. StarrBook Review - William Agosta2003-2
TTFNC calls for action to prevent forest firesLetter to the Prime Minister2003-2
An odd observation of Army AntsChristopher K. StarrObservation of an apparent failed army ant hunt.Microcerotermes arboreus, Nasutitermes costalis, Nasutitermes ephratae, Eciton burchelli, Centris derasa2003-2
Discovering Al AkongChristopher K. StarrNotes on the nature artist2003-2
How to identify birdsRichard FfrenchA reprint of an earlier guide3/4/2003
TTFNC celebrates 112th year with donations of its journalsPresentation to NALIS3/4/2003
Tuture Waterfalls (27 Apr 2003)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Notes of plant and animal life. The source of some mysterious saw dust is found.Andira surinamensis, Calliandra guildingii, niaure, Hot Lips (Cephaelis tomentosa, Ischnosiphon sp., Procnias averano, Acrocinus longimanus3/4/2003
Aripo Caves (30 Mar 2003)Matt KellyAmazona ochrocephala, gamani or hookeri Anthurium, Steatornis caripensis, Glossophanga soricina, Protoponls shrevei, Histoplasma capsulatum, Caprimulgus cayennensis, 3/4/2003
Rapsey's Estate (29 Jul 2003)John Lurn YoungExtensive list of the plants and birds to be found on the estate.3/4/2003
Coming of AgeChristopher K. StarrDonald Worster's Nature's Economy, Sharon Kingsland's .Modeling Nature,Gregg Mitman's The State oj Nature, An Entangled Bank, IB. Hagen3/4/2003
Identifying Social Wasps in the FieldChristopher K. StarrExtensive guide on our native wasps.Mischocyttarus labiatus, Mischocyttarus rotundicollis, Mischocyttarus alfkeni, Mischocyttarus collarellus, Mischocyttarus surinamensis, Mischocyttarus injucundus, Mischocyttarus fitzgeraldi, Mischocyttarus socialis, Mischocyttarus metathoracicus, Mischocyttarus punctatus, Polistes lanio, Polistes versicolor, Polistes pacificus, Polistes billardieri, Polistes major, Polistes carnifex, Apoica pallida, Apoica pallens, Apoica gelida, Apoica strigata, Angiopolybia pallens, Polybia occidentalis, Polybia rejecta, Polybia quadricincta, Polybia striata, Polybia tinctipennis, Brachygastra bilineolata, Parachartergus fraternus, Parachartergus colobopterus, Epipona tatua, Metapolybia cingulata, Protopolybia exigua, Synoeca surinama, Chartergellus nr atectus, Agelaia cajennensis, Agelaia multipicta, Brachygastra bilineolata, wasps 2004-1
Grand Tacarib (26/27 Jul 2003)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Several turtles and other marine animals noted.Susan Livingstone, hawksbill, Eretmochelys imbricata, Trou Boullli·Riz Point, porpoises, Hermondi, Echinometra lucunter, Sepioteuthis sepio, Adudefduf saxatilus, Microspathodon chrysurus, Diodon holacanthus, Gymnothorax funebris, Pseudoceros splendidus, Roystonea oleracea, Dermochelys, 2004-1
Arena Forest (31 Aug 2003)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalBuchenavia capitata, Carapa guianensis, Aechmea aquilega, Aechmea lingulata, Aechmea nudicaulis, Guzmania lingulata, Guzmania monostachea, Tillandsia fasiculata, Tillandsia utriculata, Coryanthes macrantha, Anochetus emarginatus, Odontomachus, Atta cephalotes, terminets, Nasutitermes, Aedes scapularis, fulvithorax, Coquillettidia fasciolata, Johnbelkinia ulopus, Limatus durhami, Psorophora cingulata, ferox, cilipes, Wyeomyia ypsipola, Micrathena, Mesabolivar aurantiacus, 2004-1
QuarriesJohn Lurn YoungGeology Field Trip. Northern range quarries visited. Notes on the plants that are present in these sites.2004-1
The Nature of the IslandsUWI conference in memory of Peter Bacon.2004-1
Where the snow is at homeChristopher K. StarrBook review2004-1
A ramble around Grande RiviereChristopher K. StarrObservations along the riverAwaous taiasica, Trigona amalthea, Neivamyrmex, Eciton burchelli, Tupinambis teguixin, Philoponella republicana,Anelosimus eximius, leather-back turtle, Big River, Tropidacris cristata2004-2
Aripo Savanna 3 (26 Oct 2003)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the flora and uniques military history of the area.Rhynchospora aripoensis, Parinari campestris, Cuchape, Bois Mulatre (Pentaclethra macroloba) and Bois Canot (Cecropia peltata).Heliconia psittacorum, Manicaria sacifera,Oenocarpus batua, Palma Real, Eutelpe precatoria, oleracea, Maurita flexuosa2004-2
Notes on the Flora. and Fauna of the Caroni SwampNicholls JohnsonBotany Group Trip on 18 Oct 2003.Malachra fasciata, Solanum jamaicense, Solanum stramonifolium, Cyperus ligularis, Ludwigia, Aniseia martinicensis, Lindernia crustacea, Cyperus articulatus, Cynodon dactylon, Erechtiles hieracifolius, Eleocharis mutata, Ceratopterts thallictroides and Acroslichum aureum, Commelina difusa, Justicia pectoralis, Cyperus spp, Blechnum serrulatum, Stigmaphylum banisterioides, Passiflora foetida, Solanum stramonifolium, Laguncularia racemosa, Avicennia germinans, Rhizophora mangle, Paullinia pinnata, Cydista aquinoctialis, Randia formosa, Epidendrum stenopetalum, Macfadyena ungus-catii, Campyloneurum phyllitidis, Mouriri guianensis, Blechnum serrulatum, Guayamare River2004-2
On the food plant of Anteros carausius carausiusMatthew J. W. CockThe food plat is found to be Croton niveus2004-2
A new lizard?Matt KellyNotes on an mysterious anole found above the Bloody Bay River, Tobago.2004-2
North Post to MacqueripeJohn Lurn YoungClub Field Trip.Pouteria multiflora, Penny Piece, Naked Indian, Bursera simaruba, Silk Cotton, Ceiba pentandra,2004-2
Tobago (23/25 May 2003)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Notes from different parts of the island.Bursera simaruba, Melicoccus bijugatus, Nasuititermes costalis, Argiope, Anthurium jenmanii, Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus), Blue-gray Tanager (Thraupis episcopus), Blue-crowned Motmot, (Momotus momota), Red-billed Tropicbird (Phaethon aethereus), Brown and Blue-faced Booby (Sula leucogaster) and (Sula dactylatra) respectively, Bareeyed Thrush, (Turdus nudigenis), Sooty Tern (Sterna fuscata), Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnijzcens) and Laughing Gull (Larus atricilla), Jumbie Beads (Abrus precatrious, 2004-2
Looking BackJo-Anne Nina SewlalReflections on being a member of the Club2004-2
Teteron Bay - Scotland Bay (15 Mar 2003)Botany Group Trip. List of species.Abrus precatorius, Acnistus arborescens, Acrocomia aculeate, Adiantum villosum, Aegiphila obovata, Albizia niopoides Amaioua corymbosa Andira inermis Anthurium jenmanii Apeiba schomburgkii Aphelandra pulcherrima Bambusa vulgaris Basanacantha phyllosepala Bidens alba Blechum pyramidatum Bredemeyera lucida Bromelia plumier Brosimum alicastrum Carica papaya Casearia guianensis Casearia spinescens Casearia sylvestris Castilla elastica Cecropia pellala Cedrela odorata Ceiba pentandra Centrosema pubescens Chromolaena odorata Chrysophyllum argenteum Cissampelos pare ira Citharexylum fruticosum Clidemia hirta Cnidoscolus urens Coccoloba fallax Cocos nucifera Combrelum fruticosum Copaifera officinalis Cordia alliodora Cordia curassavica Cordia panamensis Costus guanaiensis Costus scaber Coursetia ferruginea Coutarea hexandra Crotalaria retusa Croton gossypifolius Croton hircinus Cupania americana Desmanthus virgatus Desmoncus polyacanthos Dioclea guianensis Diospyros in cons tans Dipteryx odorata Dracaena fragrans Enicostema verticil/alum Erythrina pallid Erythrina poeppigiana Erythroxylum havanense Eugenia dussii Euterpe precatoria Ficus nymphaeifolia Flemingia strobilifera Genipa Americana Gliricidia sepium Gonzalagunia hirsute Gouania velutinalpolygama Guarea Guidonia Guettarda odorata, Heliconia bihai Heliconia psittacorum Heteropterys macrostachya Hiraea reclinata Hura crepitans Hylocereus lemairei Hymenocallis tubijlora Hyptis suaveolens Indigofera suffruticosa Inga fastuosa Justicia secunda Lantana camara Lasiacis anomala Lonchocarpus benthamianus Lygodium venustum Mabea occidentalis Mac/adyena unguis-cati Machaerium robinifolium Maclura fincloria Manilkara zapota Maranta gibba May tenus tetragona Merremia glabra Merremia quinquefolia Merremia umbelfafa Miconia virescens Monstera sp. Mucuna pruriens Munfingia calabura MyrospermumJrutescens [fallen fruits] Ochroma pyramidale Oeceoclades maculafa Oplismenus Panicum sp. Passiflora serrato-digitata Paullinia pinnata Peltogyne jloribunda Petrea arborea Philodendron acutatum Phoradendron sp. Piper aduncum Piper marginatum Piper tuberculatum Piptocoma acuminate Pisonia cuspidate Pisonia eggersiana Pitcairnia integrifolia Pithecellobium unguis-cati Pleonotoma variabilis Pluchea carolinensis Protium guianense Protium sagotianum Psidium guajava Psiguria umbrosa Pteris vittata Rhynchospora sp. Rol/inia exsucca Roupala Montana Roystonea oleracea Rudgea hostmanniana Sabal mauritii/ormis Sansevieria hyacinthoides Schizachyrium condensatum Securidaca diversi/olia Senna bacillaris Sida acuta Smilax (probably S. cumanensis) Solanum lancei/olium Spermacoce verticil/ata Spondias mombin Stachytaryheta jamaicensis Stigmaphyl/on finlayanum Swartzia pinnata Swartzia simplex Tabebuia serrati/olia Trema micrantha Trium/etta lappula Vitex capitata Waltheria indica Warszewiczia coccinea Wedelia caracasana Wissadula contrac/a Xiphidium caeruleum 2004-2
Striped OwlMatt KellyAccount of a rescued Striped Owl, Pseudoscops clamatorPseudoscops clamator2004-2
What insects are found on tree trunks?Jo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the typical fauna found on tree trunks.Anochetus emarginatus, Mesabolivar aurantiacus, Azilia vachoni, search image, Passalid beetle, Long-horned beetles (Cerambycidae, Embiidina, Arachnocoris trinitatus, Azteca sp. and Anochetus emarginatus, Nasutitermes ephratae, N. costalis, Microcerotermes arboreus and Termes hispaniolae.3/4/2004
Yarra River (20 Mar 2004)Nicholla JohnsonBotany Group Trip. Multiple plant records including Begonia mariannensis which was recently described at the Marianne River in Blanchisseuse. Also the new country record a new [for Trinidad] grass species Raddia guianensisCoutoubea spicata, Anacardium occidentale, the native Cocorite palm Attalea maripa, Easter Vine Securidaca diversifolia, Senna multijuga, Irlbachia alata, Rhynchospora, Spathyphilum canifolium, Hirtella triandra, Carapa guianensis, Maxillaria camaridii, Scaphyglottis cuneata, Xiphidium caeruleum, Hernandia sonora, Calophyllum lucidum, Syzygium aromaticum, Oncidium luridium, Lophiaris lurida, Pimenta racemosa, Pacchystachys spicata, Epidendrum strobilifera, Vanilla indora, Anthurium hookerii, Brownea coccinea, Bauhinia sp, Pachira insignis, Colocassia esculenta, Cyclanthus bipartitus, Pepperomia sp, root ball, Epiphyllum hookeri, Ficus maxima, Buteogallus anthracinus, Phaethornis longuemareus, Hyeronima laxiflora, Marilla grandiflora, Warszewiczia coccinea, Teliostachya alopecuroidea, Hymenocallis tubiflora, Ryania speciosa, Geonoma interrupta, Bactris setulosa, Ceiba pentandra, Rodriguezia lanceolata, Calliandra guildingii, Tabernaemontana undulata, Octomeria, Ischnosiphon arouma, Monotagma spicatum, Sloanea laurifolia, Wild Guava Eugenia, Bois Bande tree Parinari campestris, Psychotria poeppigiana, and Psychotria muscosa, Scleria secans, Poui Tabebuia stenocalyx, Tabebuia chrysantha and T. serratifolia, Podocarpus coriaceus, Manilkara bidentata, Symphonia globulifera, Olyra ecaudata, Mountain Mullet, Parinari campestris, Cnemidaria sp., Begonia mariannensis, Raddia guianensis, Clusia palmicida, Coussarea panniculata, 3/4/2004
Tapana Falls and Double River Falls (30 May 2004)John Lurn YoungClub Mystery Field Trip.3/4/2004
Proposed Matura National Park (27 Jun 2004)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip.Trinidad Piping-guan, Pawi, Pipile pipile, Yellow-crowned Parrot (Amazona ochrocephala) Ocelot (Lepardus pardalis); Tayra (Eira barbara trinitatus) Red Howler Monkey, Alouatta seniculus, Quenk or Collared Peccary (Tayassu tajacu) World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List, 2) the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and 3) Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife to the Cartegena Convention (the SPAW Protocol) 2. Mora excelsa, beetle Canthon3/4/2004
Guanapo Gorge (29 Feb 2004)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Some plant observations and thoughts on hiking and walking clubs.West Indian Clearweed, Pilea inaequalis, Fern Ally Selaginella plana or S. hartii, Hypoderris brownii, Begonia glandulifera3/4/2004
Notes on the social insects of Little TobagoChristopher K. StarrThe wasps, ants and termites of the islet.independent-founding Jack Spaniard Polistes versicolor, swarm-founding Brachygastra bilineolata, Polybia occidentalis, Polybia rejecta, Eciton burchelli, Camponotus atriceps,Microcerotermes arboreus, Nasutitermes costalis and Nasutitermes ephratae.3/4/2004
A newly recognised endemic Trinidad butterfly: the Tucuche Adelpha, Adelpha seriphia barcantiMatthew J.W. CockNotes on this endemic Adelpha subspecies.Psammisia urichiana3/4/2004
Unexplored VenezuelaChristopher K. StarrNotes on the biotic knowledge of the country.biogeography and conservation biology3/4/2004
Tobago (23/25 Apr 2004)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalGenipa americana, Anacardium occidentale, Vismia falcata, Jumbie Bead or Red Sandalwood, Erythrina pallida, Black Sage (Cordia curassavica), Yellow Poui (Tabebuia serratifolia) and Guava (Psidium guajava),Manicou fig (Bromelia plumieri),Razor Grass (Sceleria secans).Palm Vine (Desmoncus orthacanthos), Old Man Beard (Rhipsalis baccifera) and Wild Pineapple (Ananas comosus). Rufous-vented Chachalaca (Ortalis ruficauda). White- necked Jacobin (Florisuya mellivora) and White-tailed Sabrewing (Campylopterus ensipennis), Savannah Flower (Mandevila hirsuta). Mountain Cabbage (Prestoea acuminata), Gri Gri (Bactris setulosa) and a patch of Roseau (Bactris major, Hog Plum (Spondias mombia), Silk Cotton (Ceiba pentandra), and Frangipani (Plumeria acuminata), Tantacayo (Albizzia niopoides), Jambolan (Syzygium cumini),Cypre (Cordia alliodora, Laylay trees (Cordia collococca),Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis3/4/2004
Natural History books available onlineChristopher K. StarrClassic natural history books are available online at Project Gutenberg3/4/2004
Good Food, Friends, Parang and up the Lopinot MountainJo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the Club's 2004 annual lunch2005-1
Erin Savannas (16 Oct 2004)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Observations in the middle savanna.Razor Grass (Scleria bracteata).Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea), Olyra latifolia.Piper marginatum, Curatella americana,Goldenspoon or Nance (Brysonima crassifolia), Desmodium barbatum, Miconia rubiginosa, Stranger Fig (Ficus guianensis), Cocorite Palm (Attalea maripa), Serrette Brysonima spicata or Maricao, Pinguin or Manicou Fig (Bromelia pinguin), Psychotria bracteocardia, Uncaria guianensis, Giant Granadilla (Passiflora quadrangularis, Vanilla phaeantha)2005-1
Erin Savannas (16 Oct 2004) - BotanyBotany Field Trip. Plant list.Aegiphila integrifolia Amaiouia corymbosa Arrabidea sp. Axonopus anceps Banara guianensis Bromelia penguin Brysonima crassifolia Byrsonima spicata Buchenera sp. Catathea lutea Cephaelis pubescens Cestrum sp. Cordia sp. Curatella Americana Desmodium barbatum Ficus guianensis Gonoloba sp. Heliconia psittacorum Hyptis sp. Lisianthus chelonoides Mauritia flexuosa Matalea viridiflora Maximiliana maripa Miconia macrothyrse Miconia rubiginosa Nepsera aquatic Ocotoa sp. Olyra latifolia Passiflora quadriglandulosa Passiflora serato-digitata Pentaclethra macroloba Piper marginatum Precartoria euterpe Psychotria sp. Rollandra fructicosum Rollinia exsucca Sabicea sp Scleria bracteata mSida latifolia Sipanea pratensis Trattinickia rhoifolia Trema micranthum Uncaria guianensis Vanilla phaeantha Vismia falcata2005-1
A snake in the bedroomChristopher K. StarrAvicularia avicularia, Lestimelitta limao, Corallus ruschenbergerii, or C. hortulanus, Gonatodes vittatus and Sphaerodactylus molei, Hemidactylus2005-1
TTFNC’s responsibility to the Nation’s Stewardship of the EnvironmentReginald PotterThoughts on how the Club should balance conservation and academic activities.2005-1
Proposed Nariva Swamp National ParkJo-Anne Nina SewlalWest Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus), Cascadoux, Cannonball, Synoeca surinama, djep tatu, guitar wasp, leaf-footed bug Leptoglossus balteatus, Emperor (Morpho peleides),Cocoa Mort Bleu (Caligo teucer), Nasutitermes costalis and N. ephratae, webspinner (Pararhagadochir trinitatis), Mesabolivar aurantiacus (Pholcidae), Azilia vachoni (Tetragnathidae), Argiope sp. (Araneidae), Linyphiidae, and Agelenidae, Toporite (Hernandia guianensis), Trypoxylon maidli wasps. or Carrion tree (Couroupita guianensis), Sandbox (Hura crepitans, Wild Chataigne (Pachira insignis), Cabbage Palm (Roystonea oleracea),(Ischnosiphon arouma (Hoplosternum littorale), Nymphaea ampla, Nymphaea capensis, Orthemis ferruginea, Hogplum (Spondias mombin), Monkey bone (Mauriri rhizophorifolia), Sac e sac (Inga laurina),Sabal mauritiiformis, Mahoe (Sterculia caribaea), Guatecare (Eschweilera subglandulosa), and Fineleaf (Pentaclethra macroloba),2005-1
Madamas Forest (26 Sep 2004)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalPseustes poecilonotus polylepis, Cerceris binodis, Trypoxylon manni, Mischocyttarus labiatus, Synoeca surinama, Click beetle (Chalcolepidius porcatus, Azilia vachoni, Mesabolivar aurantiacus, Hedychium sp, Chaconia (Warszewiczia coccinea, Columna scandenes, Ripsalis baccifera). Riau or Boundary Flower (Cordyline teminalis, Stinging Nettle (Urera caracasana) and Razor Grass (Scleria scans),Bois Canot or Bois Canon (Cercropia peltata), Cashima (Annona sp.)2005-1
Where have all the Jack Spaniards gone?Christopher K. StarrNotes on the absence of certain wasps from some islands of the Caribbean.Polistes versicolor and Polybia occidentalis.Polistes crinitus, Polistes dominicus, social wasps2005-1
Mt Harris (25 July 2004)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Observation in the Mt. Harris Central Range ReserveMahoe, Chaudiere River (Sterculia caribea), Balata (Manilkara bidentata), Cocorite (Attalea maripa), Manac (Euterpe precatoria) and Jereton (Didymopanax morototoni), with the dominant strains being Bois Mulatre (Pentaclethra macroloba), Guatecare (Eschweilera subgjandulosa) and Crappo (Carapa guianensis). A pair of Locusts (Tropdecris cristata),2005-1
There are two species of zebra butterfly (Colobura spp. Nymphalidae) in Trinidad, but only one has striped caterpillarsMatthew J.W. CockOn the discovery that two Colobura species exist in TrinidadColobura dirce, C. annulata2005-1
Guayaguayare (31 Oct 2004)John Lurn YoungClub Field TripVervain (Stachytarpheta jamaicensis), Wild Hops or Money Bush (Flemingia strobilifera) fam. LEGUMINOSAE-P and Black Sage (Cordia curassavica) fam. BORAGINACEAE. Noni (Morinda citrifolia), Grey Saltator (Saltator coerulescens), Yellow-rumped Cacique (Cacicus cela), Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola ), Palm Tanager (Thraupis palmarum) and Turquoise Tanager (Tangara mexicana), Coccoloba uvifera, Almond (Terminalia catappa)2005-1
The Other Side of Caura ValleyJo-Anne Nina SewlalNotes on the valley.Nepuyo Carib Amerindians, Trypoxylon manni2005-2
Lopinot (28 Nov 2004)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip.Seedunder-leaf, Phylanthus sp, Coccocypselum hirsutum, Hevea brasiliensis, Cyclarhis gujanensis, Tachyphonus luctuosus, Strelitzia sp., Ectatomma tubertculatum2005-2
St. Ann's (30 Jan 2005)John Lurn YoungClub Field Trip. Visit to the Fondes Amandes Road Reafforestation Project and then to the peak. Several plant observations.Acacia (Acacia mangium), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), Mountain Berry (Mabea Occidentalis), Pommerac (Eugenia malaccensis), Cedar (Cedrela odorata) and Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata trinitatis) Queen Cracker Butterfly (Hamadryas arethusa) Bloodwood (Croton gossypiifolius), Cypre (Cordia alliodora), Inga Venosa, Machaerium tobagense2005-2
A note on a biogeographic ruleChristopher K. StarrNotes on the biotic knowledge of the country.2005-2
Social wasps in the area around C.K. Starr's house in the Caura Valley.Christopher K. StarrA list of social wasps.*Mischocyttarus alfkeni (centric form) Agelaia cajennensis *Mischocyttarus alfkeni (excentric form) *Agelaia multipicta Mischocyttarus collarellus *Angiopolybia pallens *Mischocyttarus fitzgeraldi Apoica gelida *Mischocyttarus injucundus *Apoica pallens Mischocyttarus labiatus *Apoica pallida Mischocyttarus punctatus Apoica strigata Mischocyttarus rotundicollis *Brachygastra bilineolata Mischocyttarus socialis Chartergellus nr. atectus *Mischocyttarus surinamensis *Epipona tatua Polistes billardieri *Metapolybia cingulata Polistes carnifex Parachartergus colobopterus *Polistes goeldii *Parachartergus fraternus *Polistes lanio *Polybia occidentalis Polistes major *Polybia quadricincta *Polistes pacificus *Polybia rejecta *Polistes versicolor *Polybia striata *Polybia tinctipennis *Protopolybia exigua *Synoeca surinama2005-2
Chacachacare (19 Mar 2005)Nicholla JohnsonBotany Group Trip. Many plant observations. A horsewhip, Oxybelis aeneus is caught.Thecadactylus rapicauda, Capparis odoratissima, Iresine angustifolia, Machaerium robinifolium, Erythroxylum havanense, Balsam (Copaifera officinalis, Evolvulus tenuis, Coutarea hexandra, Pithecellobium unguis-cati, Genipa americana, Coursetia ferruginea, Senna bacillaris, Cereus hexagonus, Bromelia chrysantha, Pilocereus languinosus, Bromelia humilis, Sansivieria hyacinthoides, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, Streaked Flycatcher (Myiodynastes maculates) and a White-fringed Antwren (Formicivora grisea), Tobago Sweet Lime (Trichilia trifolia), and the Yellow Poui (Tabebuia chrysantha), Bourreria cumanensis, Piptadenia flava, Tillandsia flexuosa, Aechmea aquilega, Sea Island Cotton (Gossypium sp.) Prickly Pear cactus (Opuntia wentiana), and Acanthocereus tetragonus, Pithecellobium roseum, Pilocereus languinosus, Southern Rough-winged Swallow (Stelgidopteryx ruficollis) and a Bicoloured Conebill (Conirostrum bicolor), Button Mangrove (Conocarpus erectus),Thespesia populnea, Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans), Laguncularia racemosa, Manchineel (Hippomane mancinella), Sesuvium portulacastrum, grass Sporobolus virginicus, Oxybelis aeneus), Jacquinia armillaris, Cesalpinia coriaria, Lochocarpus benthamianus2005-2
Chaguaramas (27 Feb 2005)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalCub Field Trip. Notes on some plant and spider species.Carapa guianensis, Pachira insignis, Morpho peleides), Postman (Heliconius melponene, Monarch (Danaus lexippus, Azilia vachoni and Leucage sp., Brownea latifolia), Mesabolivar aurantiacus2005-2
Spread of the Antiguan Anole Anolis wattsiHans E. BoosThe exotic anole, Anolis wattsi spreads.Anolis wattsi, Anolis aeneus2005-2
Seeking Nephila clavipesChristopher K. StarrSearchin for congregations of Nephilia for study.Nephila clavipes, 2005-2
Alexander F. Skutch (1904-2004), PioneerChristopher K. StarrIn Memoriam2005-2
Coming of ageChristopher K. StarrDonald Worster's Nature's Economy, Sharon Kingsland's .Modeling Nature,Gregg Mitman's The State oj Nature, An Entangled Bank, IB. Hagen2005-2
An entomological Tour de FranceChristopher K. StarrOn the life and works of Jean-Henri Fabre2005-2
Identifying butterflies in the fieldJo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Keith DavidTips on differentiating the different families of butterflyAcraeidae, Brassolidae, Danaidae, Ithomiidae, Heliconidae, Hesperiidae, Libytheidae, Lycaenidae, Nymphaliidae,Morphidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Riodinidae, Satyridae2005-3
Getting out of Bush Bush the hard wayVictor QuesnelMembers get lost while studying trees.Pachira insignis, Pterocarpus officinalis, Hura crepitans, We House, Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory2005-3
Reviewing the Reviews of "The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago"Hans BoosThoughts on some of the feeback received on the book. Includes an interesting note on the terms 'parotid' and 'parotoid'.parotid parotoid2005-3
Waterloo Wetlands (27 Mar 2005)John Lum YoungBird Group Trip.Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans), White Mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), Posadaea sphaerocarpa, Caiman (Caiman crocodilus), Great Egret (Casmerodius albus), Yellow-headed Caracara (Milvago chimachima), Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber), Yellow-crowned Heron (Nyctanassa violacea), Tricoloured Heron (Egretta tricolor), Ringed King Fisher (Ceryle torquata), Yellow-chinned Spinetail (Certhiaxis cinnamomea) seen in pairs, Pied Water-Tyrant (Fluvicola pica), Snowy Egret (Egretta thula), Bicoloured Conebill (Conirostrum bicolor), Carib Gackle (Quiscalus lugubris), Little Blue Heron (Egretta aerulea), Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca), Wattled Jacana (Jacana jacana), Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), Black-collared Hawk (Busarellus nigricollis), Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris), Cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasiliensis), Proposed Brickfield Shore Birds Sanctuary, Laughing Gulls (Larus atricilla)2005-3
Tobago (29 Apr/1 May 2005)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Several bird, plant and fish observations. A search is made for the Rufous Nightjar and a possible new species of Gonatodes lizard.Carat palm (Sabal mauritiiformis), Anhinga anhinga, wild meat, hunting, Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis), Yellow-bellied flycatcher (Empidonax flaviventris), Blue-crowned Motmot (Momotus momota) Cocrico (Ortalis ruficauda), Laughing Gull (Larus atricilla) and Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), Quick Stick (Gliricidia sepium), Sea Grapes (Coccoloba uvifera), Lukenia (Leucaena leucocephala), Bois Dorme (Guazuma ulmifolia), Honey Wood (Alchornea triplinervia) and the Button Mangrove (Conocarpus erectus), Manchineel (Hippomane mancinella), Black Jessie (Pitchecellobium ungus cati), Fiddlewood (Citharexlum spinosum), White-tailed Nightjars (Caprimulgus cayennensis), Rufous Nightjar (Camprimulgus rufus),Gonatodes, Anolis richardi and Ameiva ameiva, Angeline (Andira inermis), fern Dycrenoptera spectonata, Clusia, C. palmicida and C. rosea.Royal palm (Roystonea oleracea), Attalea butyracea and Prestonea acuminate; Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) Muntigia calibura and Trema micranthum, Manjak or Laylay (Cordia collococca), Puni (Pithecellobium jupunba) Bois flot (Ochroma pyramidale) and the vine (Antigonon sp.) Tarpon (Tarpon atlanticus), Angelfish (Pomacanthidae), Sea Urchin (Echinoidea), Bristle Worm (Polychaete), Bluehead Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum), Sergeant Major (Sepioteuthis sepio) and a Moray eel (Muraenidae), Thecadactilus repicauda, 2005-3
Mystery Trip (29 May 2005)Paula SmithClub Mystery Trip to the Machepure Falls. Some plant observations.Tirite (Ischnoisphon sp.), Mal Balata (Pouteria coriacea), Pouteria guianensis, Cephaelis tomentosa, (Euterpe precatoria), Hevea brasiliensis2005-3
Soho Caves (26 Jun 2005)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Many plant and insect oservations. Useful notes on the distinction between Anthurium hookerii and A. jenmanii. Discussion on th eorigins of some folklore characters.Proctoporus shrevei, luminous lizard, Ficus yokonensis, Lagahoo, soucouyant, Clusia palmicidia, Angeline (Andira inermis), Pharus latifolia, Brownea latifolia and Psychotria uliginosa, Guzmania lingulata, Anthurium hookerii and A. jenmanii., Calathea trinitensis, Echiton burchelli, Polybia occidentalis, Angiopolybia pallens, wild tannia (Xantosoma undipes), oilbirds (Steatornis caripensis)2005-3
The Scurrying BushChristopher K. StarrBook Review. R.C.H. Sweeney.2005-3
The Club’s Turtle Project - How it all beganIan LambieOn the history of the Club's turtle project.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research, CICAR,conservation, Dermochelys, bacon, Orosco Road, 2005-4
Spelunking Anyone?Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Victor QuesnelAl about spelunkers, speleologists and cavers.Cumaca Cave2005-4
A Possible test of a Biogeographic RuleVictor QuesnelSuggestion for testing the biogeographic rule of thumb with wasps on Gaspar Grande.2005-4
Spider collecting at nightJo-Anne Nina SewlalScytodes2005-4
Bird observationHans BoosNote on possible brood paracitism by a greyish saltator.House Wren, Troglodytes aedon, Grayish Saltator, Saltator coerulescens,2005-4
Harold Skinner (1917-2004), LepidopteristChristopher K. StarrIn Memoriam2005-4
Grande Tacaribe (27/28 Aug 2005)Monique KoningsClub Field Trip. Some bird and plant observations.Caribbean Martin (Progne dominicensis), (Apus apus), common vultures (Cathartidae), Red headed Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura),Heliconia psittacorum and H. bihai, Mountain Mullet (Agonostomus monticola), Channel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus), Green Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza) Lineated Woodpecker (Drycopus lineatus), roucou (Bixa orellana)2005-4
Cumana (11 Sep 2005)Feroze OmardeenChannel Billed Toucans (Ramphastos vittelinus), Yellow Headed Caracaras (Milvago chimachima), Semipalmated Sandpiper (Calidris pusilla), Gray Hawk (Buteo nitidus), crimson crested woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucus), Rufous Tailed Jacamar (Galbula ruficauda), Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya canana) and a Common Black Hawk (Buteogallus anthracinus), Southern Beardless Tyrannulet (Camptostoma obsoletum), White Winged Becard (Pachyramphus polychopterus), Euler’s flycatcher (Empidonax euleri), Ochre Bellied Flycatcher (Mionectes oleaginea), Piratic Flycatcher (Legatus leucophaius), the Boat Billed Flycatcher (Megarhynchus pitangua) and the Forest Elenia (Myiopagis gaimardii), Golden Fronted Greenlet (Hylophilus aurantiifrons), Trinidad Euphonia (Euphonia trinitatis), Blue Chinned Sapphire (Chlorestes notatus), Red Crowned Ant Tanager (Habia rubica), Streaked Xenops (Xenops rutilans)2005-4
Moruga Bouffe (25 Sep 2005)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Numerous plant records. Useful descriptions of Barrackpore, mud volcanoes and local folklore surrounding the silk cotton.royal palm (Roystonea oleracea), cocorite (Attalea maripa), roseau (Bactris sp.), carat (Sabal mauritiiformis), thrash palm (Attalea butyracea), Strychnos trinitensis, mora (Mora excelsa), (Ceiba pentandra), Moruga silk cotton, Seaside Purslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum), white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), butterwood (Diospyros inconstans), the woody vine Rhabdadenia biflora, the sedge Cyperus ligularis, the legume Entada polystachya and the fern Acrostichum danaefolium. Other salt tolerant plants thrived at Moruga Bouffe including calabash (Crescentia sp.), black sage (Cordia curassavica), guaco (Mikania micrantha), koochape (Coccoloba latifolia), indigo berry (Randia aculeata), matapal (Clusia rosea), coco shat (Solanum stramoniifolium), the shrub Erythroxylum ovatum and the ferns Nephrolepis biserrata and Polypodium piloselloides,2005-4
Catshill Forest (15 Oct 2005)Jo-Anne Nina SewlalBotany Group Trip. Several plant records and some interesting traditional uses for 'jumbie beads' and 'pot'jumbie beads (Abrus precatorious), crappo (Carapa guianensis), hogplum (Spondias mombin), wild chataigne (Pachira insignis), fineleaf (Pentaclethra macroloba), silk cotton (Ceiba pentandra) and Clusia sp, Tirite (Ischnosiphon arouma) and Monatagma spikatum, Hot Lips (Psychotria tomentosa), Hygrophila costata, Scaphyglottis cuneata, Palmorchis pubescens, jack spaniard orchid (Gongora quinquinervis), Tilansia anceps and Guzmania sanguinia, Aechmea mertensii, Vriesea amazonica, Bactris, gri-gri (Bactris setulosa) and black roseau (Bactris major), Carat palm (Sabal mauritiiformis), Desmoncus orthacanthos, hunter man’s nut (Omphalea triandra), pot (Ottonia ovata), Symphonia globulifera, orchids2005-4
The Naturalist in La PlataChristopher K. StarrBook Review. W.H. Hudson2005-4
The Darwin Initiative: a non-botanist’s experience of a botanical projectAlison MelvilleThoughts about the project2006-1
Marine StrandingsJo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout the marine mammal stranding network2006-1
A Whole New IslandJo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Christopher K. StarrPrestoea montana,African Green Monkeys or Vervets (Cercopithecus aethiops), coralita (Antigonon leptopus), Gasteracantha,2006-1
What is a forest? Biodiversity research in Matura National ParkVeerle Van den EyndenAbout the vegetation of the Matura National Park.2006-1
An Exploratory Trip to Macuro, VenezuelaReg PotterOn a visit to Venezuela.Prestoea pubigera2006-1
Banwari - Oldest Indigenous Settlement in the West IndiesPeter HarrisNotes about the history and current status of the Banwari siteT&T Historical Society, Artefacts, zooarchaeology, archaeology2006-1
Palo Seco Mud Volcano/Banwari SiteJo-Anne Nina SewlalClub Field Trip. Notes about the history and current status of the Banwari site and a mud volcano in Palo Seco.Archaic, T&T Historical Society, Artefacts, zooarchaeology, archaeology, bottle and spoon frog (Lepodactylus validus) as well as the channel-billed toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus), sandbox (Hura crepitans), tantacayo (Albizzia niopoides) and cedar (Cedrela odorata), manchineel (Hippomane mancinella). A small species of calabash (Crescentia sp.)2006-1
Arima-Blanchisseusse Road/Morne BleuFeroze OmardeenBird Group Trip. Several bird records.Palmiste (Thraupis palmarum), Speckled Tanager (Tangara guttata), Green Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza), Violaceous Euphonia (Euphonia violacea), Golden Crowned Warbler (Basileuterus culicivorus), Channel Billed Toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus), Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana), Gray Breasted Martins (Progne chalybea), Rufous Breasted Wren (Thryothorus rutilus), the Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui), the Bearded Bellbird (Procnias averano), the Orange Winged and Blue Headed Parrots (Amazona amazonica and Pionus menstruus), Plain Brown Woodcreepers (Dendrocincla fuliginosa), White Throated Spadebill (Platyrinchus mystaceus)2006-1
Training opportunity via COPEOpportunity for EIA training.2006-1
Living on an Arc (Brent Wilson)Christopher K. StarrBook Review2006-1
Our Geographic MandateChristopher K. StarrOn the accomodation of information and material from beyound our shores.2006-1
Thirty-two years of The Field NaturalistJo-Anne Nina SewlalA look back at the history of our quarterly bulletin2006-2
A Snake-Bite ExperienceGlenn WilkesAccount of being bitten by a mapepire.mapepire balsain (Bothrops atrox cf asper)2006-2
Whaling in the CaribbeanJo-Anne Nina SewlalNotes on the history of whaling in the region.Tursiops truncates, Megaptera novaeangliae and presumably Stenella frontailis, false killer whale (Pseudorea crassidens), real killer whale (Orchinus orca), spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) and the short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus), Point Baleine), 2006-2
Why Are We So (Self-) Deceived?Christopher K. StarrAbout search-image formation and the difficulties of seeing camouflaged objects.2006-2
Margaret Fountaine – We Found YouJo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Christopher K. StarrMargaret Fountaine's grave at the Woodbrook Cemetery is located.2006-2
Observations at Morne BleuIan LambieOn the observation of Pawi (Pipile pipile) and small lace-wing butterflies (Actinote pellenia trinitatus) at Morne Bleu2006-2
The Dirt on SoilJo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the science of dirt.2006-2
El Tucuche (26 Feb 2006)Stephen SmithClub Field Trip. Several plant and bird observations.Bois Sang (Croton gossypifolius), Ti-Marie (Mimosa pudica)., Castilloa elastica, coffee plants (Coffea arabica), wild chataigne (Pachira insignis).orange winged parrots ( Amazonas amazonica), Aroid (Spathiphyllum cannifolium)., tonka bean trees (Dipteryx odorata), Black Faced Ant thrush (Formicarius analis), silk cotton tree (Ceiba pentandra), giant bromeliads (Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora), spectacled owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)2006-2
Fishing Pond (18 Mar 2006)Nicholla JohnsonBotany Group Trip. Many plant onbservations.Canna glauca,Montrichardia arborescens, Eleocharis mutata,Lantana trifolia, Cordia curassavica, Machaerium lunatum, Avicennia germinans, Cyperus articulatus, Bactris major, guava tree (Psidium guajava), Atalea butyracea, Desmoncus orthacanthos, Genipa americana, Heliconia psittacorum, corbeau (Coragyps atratus), cashima tree (Rollinia mucosa), virgin orchid (Caularthron bicornutum), (Spondias mombin).Rheedia acuminata,Vismia laxiflora and V. cayenensis, A. butyracea with a cutlet tree (Citarexylum sp.)(Manilkara zapota) Surinam cherry (Eugenia uniflora), bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi), pommerose (Syzygium jambos) and balata (Manilkara bidentata).wild ixora (Isertia parviflora), manicou fig (Bromelia plumieri)cuchape (Coccoloba latifolia)2006-2
Oropuche and Rousillac (19 Mar 2006)Matt KellyBird Group Trip. Many bird observations listed.yellow-headed caracara (Milvago chimachima), ruddy turnstones (Arenaria interpres), little blue heron (Egretta caerulea), large-billed tern (Phaetusa simplex), and brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) yellow-rumped cacique (Cacicus cela) scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), osprey (Pandion haliatus), “Cocoi” herons (Ardea cocoi). black-crested antshrike (Sakesphorus canadensis), crested orpendola (Psarocolius decumanus), an unidentified juvenile hawk, (Buteo platypterus), plain brown woodcreeper (Dendrocincla fuliginosa), yellow warbler (Dendroica petechia), brown-crested flycatcher (Myiarchus tyrannulus), clapper rail (Rallus longirostris), a possible bright-rumped attila (Attila spadiceus), golden-fronted greenlet (Hylophilus auarantiifrons), ochre-lored flatbill (Tolmomyias flaviventris), american redstart (Setophaga ruticilla), bi-coloured conebill (Conirostrum bicolor), turkey vulture (Cathartes aura), pale-vented pigeon (Columba cayennensis), yellow oriole (Icterus nigrogularis), smooth-billed ani (Crotophaga ani) and overhead were cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis), little egret (Egretta garzetta) and magnificent frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens). common moorhen (Gallinula chloropus), striated heron (Butorides virescnes), wattled jacana (Jacana jacana), green-throated mango (Anthracothorax viridigula), white-headed marsh tyrant (Arundinicola leucocephalia), smooth-billed ani (Crotophaga ani), gray-breasted martin (Progne chalybea) and snowy egret (Egretta thula).Darwant Well2006-2
Point Lisas Industrial Estate (26 Mar 2006)John Lum YoungNotes on the PLIPDECO estate.2006-2
Tobago (28/30 April 2006)Alison Melville, Peter Melvillebromeliad (Vriesea splendens), (Chiroxiphia pareola), white-tailed sabrewings (Campylopterus ensipennis), tactac ants (Odontomachus spp.), rufous-tailed jacamar (Galbula ruficauda), cascabel or tree boa, (Corallus rauschenbergerii), goumangala (Anolis richardi), ocellated gecko (Gonatodes ocellatus), Anolis richardi2006-2
Throwim Way Leg (Tim Flannery)Christopher K. StarrBook Review2006-2
The Little Creatures who run the WorldChristopher K. StarrLecture summary. Ants.2006-2
Guide to identifying the common lizard species in Trinidad & TobagoJo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Victor QuesnelTips for identifying our lizards.2006-3
Dr. Earle KirbyJohn Cooper, Collin BoyleIn Memoriam2006-3
Butterfly wings - not just another pretty sight.Jo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the nature of butterfly wings with notes on Mullerian and Batesian mimicry in local butterflies.2006-3
Grasses, pioneers in ecologyJo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the importance of grasses.2006-3
Outreach students working at the SVMMargaret Cooper, John CooperOn a programme at the School for Veterinary Medicine2006-3
The Backyard NaturalistJo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout the mant forms of life that inhabit the typical backyard.2006-3
Another New IslandChristopher K. StarrObservations on Aguilla, including plants, birds and spiders.2006-3
North Manzanilla (25 Jun 2006)John Lum Youngangelin, andira inermis, laurier mattack, peltogyne floribunda, Clathrotropis brachypetala, bois pois, swartzia pinnata, maraquil, penny piece, poutera multiflora, Citharexlum fruticosum, 2006-3
Reviewing "Reviewing the Reviews of the Snakes of Trinidad & Tobago"Are Parotoid and Paratid synonyms?2006-3
The Lake and the Woods (Mikail Prishvin)Christopher K. StarrBook Review2006-3
Aripo Savannas Scientific ReserveJohn Lum YoungA description and history of the savannas, including extensive plant and animal lists.2006-4
Union Estate/Los Blanquizales Lagoon (29 Oct 2006)Reginald PotterClub Field Trip. Observations at the proposed ALCOA site and Galfa Point.2006-4
Canari Flat (26 Nov 2006)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Plant and bird observations. White-fronted capuchins are spotted.2006-4
Aripo Savanna VIIIPaula SmithBotany Group Trip. Observations in the savanna.Parinari campestris2006-4
T&T: Ramsar and other International ConventionsIan LambieOn the environmental conventions to which T&T is a signatory.2006-4
The Mother of all OcelotsIan LambieAccount of a particularly tenacious ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)2006-4
AGM 20072007-1
North Nariva (28 Jan 2007)Alyssa GomesClub Field Trip. Observations in the Charuma forest including a mapepire balsain.2007-1
Erin Bouffe (25 Feb 2007)Brandon McIvorClub Field Trip. A band of Red Howler Monkeys (Alouatta seniculus) are seen on the ground. The rare Silver Thatch Palm (Coccothrinax alta) is seen.2007-1
Providing food for the birdsIan LambieA supplement to "The Backyard Naturalist" of QB3 2006.2007-1
Christmas Bird Count 2006Ian Lambie2007-1
Whither Tucuche?Christopher K. StarrThoughts on whether the peak of El Tucuche and other peaks should be restored.2007-1
First First Aid for StingsChristopher K. StarrThe use of honey or salt for scorpion stings.2007-1
A note on cigales and their songsVictor QuesnelShort notes on cigalesQuesada gigas2007-2
Bug Group AGM summaryChristopher K. StarrAbout the work of the Bug Group2007-2
Arena Forest (14 Jan 2007)Christopher K. StarrBug Group Trip. The first trip by the group in which they search for ants and extra floral nectariesIschnosiphon arouma, Dolichoderus attelaboides, Anochetus emarginatus, Heliconia hirsuta, Irlbachia alata2007-2
Caroni Swamp (14 Apr 2007)Michelle LeeBird Group Trip.2007-2
Tobago (5/6 May 2007)Esperanza LuengoClub Field Trip. Several interesting observations including a peripatus and the southern lapwing, Vanellus chilensis.peripatus2007-2
Rio Seco (27 Sun 2007)Robert MartinezMystery Trip. Plant and bird observations.Guzmania sanguinea, Aechmea nudicaulis, Avicularia avicularia, mandevilla hirsuta2007-2
Mt. St. Benedict (17 Jun 2007)Feroze OmardeenBird Group Trip.2007-2
Memories of Bush Bush Forest and the Nariva SwampElisha S. TikasinghAbout the work of the TRVLCebus albifrons, alouatta seniculus2007-2
Don't You Think That It's Time To Debunk These Myths?Ian LambieBid to dispel the often repeated myths concerning the "Land of the hummingbird", "Land of the Flying Fish", the national flower and Christopher Columbus' landing at Morgua.2007-2
Letter to the NewsdayIan LambieAbout the club's sea-turtle efforts.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys,2007-2
Thomas H.G. Aitken (1913-2007)Elisha S. TikasinghIn Memoriam2007-2
Nariva Hill (24 Jun 2007)Averil RamchandClub Field Trip. Many plant observations.2007-3
Rincon Falls (29 Jul 2007)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Some plant and insect observations.Haemagogus janthinomys2007-3
El Tucuche (26 Aug 2007)Paula Smith, Damian RobinsonClub Field Trip. The high elevation bladderwort and amapipire (Bothrops cf asper) are found.Utricularia alpina2007-3
El Tucuche AppendixVictor QuesnelSome afterthoughts and memories of an earlier trip. List of plants/Rubiaceae seen.2007-3
Mt. St. Benedict (17 Jun 2007)Feroze OmardeenBird Group Trip. A reprint that first appeared in QB 2007-2.2007-3
Brickfield and Orange Valley (12 Aug 2007)Averil RamchandBird Group Trip.2007-3
Venezuela 2007 Part 1Kay HinksonOverseas Field Trip.2007-3
Cataloguing Caribbean Plants (19 Jul 2007)Reynold BoyceNotes on a research project on plants2007-3
Why Not Fly?Victor QuesnelObservations and thoughts about behavour in southern lapwings and beetle flight.Vanellus chilensis2007-3
Spotted Rail in St. Anns ValleyIan JardineObservation of a spotted rail, Rallus maculatus.2007-3
Blue and Yellow Macaws of CharlotvilleIan JardineOn the status of introduced macaws in Tobago.2007-3
Alyssa GomesAlyssa GomesIntroducing a junior member.2007-3
Editor's NoteShane T. BallahNotes on the evolution of the bulletin and other events2007-4
Tamana Hills & Caves (30 Sep 2007)Brandon McIvor, Alyssa GomesAnnona reticulata, swartzia pinnata, bat guano, 2007-4
Chacachacare (27 Oct 2007)Esperanza LuengoClub Field Trip. Some bird and insect observations. Interesting butterfly records.Manchineel, Hippomane mancinella, Catasetum, Pollubia rejecta, urania leilus, heliopetes domicella, Ascia menciae, Hypolimnas missippus, Eurema albula, Leptotes cassius, Cyanophrys herodotus, Strymon faunalia, Scarabaeidae melolonthinae, 2007-4
Population ecology of birdsin the Caroni Rice Fields (Mar 2007)Lester DoodnathOn the status and abundance of wetland birds in the rice fields.2007-4
2007 - Living World Coming of AgeJulian KennyReprint of a editorial by Prof. Kenny in which the Living World is reviewed.2007-4
Venezuela 2008Announcement of an upcoming trip.2007-4
Yellow Fever VaccinationElisha S. TikasinghShort note about the virus and a reminder to get vaccinated.2007-4
A response to Dr. Starr's CommentaryEurico JardimA short response to "Why are we so (self-) deceived"2007-4
The Environmental GroupObjectives, guidelines and activities2007-4
Honouring Victor QuesnelLester DoodnathPaying tribute to Dr. Quesnel.2008-1
The remarkable life of William Beebe: Explorer and NaturalistBook Review-Carol G. Gould2008-1
Paramin (14 Oct 2007)Feroze OmardeenBird Group Trip. Several bird observations2008-1
Morne Bleu (13 Jan 2008)Matt KellyBird Group Trip. Several bird observationsnorantia guyanisis, red hot poker, weaver ants, oncidium citrinum, ornate hawk-eagle2008-1
Why are there iguanas?Christopher K. StarrThoughts on why iguanas have survived on the island.2008-1
North Manzanilla (17 Mar 2007)Lester DoodnathBotany Group Trip. Several plant records and notes on the manchineel and donley-eye.hibiscus pernambucensis, Manchineel, Hippomane mancinella, Mucuna Dioclea, Moussara, Ficus maxima, Ficus yoponensis, Ficus nymphaeifolia, calmwell, Moussara, Chionantus compacta, Coccoloba latifolia, 2008-1
Exotic Vertebrate Species in T&THans BoosNote on the various introcuced or escaped species.Paradisaea apoda, Odocoileus virginianus, Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Cercopithecus diana, Copenia arnoldi, Nannostomus, zoo, pet, invasive, alien, tufted capuchin, Cebus apella2008-1
Montserrat: A Naturalists SurpriseReynold C. BoyceOn the biodiversity of flora on Montserrat2008-1
A Thorny IssueShane T. BallahThree thorns are presented for id.2008-1
Presentation to Richard Ffrench by the TTFNC at the Asa Wright Nature CentrePaul Budgen2008-2
Editor's NoteShane T. BallahOn the development of the QB2008-2
A Thorny Issue (answer to the mystery photo)Shane T. BallahThe mystery plants are identified as 1. Immortelle (Erythrina poeppigina), 2. Sandbox (Hura crepitans ) and 3. Kapok (Ceiba pentandra).2008-2
Mt. St. Benedict && Coopers (30 Mar 2008)Damian RobinsonClub Field Trip. Some plant and bird observations.Yellow-throated frog (Mannophryne trinitatis), Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, chytrid fungus, Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea), Blood-wood (Croton gossypiifolius), Golden-headed Manakin (Pipra erythrocephala), Short-tailed Hawk, (Buteo brachyurus), Orange winged parrot (Amazona amazonica), White-Lined Tanager (Tachyphonus rufus), Mountain Rose (Brownea latifolia), Turquoise Tanager (Tangara Mexicana) and the Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana)2008-2
Chaguaramal (27 Apr 2008)John Lum Youngpoui (Tabebuia serratifolia), cocoa (Theobroma cacao), crep coq (Centropogon surinamensis), shadon beni (Eryngium foetidum), whites of horse poison (Hippobroma longiflora), toporite (Hernandia Sonora), pois doux (Inga ingoides), mammee seepot (Mammea americana), guatecare (Eschweilera ubglandulosa), mountain bamboo (Arthrostylidium sp.), mountain cashibo (Calathea sp.)2008-2
Venezuela 2007 Part 2Kay HinksonOverseas Field Trip.2008-2
East Coast Molluscan DriftersRyan S. MohammedA Review and Summary of the Biology and Occurrences of Janthina janthina and Spirula spirulaDonax sp, Janthina janthina,Spirula spirula, Physalia, (Portuguese Man of War),Velella velella and Porpita sp, 2008-2
Damian RobinsonDamian RobinsonIntroducing a junior member.2008-2
My Trip to La Guyane (Part 1)Hans BoosAccount of a visit to French Guyana2008-3
Editor's NoteShane T. BallahOn the development of the QB2008-3
Turtle Watching (28 Jun 2008)Nicholas See Wai, Paula SmithClub Field Trip. Visit to Manzanilla Beach.turtle, leatherback, patrol,research, conservation, Dermochelys,2008-3
BG Insect Guide - Large Tiger (Lycorea cleobaea)2008-3
Venezuela 2007 Part 3Kay HinksonOverseas Field Trip.2008-3
Venezuela, Orinoco Delta (2008)Reginald PotterOverseas Field Trip.2008-3
Why Do Men Have Nipples?Victor C. Quesnel2008-4
Caroni Swamp (14 Apr 2007)Kathleen HinksonBird Group Trip. Several bird records and a silky (Rhizophora mangle), black (Avicenna germinans) and white (Laguncularia racemosa) mangrove trees. Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus rubber), Common Potoo (Nyctibius griseus), Little Blue Herons, a Bicolored Conebill, a lone Anhinga, Snake Bird or Snake Duck, Crested Oropendolas, 2008-4
Chaguaramas (20 May 2007)Michelle LeeBird Group Trip. Several bird records. Red Howler Monkey's are heard.Yellow Headed Caracara, Brown Pelicans, Orange-Winged Parrots, Ruddy Ground Doves, Cattle Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Palm Tanagers, Blue Gray Tanagers, Coragyps atratus, Smooth Bill Anis (Crotophaga ani), Southern Lapwings (Vanellus chilensis), Tropical Mockingbirds (Mimus gilvus) and a lone White Hawk (Leucopternis albicollis), Crested Oropendolas, Shiny Cowbirds, Giant Cowbirds, Yellow Orioles, Fork-tailed Flycatchers, a Squirrel Cuckoo, a Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Copper-rumped Hummingbirds, White-chested Emralds, Black Throated Mangoes, a Rufous-breasted Hermit, a Green Hermit, Boat Billed Flycatchers, Yellow Bellied Elainas, a Rufousbreasted Wren, Barred Antshrikes, a Rufous Browed Peppershrike, a Tropical Pewee, Golden Fronted Greenlets, a White Tailed Trogan, Violacious Trogans, a Cocoa Thrush, Bananaquits, Palm Tanagers, Blue Gray Tanagers, Turquoise Tanagers, White Lined Tanagers, Silver-beaked Tanagers, Blue Dacnis, Green Honeycreeper, a Zone Tail Hawk and Orange-winged Parrots. Red Howler Monkeys (Alouatta seniculus insulanus). Great Antshrike2008-4
My Trip to La Guyane (Part 2)Hans BoosAccount of a visit to French Guyana2008-4
BG Insect Guide - Acrobat Ant (Crematogaster sp)2008-4
My First Mapepire ZananaHans BoosAbout the search for the elusive Mapepire ZananaBushmaster, Lachesis muta2009-1
Tobago (28/30 Nov 2008)Bonnie TylerClub Field Trip. Account of the Club's trip to Tobago.Bah belle Chenen (Leimadiphos melanatos neson), Climbing Palm (Desmoncus sp.), Rubber Tree, and Stinging Nettle, greenish clouded snake (Sibon nebulata nebulata),2009-1
Point GourdeAuburn NashClub field Trip.2009-1
Moruga (11 Jan 2009)Matt KellyBird Group Trip. Many bird records. A legless lizard is seen.legless lizard, Amphisbaena alba, Silvered Antbird, White-tailed Trogons, Yellow-rumped Cacique (many), Orange-winged Parrot (many), Tropical Mockingbird, Carib Grackles (flock), Yellow-headed Caracara, Tropical Kingbird, Boat-billed Flycatcher (pair), Great Kiskadee, Snowy Egret, Black Vulture (many), Bananaquit, Cattle Egret, Channel-billed Toucan, Green Honeycreeper, Turquoise Tanager, Blue Dacnis (f), Yellow Oriole, Violaceous Euphonia, Palm Tanager, Little Hermit, Crested Oropendolas, Yellow-rumped Cacique (many), Ferruginous Pygmy Owl (h), Lineated Woodpecker, Rufous-browed Peppershrike (h), Squirrel Cuckoo, Ruddy Ground Dove, Silver-beaked Tanager, Striated Heron, White-bearded Manakin, Trinidad Euphonia (h), White-tailed Trogon (pair), Yellowbreasted Flycatcher, White-flanked Antwren, Rufous-breasted Hermit, Black-throated Mango, Blue-chinned Sapphire, Palm Tanager, Tropical Pewee, Golden-fronted Greenlet, (unidentified hawk), Violaceous Euphonia, Southern Beardless Tyrannulet, Turquoise Tanager, Pale-vented Pigeon, Little Hermit, Gray-breasted Martin Tropical Kingbird, Silvered Antbird, Little Tinamou (h), Bat Falcon (pair), Smooth-billed Ani, Whiteshouldered Tanager, Pale-breasted Spinetail (w/ nest), Blue-black Grassquit, Copper-rumped Hummingbird, Forest Elaenia, Purple Honeycreeper, Streaked Xenops, Northern Waterthrush, Barred Antshrike, Silverbeaked Tanager, Rufous-breasted Wren, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, Rufus-tailed Jacamar, Yellow Warbler, Turkey Vulture Moruga: Black Vulture (many), Smooth-billed Ani (many), Giant Cowbird, Shiny Cowbird, Ruddy Ground Dove (many), Little Blue Heron, Southern Roughwinged Swallow, Spotted Sandpiper, Semipalmated Plover, Greenrumped Parrotlet, Short-tailed Swift, White-headed Marsh Tyrant2009-1
My Trip to La Guyane (Part 3)Hans BoosAccount of a visit to French Guyana2009-1
Greenhouse Gas ThoughtsReginald PotterThoughts on the sequestering of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)2009-1
Smart AgoutiGlen WilkesAccount of the behaviouir of a clever agouti.2009-1
BG Insect Guide - The Cicada2009-1
Morne L’Enfer Forest Reserve (20 Oct 2007)Lester DoodnathBotany Field Trip. The search for Aristolochia boosi with severla plant and butterfly observations.Aristolochia boosi, Julius Boos, Southern Cattle Heart (Parides sesostris), A. grandiflora, Heliconia spathocircinata and Piper marginata, Rudgea hostmanniana, Gonzalagunia dicocca, Spermacoce latifolia, Ficus guianensis, Spiranthes Tabernaemontana sp. Aristolochiaceae Aristolochia boosii Dutchman's Pipe Cordia panamensis Hairy Lay Lay Cordia sp. Costaceae Costus sp. Ginger Omphalea triandra. Hunterman’s nut Heliconia spathocircinata Heliconia Hyptis sp. Clathrotropis brachypetala Ficus guianensis Ficus Virola surinamensis Cajuca Spiranthes acaulis Orchid Attalea butyracea Banga Attalea maripa Cocorite Bactris major Roseau Desmoncus sp. Wait-a-while Euterpe sp. Euterpe Roystonia olercea Royal Sabal mauritiformis Carat Piperaceae Piper marginata Coccolaba latifolia Coccoloba sp. Hemidiodia ocymifolia Gonzalagunia dicocca Psychotria bahiensis Rudgea hostmanniana Sabicea s. Spermacoce assurgens S. latifolia Uncaria tomentosa Warscewiczia coccinea Sterculiaceae Sterculia pruriens2009-2
Negmawah Beach (25 May 2008)John Lum YoungClub Mystery TripMabuya bistriata, Tropidurus plica, pacro2009-2
Talisman Road (29 Mar 2009)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Many plant records. A troop of howler monkeys are heard. Victor demonstrates the use of Sida acuta for treating sprains.Crappo (Carapa guianensis), Mountain Rose (Brownea coccinea), Immortelle (Erythrina poeppigiana), Hogplum (Spondias mombin), Bois mulatre (Pentaclethra macroloba), Wild chataigne (Pachira insignis), Bois flot (Ochroma pyramidale) Pois doux (Inga sp.), Sandbox (Hura crepitans) and Cuchape (Coccoloba latifolia).Cocorite (Attalea maripa), Carat (Sabal mauritiiformis), Manac (Euterpe precatoria), Roseau (Bactris major), Palmiste (Roystonea oleracea) and Coconut (Cocos nucifera).Red Howler Monkeys (Alouatta seniculus insulanus)Black Sage (Cordia curassavica) and Coco Shat (Solanum torvum), the pink of the Ti-marie (Mimosa pudica), the purple of Vervain (Strachytarpheta sp.), the green of Wild Hops,Sida acuta2009-2
BG Insect Guide - Can you identify these animals?2009-2
Mermaid Pool (24 May 2009)John Lum YoungClub Field Trip. Notes on the plants and animals seen along the way and some notes on the pool itself.Channel-billed Toucans (Ramphastos vitellinus), Kiskidee (Vismia laxiflora), Acacia (Acacia mangium), Pois Doux (Inga sp.), Jereton (Didymopanax morototoni), Wild Ixora (Isertia parviflora), Cuchape (Coccoloba latifolia) and Wild Senna (Senna alata), Soap Vine, Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea), White-bearded Manakin (Manacus manacus), Cocorite Palm (Attalea maripa).2009-2
My Trip to La Guyane (Part 4)Hans BoosAccount of a visit to French Guyana2009-2
Tropical Flowers; why the poor relations?John Cooper, Margaret CooperQuestions whether the British attitude towards their wild flowers is universal.2009-2
Historical Strategies for Fauna Names in Trinidad & Tobago.Dr. Lise WinerLecture Summary2009-2
Mapepires GaloreVictor C. Quesnel, Gail AbdullahA record on encounters with Bothrops.Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper, mapepire balsin, venomous snake2009-3
BG Insect Guide - Dragonflies2009-3
Grande Riviere (17/18 May 2008)Kathleen HinksonBird Group Trip. Searching for the elusive Trinidad Piping-Guanpipile pipile, Violaceous Trogan, Yellow- rumped Cacique, Zone-tailed Hawk, Crimson Crested Woodpecker, (tapping away) Channel Billed Toucan, White tipped Dove, Rufus breasted Wren, Purple Honeycreeper, Black-throated Mango, Whitebellied Antbird, Silvered Antbird, Giant Cowbird, Smooth-billed Ani, and a Cocoa Thrush2009-3
The Beating Heat of the Amazon (Part 1)Matt KellyTTFNC Trip to Suriname April 2 - 8 20042009-3
The Beating Heat of the Amazon (Part 2)Matt KellyTTFNC Trip to Suriname April 2 - 8 20042009-4
La Floret (26 Jul 2009)Natasha MohammedClub Field Trip. Some plant observations. Very good information about various areas in the district.savanna flower, Mandevilla hirsuta.Genipa americana, Scleria secans (razor grass) Graminae sea-urchins, Ateiba tirbourbou, Apeiba schomburgii, Tobago sandbox/mahault chardon, Manchineel, Hippomane mancinella, Chrysobalanus icaco2009-4
The journey that is Chacachacare (Part 1)Hans BoosAbout the history of the islandcotton (Glossypium barbadense), tobacco, 2010-1
BG Insect Guide - Water Striders2010-1
La Table (31 Jan 2010)Reginald Potter, Eddison BaptisteClub Field Trip. Signs of illegal logging and marijuana cultivation.Carapa guianensis2010-1
Photo Corner - Brasso Seco2010-1
In a blaze of gloryChristopher K. StarrAbout the flowering of the talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera.2010-1
Pungent is as pungent does (Part 1)Christopher K. StarrHow does the caterpillar of Pseudosphinx tetrio taste?Pseudosphinx tetrio is a common hawk moth or sphinx moth (Sphingidae), frangipani worm, Plumeria rubra, 2010-1
A tale of two lizardsHans BoosTwo encounters with the green iguana (Iguana iguana)2010-1
Awards for outstanding contributions - BotanyMembers are thanked for their work with the Botany Group2010-1
Club Christmas Lunch 2009 at BlanchisseuseValerie ThumbPhoto Collage2010-1
The journey that is Chacachacare (Part 2)Hans BoosAbout the history of the islandcotton (Glossypium barbadense), tobacco, 2010-2
BG Insect Guide - Moths2010-2
Fishing Pond (13 Jul 2009)Dwayne H. BurrisClub Field Trip. Several plant observations. A silky anteater is seen.Leptodactylus fuscus, Juniper, Acoma, Guatacare, Mahoe, Cooperhoop, Coco Macaque, Cannonball, Bactris Major and Chac Chac, Physalia physalis Portugese Man-O-War, Nephila clavipes, Epidendrum fragrans, Brassavola cucullata, Cyclopes didactylus, Thalia geniculata, Desmoncus polyacanthosb, Abiu Pouteria caimito Sapotaceae Acoma Sideroxylon quadriloculare Sapotaceae Bois D'orme Guazuma ulmifolia Sterculiaceae Cannonball Couroupita guianensis Lecythidaceae Chac chac Canna glauca Cannaceae Coco Macaque Pouteria coriacea Sapotaceae Cooperhoop Brownea coccinea Fabaceae Guatecare Eschweilera subglandulosa Lecythidaceae Juniper Genipa americana Rubiaceae Mahoe Sterculia caribaea Sterculiaceae Matapal Clusia rosea Guttiferae none Brassavola cucullata Orchidaceae none Bactris major Arecaceae none Epidendrum fragrans Orchidaceae none Thalia geniculata Marantaceae none Epidendrum stenopetalum Orchidaceae none Desmoncus polyacanthos Arecaceae2010-2
Pungent is as pungent does (Part 2)Christopher K. StarrHow does the caterpillar of Pseudosphinx tetrio taste?Pseudosphinx tetrio is a common hawk moth or sphinx moth (Sphingidae), frangipani worm, Plumeria rubra, 2010-2
Trips to Soldado Rock with the Late Richard ffrenchElisha S. TikasinghAccount of when the staff of the TRVL started a collaborative project with Richard to study sea birds on Soldado Rock.2010-2
In memory of valued TTFNC members and friendsTribute to Colin Agostini, Muriel Pierre, Richard ffench, Richard Wallace2010-2
The journey that is Chacachacare (Part 3)Hans BoosAbout the history of the islandcotton (Glossypium barbadense), tobacco, 2010-3
Cachipa Beach (28/29 Aug 2010)Bonnie TylerClub Field Trip.Heliconia bihia (Balisier) and Deffenbachia sp. Owl Butterfly, Blue Morpho, Green Banded Urania (White Page), White Peacock, Monarch, Postman, Swallow Tail, Common Yellow, Deer Meat (Centropogon cornutus), Copper leaf (Chrysothemis pulchella), Star flower (Hippobroma longiflora), Golden-headed and White-bearded Manakins, the Rufous-breasted Hermit, and the Golden-headed Warbler and heard a Peppershrike, a Barred Antshrike, a Motmot, a House Wren, Woodcreeper.2010-3
Erin Savannah (27 Jun 2010)Stevland P. CharlesClub Field Trip. Several plant and animal observations.White Hawk (Leucopternis albicollis), Orange-winged Parrots (Amazona amazonica), Manac Palms (Euterpe sp.), Moriche Palms (Mauritia flexuosa) and Cocorite Palms (Attalea maripa), Rough Leaf (Curatella americana), Cuchape (Coccoloba latifolia), Red Brocket Deer (Mazama americana), Helconia (Heliconia psittacorum)2010-3
Biological Recording in Trinidad and TobagoMike RutherfordOn the importance of proper documentation of our natural history.2010-3
Giant Land Snails in TrinidadMike RutherfordAbout the invasive Giant African Land Snail (Achatina fulica)2010-3
Why do the Bachacs Flick?Christopher K. StarrOn the behaviour of the common bachac, Atta cephalotes.2010-3
Encyclopedia of Islands.Christopher K. StarrBook Review - Gillespie, R.G. & D.A. Clague2010-3
The Life of Julius O. BoosHans BoosAbout the naturalist Julius Boos.Chactus raymondhansorum,Inca clathrata quesneli, Anthurium booseii2010-3
Annoying and Blood Sucking Arthropods of Trinidad and Tobago (Part 1)Elisha TikasinghAbout Phlebotomine sand flies. Notes on leishmaniasisPhlebotomus, Sergentomyia and Chinius, Warileya, Brumptomyia and Lutzomyia. Leishmania mexicana amazonensis, Leishmaniasis2010-4
Caura Valley Waterfall (30 May 2010)Bonnie TylerMystery Trip. The unusual Gurania spinulosa is recorded.Curcuma elata2010-4
La Fillette (14 Mar 2010)Michelle LeeBird Group Trip. Many hummingbirds seen.Crested Oropendolas, Blue-black Grassquits, Grey-breasted Martins, Magnificent Frigate birds, Tropical Mockingbirds, a Piratic Flycatcher, White-bearded Manakins, Smooth-billed Anis, a male Scaled Pigeon, a male Barred Antshrike, Shiny Cowbirds, Orange-winged Parrots, Green-rumped Parrotlets and a male Lineated Woodpecker, Sooty Grassquit, 2010-4
Behold: A Biodiverse AnguillaReynold C. BoyceAbout the natural history of Anguilla.Many reptile and plant observations.Anolis gingivinus, Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) and Lessor Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes), Achatina, Maiden Berry (Crossopetalum rhacoma) and Hollow wood (Comocladia dodonaea),Colubrina arborescens), Loblolly (Pisonia subcordata), Ameiva. plei plei, Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima), 2010-4
A Brisk Jaunt Through the Lesser AntillesChristopher K. StarrAbout the islands of the Lesser Antilles and their individual natural histories.2010-4
Club Christmas Lunch 2010 at Café Mariposa LopinotEddison Baptiste2010-4
El Cerro del Aripo (25 Sep 2010)Stevland P. CharlesClub Field Trip. Many plant and herptile observations.Trinidad endemic Variegated Gecko (Gonatodes ceciliae trinitatis), Stream Frog Mano-phryne trinitatis, (Ameiva ameiva),Little Tinamou or Caille (Crypturellus soui),Manac (Euterpe broadwayi), Hot Lips (Cephaelis tomentosa), Anthurium (Anthurium aripoense),(Bactris setulosa).Mountain Mangrove (Clusia intertexta), Giant Tank Bromeliad Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora, Prayer Plant (Calathea trinitensis),Luminous Lizard (Riama (Proctoporus) shrevei), Emperor Butterfly (Morpho peleides)2011-1
Annoying and Blood Sucking Arthropods of Trinidad and Tobago (Part 1)Elisha TikasinghAbout Ceratopogonid Sand FliesCulicoides diabolicus and C. furens, Leptconops bequaerti, Culicoides phle-botomus and C. furens.2011-1
Weaver Ants in Trinidad and TobagoMatt KellyDendromyrmex, Camponotus senex, carton-making ant, Dolichoderus bidens or bispinosus.2011-1
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 1)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.2011-1
The Leafcutter AntsMatt KellyBook review - Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson2011-1
2010 Christmas Lunch Botany PresentationsVeynu Siewrattan2011-1
Moruga Bouffe (27 Mar 2011)Mike G. RutherfordClub Field Trip. Many plant and animal observations.Windward Ditch Frog (Leptodactylus validus), Zeb-a-pik (Neurolaena lobata), Common Galap (Rhinoclemmys punctularia), Toporite tree (Hernandia sonora), Prickly Palm (Bactris major), Silk Cotton Tree (Ceiba pentandra), White-shouldered Tanager (Tachyphonus luctuosus flaviventris), Trinidad Dwarf Tarantula (Cyriocosmus elegans), Pseustes poecilonotus polylepis, striped tree snail (Drymaeus broadwayi), Ionopsis utricularioides, the white Maxillaria camaridii and the pink Epiden-drum stenopetalum, Plekocheilus glaber, Cyclohidalgoa translucidum trinitense, Pterocarpus rohrii, Mapepire Balsain, Bothrops atrox asper, Tegu lizards (Tupinambis teguixin), one Giant Ameiva lizard (Ameiva ameiva) and a Channel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus).Tailless Whip Scorpion (Heterophrynus sp.).Cane Toad (Rhinella marina), Striped Gecko (Gonatodes vittatus)2011-2
The Conflicted NaturalistChristopher K. StarrA colony of Agelaia multipicta wasps sets up shop in a home.pwa-bwa (Swartzia pinnata), Agelaia multipicta2011-2
Annoying and Blood Sucking Arthropods of Trinidad and Tobago (Part 1)Elisha TikasinghAbout Simulium Black FliesSimulium clarki, S. metallicum, S. placidum, S. incrustatum, S. sp. near incrustatum, S. samboni and S. subnigrum, Cracker (Hamadryas sp.) and Emperor butterflies (Morpho peleides)., (Deinocerites magnus), (Ameiva ameiva) lizard was observed here. The skull of a Caiman (Caiman crocodilus), 2011-2
Monos Island (8 May 2008)Lester W. Doodnath, Natasha A. MohammedBotany Group Trip. On the search for Bursera latifolia. The skull of a Caiman (Caiman crocodilus) is found. Extensive plant list provided.Anthurium genmanii, Bromelia plumeria and B. pitcairnia, Calliandra krugerii, Incense (Protium guianense), Balsam (Copaifeira officinalis, Capparis hastate, Ouratea guildingi, Amyris simplicifolia, Brown bee Orchid (Oncidium altissimum), Oeceoclades maculata and Spiranthes sp, Anthocereus pentagonus, Cat’s Claw (Macfadyena unguis-cati), Manchineel (Hippomane mancinella), Black mangrove (Avicennia germinans), White Mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) and Button Mangrove (Conocarpus erectus), Pithocellobium roseum, Diospyros inconstans, Hibiscus pernambucensis (hairy leaves) and Thespesia populnea (smooth leaves). Erythroxylum havanense and Citharexylum sp2011-2
Monos Island (8 May 2008)Christopher K. StarrBug Group Trip. On the lookout for ants attending homopterans or extra-floral nectaries for sugars. Observation on termites.Microcerotermes arboreus2011-2
Trinidad: Its Geography, natural Resources, Administration, Present Condition, and Pros-pects.Christopher K. StarrDe Verteuil - Book Review2011-2
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 2)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.2011-2
Lacano (29 May 2011)Bruce LancknerClub Mystery Trip. A Spectacled Owl is found roosting in the open.The Coles, Spectacled Owl, Pulsatrix perspicillata2011-3
Annoying and Blood Sucking Arthropods of Trinidad and Tobago (Part 1)Elisha TikasinghAbout Kissing Bugs (Reduviidae)Triatominae, Panstrongylus geniculatus (photo), Rhodnius pictipes, Eratyrus mucronatus, Triatoma fas-ciata, Microtriatoma trinidadensis and Panstrongylus rufotuberculatus, Trypanasoma cruzi the aetiological agent of Chagas's disease, Didelphis marsupialis and armadillo Dasypus novemcinctusv2011-3
Northern Crested CaracaraImran Khan, Mike G. RutherfordSighting and behaviour of a Northern Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway) in Toco.Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus)2011-3
Condolences to the Family and Friends of Julian Kenny2011-3
TTFNC Position on QuarryingCertificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC)2011-3
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 3)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.2011-3
Members' Evening - 120th Anniversary2011-3
Salybia Reef-Toco (14 May 2011)Mike G. RutherfordMarine Group Trip. Many observations of algae, corals, crabs, eels and other marine organisims.Beaded Anemone (Phymanthus crucifer), Caribbean spiny lobster (Panullirus argus), purplemouth moray eel (Gymnothorax vicinus), mat zoanthids (Zoanthus pulchellus), white encrusting zoanthids (Palythoa caribaeorum) and finger coral (Porites porites), sun anemone (Stichodactyla helianthus), bright yellow and black chain moray eel (Echidna catenata), Sally lightfoot crab (Percnon gibbesi), a small green clinging crab (Mithrax sp.) the slow moving purple-spined sea ur-chin (Arbacia punctulata), lettuce sea slug (Elysia crispata), green grape algae (Caulerpa racemosa) and the green feather algae (Caulerpa sertu-larioides), slippery dick fish (Halichoeres bivittatus), banded-arm brittle star (Ophioderma sp.), porcelain crab (Petrolisthes sp.), warty anemones (Bunodosoma sp.), lesser starlet coral (Siderastrea radians), slit-pore sea rod (Plexaurella sp.)., (Ameiva ameiva)2011-4
Annoying and Blood Sucking Arthropods of Trinidad and Tobago (Part 1)Elisha TikasinghAbout the “Mosquito Worm”, Dermatobia hominisDermatobia hominis,Trichoprosopon theobaldi, Aedes serratus, Phonomyia splendida, Psorophora albi-pes, Psorophora ferox, Trichoprosopon theobaldi and Wyeomyia pseudopecten,2011-4
Condolences to the Family and Friends of Aubern Nash2011-4
La Table (13 Jul 2011)Reg PotterClub Field Trip. Members get lost and encounter a range of difficult situations. Signs of the illegal felling of cedar trees and marijuana cultivation.Guayaguayare ?Mainfield Road?2011-4
Bad Taste and the NaturalistChristopher K. StarrFinding out hoe cotton-strainers bugs (Pyrrhogoridae) taste.cotton-strainers bugs (Pyrrhogoridae)2011-4
A Drive to Talparo to Visit Victor QuesnelReg Potter2011-4
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 4)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.Corallus grenadensis2011-4
Guaguayare and Briggand Hill (25 Sep 2011)Reg PotterGeology Field Trip. Several interesting geological notes.Nodular sandstones in the Morne Formation, sidereritic (Iron carbonate), Gros Morne Formation, Arawak midden, Goudron fileds. Calianassa a crustacean from the Thalassinidea infraorder.Fossilised echinoid2012-1
On the trail of Trinidad and Tobago’s snailsMike G. RutherfordBrachypodella trinitaria, Brachypodella oropuchensis, giant South American snail Megalobulimus oblongus, Subulina octona, Marisa cornuarietis, Cyclotus translucidus2012-1
Cumaca Cave (29 Jan 2012)Stefanie WhiteClub Field Trip. Several bird and plant observations. The oilbird nests are counted.Steatornis caripensis, Mora Mora excelsa, Crappo Carapa guianensis, Guatecare Eschweilera subglandulosa, Wild chataigne Pa-chira insignis, Cajuca Virola surinamensis and some type of Olivier, Bearded Bellbird Procnias averano in full view and an Ornate Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus ornatus as well as the leks of Green Hermit Phaethornis guy and Little Hermit Phaethornis longuemareus Hummingbirds.Ink plant Renealmia sp Bois Canon Cercropia peltata and a silk cotton Ceiba pentandra tree2012-1
A revitalised Grenada and its Anolis lizardsReynold C. BoyceAnolis aeneus, Anolis richardii, Anolis richardiis, almond (Terminata catappa), sea-grape (Coccoloba uvifera) and glory cedar (Gliricidia sepium) 2012-1
Tropical EcologyMatt KellyBook Review - John Kricher2012-1
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 5)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.Grenadian Black Cribo, Clelia,2012-1
Huevos (10 Mar 2012)Bonnie J. TylerMarine Group Trip. Several fish and other marine observations. A member gets stranded due to the strong currents.surgeonfish (Acanthurus sp), Doctor Fish (A. chirurgus), the Ocean Surgeon (A. bahianus) and the Blue Tang (A. coeruleus).Queen Angel Fish (Holacanthus ciliaris), French Angel Fish (Pomacanthus paru) and Gray Angel Fish (Pomacanthus arcuatus), Stop-light Parrotfish (Sparisoma viride), the Yellow-tail Parrotfish (Sparisoma rubripinne) and the Striped Parrotfish (Scarus isert).Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari), Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda). ser-geant majors, Yellow Tailed, Tri-colour and Dusky Damselfishes, Slippery Dicks, Harle-quin Bass, Blue head Wrasse, Barred Hamlets, and Small Mouthed Grunts as well as me-dium sized fishes like the Porkfish, the Span-ish Hogfish and both the Banded and the Spotfin Butterfly fishes.2012-2
Huevos (10 Mar 2012)Matt KellyMarine Group Trip. Survey of the terrestrial fauna with useful notes on oilbirds. Corbeaux Town is discovered.“Postman” (Heiconia melpomene),Cereus hexagonus, Pilocereus langinosus, Nymula, Morpho peleides, Inter-American Geodetic Survey Marker, Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens American Black Vulture Coragyps atratus Osprey Pandion haliaetus Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima Orange-winged Parrot Amazona amazonica Tropical Screech-Owl Megascops choliba Dusky-capped Flycatcher Myiarchus tuberculifer Tropical Kingbird Tyrannus melancholicus Southern Rough-winged Swallow Stelgidoteryx ruficollis Red-eyed Vireo Vireo olivaceus Bananaquit Coereba flaveola White-lined Tanager Tachyphonus rufus Blue-gray Tanager Thraupis episcopus Yellow Oriole Icterus nigrogularis 2012-2
Huevos (10 Mar 2012)Richard E. PetersonMarine Group Trip. On the rescue of Richard E. Peterson2012-2
Tobago (23/25 Mar 2012)Graham WhiteClub Field Trip. Several bird and herptile observations.Audubon’s Shearwaters Puffinus lherminieri, Red-billed Tropicbirds Phaethon aethereus and Brown Noddys Anous stolidus as well as the biome restricted species Rufous-vented Chachalaca Ortalis ruficauda and Copper-rumped Hummingbird Amazilia tobaci .Brown Boobys, Sula leuco-gaster, Audubon’s Shearwater and Red-billed Tropicbirds,White-tailed Nightjars Capril-mulgus cayennensis,iguana, Iguana iguana, a few zandolies Ameiva ameiva, two machettes Mastigodryas boddaerti dunni, giant hermit crabs, Gonnatodes ocellatus, the Ocellated Gekko, Scaly-naped Pigeons Patagioenas squamo-sal, Blue Chromis Chromis Cyanea, Slippery Dick Halichoeres bivattatus, Goat Fish (Mullidae), Black Durgon Melichthys niger, and Trumpet Fish Aulostomus maculatus. Nurse Shark Ginglymostoma cirratum, Barracuda Sphyraena sp.,Trumpet Fish, several types of Angle Fish (Fam. Pomacanthidae), Morey Eel (Fam. Mu-raenidae) and several Spiny Lobsters Panulirus argus. Striped Owl Pseudoscops clamator, Trinidad Motmots Motmotus bahamensis,Anolis aeneus and one Anolis richardii2012-2
El Tucuche (4/5 Feb 2012)Matt Kelly, Mike G. RutherfordHerpetology Group Trip. A multitude of faunal observations including birds, reptiles and invertebrates.El Tucuche Golden Frog (Phytotriades auratus),giant tank brome-liad (Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora), scorpions (Tityus trinitatis and T. discrepans). Rufus-breasted Wren, male and female Bay-headed Tanagers, male and female Purple Honeycreepers, Speckled Tanager, Silver-beaked Tanager, Bananaquit, Tropical Parula, male White-bearded Manakin, Yellow-legged Thrush, Orange-billed Nightin-gale Thrush, Little Tinamou (calling in dis-tance) and Brown Violetear Hummingbird.Dwarf Marsupial Frog (Flectonotus fitzgeraldi),Urich’s Rain Frog (Pristimantis urichi), Drymaeus mossi, Helicina nemoralis, Turnip-tailed Gecko (Thecadactylus rapicauda),Mapepire Balsains (Bothrops asper), Palm Tanager, Neotropical Palm Swift, Caribbean Martin, Purple Honey-creeper, Bare-eyed Thrush, Great Kiskadee, Black Vulture, Turkey Vulture, Bananaquit, Copper-rumped Hum-mingbird, Orange-winged Parrot, Blue-headed Parrot, Stripe-breasted Spinetail, Plain Antvireo, White-chested Emerald Humming-bird, Collared Trogon, Turquoise Tanager, Blue Dacnis, Blue-grey Tanager, Ruddy Ground Dove.2012-2
Nariva (26/27 May 2012)Christopher K. StarrBug Group Trip. Observations on land and freshwater mollusks and wasps.Mischocyttarus rotundicollis, Polistes lanio, Nephila clavipes, Sceliphron fistularium,Helicina dysoni, Pomacea urceus, Omalonyx matheroni, water mapepires (Helicops angulatus) and a false mapepire (Leptodeira annulata), 2012-2
David RooksPat TurpinIn Memoriam2012-2
Mount Brasso Estate (28 Aug 2011)Sarita EmmanuelClub Field Trip. Alternate trip due to the State of Emergency.sluice gate, christophene (Sechium edule), pois doux tree, Inga laurina, West Indian cherry, Malpghia glabra, balata, Manikara bi-dentata, pomerac, Syzygium malaccense, sour orange, Citrus aurantium, L., calabash, Crescen-tia cujete, breadfruit, Artocarpus communis, catahar, Artocarpus heterophyllus, and rambu-tan, Nephelium lappaceum. Some of the flow-ering plants observed included the pink poui, Tabebuia pentaphylla, heliconias, Heliconia orthotricia or Heliconia bihai, the pagoda plant, Clerodendrum paniculatum,Trinidad piping guan, Pipile pipile2012-3
Retrospective on Cumaca CaveHans BoosAccount of a Club trip in 1964 in which a cave diver dies.Oil Birds, Steatornis catripensis, British Sub-Aqua Club, Boa Constrictor, Boa constrictor, Cumaca river, Rhamdia sebae, Cercorhamdia urichi, Victor Abraham2012-3
Hololo or St. Ann’s PeakMarie-Hélène Predhom, Mike G. RutherfordClub Field Trip. Several flora and fauna observations.Savanna flower (Mandevilla hirsuta), pauraque (Nyctidromus albicollis), silverback fern (Pityrogramma calomelanos), sandbox tree (Hura crepitans), grugru bef (Acrocomia aculeate), thrash palm (Attalea butyracea), bloodwood tree (Croton gossypifolia), wheel bugs (Arilus sp.), deer meat or crep coq (Centropogon cornutus),(Nephila clavipes),(Hypsiboas crepitans)2012-3
Mount St. BenedictChristopher K. Star, Mike G. RutherfordBug Group Trip. Many interesting sightings including a velvet worm and the wasp Microstigmus theridii which nests only under the leaves of Coccoloba latifolia,Ectatomma ruidum, pyrrhocorid bugs, Velvet worm (Epiperipatus sp.), spiny-backed orb-weaver spider (Gasteracantha cancriformis), Microstigmus theridii, Coccoloba latifolia, Heliconia hirsuta, Irlbachia alata, extrafloral nectaries,2012-3
Dan Jaggernauth presents LWJ 2012 to Vasant BharathWIN WITH FRUITS FESTIVAL2012-3
Celebrating the Life of Paul Linus ComeauIn Memoriam2012-3
Zoology inspiring ArtAmy Deaconhorseshoe crab and nautilus, skulls of horses and marine fish, scary giant centipedes, spectacular harlequin beetles and pickled snakes and starfish.2012-3
Notes on Social Wasps of the Bocas IslandsChristopher K. StarrAbout the wasps of this Bocas island.Mischocyttarus alfkenii, Polistes versi-color and Polybia occidentalis.Polistes lanio2012-3
TTFNC Hunting PolicyGraham White, Bonnie Tyler2012-3
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 6)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.Grenadian Black Cribo, Clelia,Corallus grenadensis2012-3
Condolences to the Family and Friends of Paul Comeau, Dave Stradlin and Edward Battoo2012-3
Tucker Valley BioBlitz 2012Mike G. RutherfordSummary of the first T&T BioBlitz in Tucker Valley.University of the West Indies Zoology Museum (UWIZM), UWI Department of Life Sciences, First Citizens, Bushmaster/Mapepire Zananas, Lachesis muta, Robinson’s Mouse Opossum, Dendropsophus microcephalus 2012-4
The Living WorldEddison BaptisteAbout the Club's Journal and its future.2012-4
Small Mammal TrappingEllie Devenish NelsonReport of the Mammal Group.Robinson’s mouse opossum, Marmosa robinsoni,2012-4
Muddy watersAmy DeaconReport of the Freshwater Aquatics GroupPoecilia reticulata (guppy), Aneblepsoides hartii (jumping guabine) and Hoplias malabaricas (guabine).2012-4
Underwater wonders of Macqueripe BayMark CharranReport of the Marine GroupFlame Scallop, Ctenoides scabra, Echinometra lucunter, lone tarpon, Megalopus atlanticus, porcupinefish, Diodon holocanthus, Flamefishes, Apogon maculatus, spotted scorpionfish, Scorpaena plumieri, French angel, Pomacanthus paru, Flamefish, Apogon macula-tus, dusky damsel, Stegastes adustus along with the brittle stars (order: Ophiurida) and two species of urchins, Echinometra lucunter, Lytechinus variegatus, Diodon holocanthus2012-4
You Don’t Realize How Many Until You “Look”Mike Oatham, Doreen JodhanReport of the Plant GroupAcacia mangium, Roupala montana (Beefwood), 2012-4
Grand Tacaribe (25/26 Aug 2012)Kathryn ChristopherClub Field Trip. Turtle nestlings and other littoral life are observed. Curious tracks of some unknown animal are seen.Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis, magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens), Beach Morning Glory (Ipomoea pescaprae), “Spanish dancer” (Hexabranchus sanguineus), Humboldt's Toad (Rhinella humboldti), Heavea brasiliensis, Euterpe precatoria, Ganoderma, hawksbill2013-1
Constance Coconut Estate, Icacos (14 Oct 2012)Reg PotterClub Field Trip. Tour of the estate and surrounding areas of interest.Agostini, San Quentin and Columba, Lethal Yellow, palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum, ‘red mites’ and ‘red ring’ disease, 2013-1
Arena Forest Reserve (16 feb 2013)Matt KellyBug Group Trip. Interesting observations of wasps, termites and ants. Notes on the tarantula wasps of Trinidad.fineleaf tree (Pentaclethra macroloba), “sea coconut” palm (Manicaria saccifera), (Eschweilera subglandulosa), matchwood (Shefflera morototoni), arboreal ant, Anochetus emarginatus, Microcerotermes arboreus, Nasutitermes corniger, and Termes hispaniolae, Polybia striata, Ground itch bush, Irlbachia alata, extrafloral nectarines, golden-orb silk weaver (Nephila clavipes), Pachycondyla crassinoda,Ruddy Ground-Dove, Green-backed Trogon, Col-lared Trogon, Channel-billed Toucan, Orange-winged Parrot, Plain-brown Woodcreeper, Cocoa Woodcreeper, Great Kiskadee, Rufous-breasted Wren, Spectacled Thrush, Silver-beaked Tanager, Blue-gray Tanager, Palm Tana-ger, Bananaquit, Yellow-rumped Cacique, and Crested Oropendola, Tabaquillia or Chelonanthus alatus, King Shoemaker butterfly (Prepona demophon, 2013-1
Rampanalgas/Balandra Waterfall (27 Nov 2011)Chennile KhanClub Field Trip. Some plant observations.Byrsonima spicata, Psarocolius decumanus, Heliconia psittacorum, Genipa americana, Desmoncus, Schcfflera morototoni,Maximiliana caribaea, Syzygium malaccense2013-1
Jack Spaniards in the scheme of thingsChristopher K. StarrLecture summary.Mischocyttarus, Polistes, 2013-1
A paragraph noted in passingChristopher K. StarrShort note about the mention of a Club founder in a passage by american herpetologist and museum director Thomas Barbour2013-1
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 7)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.2013-1
Missing on Hike (6 Oct 1974)Bruce LaucknerAccount of a hike to El Cerro del Aripo in October 1974 on which members get lost and have to stay teo nights in the forest.2013-2
El Cerro del Aripo (28 Apr 2013)Reg PotterClub Field Trip. Plant and bird observations. A deer is surprised on th etrail.bamboo grass, Arthrostylidium, Genoma is very common. Manac, Euterpe and Gris-gris palms, Tropical Mocking birds, Cocoa Thrush, Rufous-breasted Wren, Trogans, Black-faced Ant Thrush, Little Tinamou, and ‘Yellow-tail Cornbirds’ Orependola, Bois Bande, Richeria grandis, 2013-2
Soldado Rock (17 Feb 2013)Matt KellyBird Group Trip. Some notable bird, green turtle, hawksbills turtle and invertebrate sightings. The history of the island is outlined. Iguana iguana2013-2
Sought: Really big active Maribon nests.Christopher K. StarrNests of the social wasp Polybia striata are needed for study.2013-2
What's going on with my geckos?Christopher K. StarrNotes on the populations of lizards in a house.Hemidactylus mabouia and Thecadactylus rapicauda, Gonatodes, Sphaerodactylus molei.2013-2
We go to Grenada 1975 (Part 8)Hans BoosAn account of a voyage to Grenada.2013-2
Where have our Callaloo Crabs gone ?Ian LambieAbout the over exploitation of our crabs with mention of the Queen Conch, Strombus gigas and lobsters.Blue Crabs, (Cardisoma guanhumi), Queen Conch - Strombus gigas, 2013-2
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill it. Kill it quick!Hans BoosAbout the attitudes towards and the exploitation of our wildlife.picoplat (Sporophilia intermedia), the twa-twa (Oryzoborus crassirostris), the chicki-chong (Oryzoboras angolensis),Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea), morocoy (Geochelone denticulata), Macajuel, (Boa constrictor), and the Caiman, (Caiman crocodilurus), Mapepire Zanana, (Lachesis muta),2013-2
Chert Hill (30 Sep 2012)Reg PotterClub Field Trip.2013-3
Fishing Pond (30 Jun 2013)Reynold C. BoyceClub Field Trip. Many interesting plant observations. A dead leatherback is dscovered at the beach.Aquatic canna, Canna glauca, Fwen/Sweet broom, Andropogon bicornis, Cupid paint brush, Emilia fosbergii, Water thistle, Neptunia plena, pied water tyrant, Fluvicola pica, southern lap-wing, Vanellus chilensis, Monkey apple, Genipa Americana, Wild primrose/watikae, Rheedia acuminate, Bois pois, Swartzia pinnata, Balata tree, Manikara bidentata, leather back turtle, Dermochelys coriacea, Ipomoea pes-caprae,Avicennia germi-nans and (red) Rhizophora mangle, board walk, ram-shorn squid, Spirula spirula ,cohong jep, Polybia rejecta, jep tattoo, Synoeca surinama2013-3
Rio Seco Waterfall (28 Jul 2013)Kris SookdeoClub Field Trip. Some bird and plant observations along the trail Some aquatic life is identified.Macrobrachium sp, Genipa americana and mora, Mora excelsa, mountain mullet, Agonostomus monticola, Bothrops cf. asper, bearded bellbirds, Procnias averano, Swamp bloodwood, Pterocarpus officinalis2013-3
Kapur Ridge (28 Sep 2008)Bruce LaucknerClub Field Trip. Plant and general observations inGuayaguayare.Pentastoma broadwayi, Uncana tomentosa, Short Horn Grasshopper, Guyaguayare, Ficus maxima and Ficus amazonia, Ommphalia sp. (Hunter Man’s2013-3
Report/Observation of a jabiru stork, Jabiru mycteriaJalaludin A. KhanNotes on the sighting of jabiru storks, Jabiru mycteria in nariva.2013-3
Stranding Reports/Observations of West Indian Manatee, Trichechus manatus manatusJalaludin A. KhanSummary of sightings and strandings of the manatee.2013-3
Monkey business in Natural HistoryHans BoosOn the status and origins of the Tufted Capuchin, Cebus apella, in Trinidad.Red Howler monkey, Alouatta seniculus, Trinidad Capuchin, Cebus albifrons, George Campbell, US Army Base, Chaguaramas2013-3
The Land of the HummingbirdIan LambieOn the origin of the phrase2013-3
La Ysla de la TrinidadIan LambieSome often overlooked facts about Columbus' discovery of Trinidad.2013-3
Sea Turtle Conservation in Trinidad and TobagoIan LambieSummary of the Club's involvement in sea-turtle conservationturtle, leatherback, patrol,research, ,conservation, Dermochelys,2013-3
Toads here and thereChristopher K. StarrHighlighting the cane toad and a video on the subject that is available online.Bufo marinus2013-3
Desert Locusts in the CaribbeanChristopher K. StarrOn the occasional outbreaks of Schistocerca gregaria2013-3
Herpetological coincidences and connections 1975Hans BoosInteresting series of connected events surrounding snakes.2013-3
Arima Valley Bioblitz 2013Mike G. RutherfordSummary of the second T&T BioBlitz in the Arima Valley.Collared Velvet Worm, Macroperipatus torquatus.2013-4
Reptile and Amphibian GroupJohn C. MurphyGroup ReportMapepire Balsain, Bothrops cf. asper, machete savane, Chironius carinatus; and a Mole's gecko, Sphaerodactylus molei, coffee snakes, Ninia atrata, ratonel, Pseudoboa neuwiedii. The giant treefrog, Hypsiboas boans, long tailed machete, Chironius septentrionalis, Mannophryne trinitatis, Flectonotus fitzgeraldi, Tupinambis2013-4
Bat GroupLuke RostantGroup ReportSeba’s Short-tailed fruit bat, Carollia perspicillata, Artibeus cinereus (Gervais’s fruit eating bat), Artibeus jamaicensis (Jamaican fruit eating bat), Artibeus lituratus (Great fruit eating bat), Glossophaga soricina (Common long tongued bat), Micronycteris minuta (Tiny big eared bat), Myotis keaysi (Hairy legged myotis), Phyllostomus hastatus (Greater spear nosed bat), Pteronotus parnellii (Common mustached bat), Saccopteryx bilineata (Greater white lined bat), Uroderma bilobatum (Common tent making bat), 2013-4
Bird GroupSanjiv ParasramGroup ReportVariegated Flycatcher, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Slaty-capped Flycatcher, White-flanked Antwren and an Olive-sided Flycatcher, Common Potoo, Hepatic Tanager, 2013-4
Freshwater GroupAmy Deacon, Ryan MohammedGroup Reportzangee (Synbranchus marmoratus) and an unusually large sardine (Astyanax bimaculatus), (Hypostomus robini and Ancistrus maracasae), Crenicichla sp. and Andinoacara pulcher., Micrathyria atra and the red-winged Hetaerina occisa, Odonata, dragon flies, manicou crab (Pseudothelphusa garmani garmani), Pomacea glauca and Marisa cornuarietis, Synedra ulna, 2013-4
Fungus GroupJeffrey Wong-SangGroup ReportCookeina sp.2013-4
Lepidoptera Group ReportKris SookdeoGroup ReportDysmathia portia, Semaeopus plumbeostricta, Opsiphanes cassia2013-4
Mollusc GroupMike G. RutherfordGroup ReportTarebia granifera.Brachypodella trinitaria, Choanopoma aripensis, Helicina dysoni, Naesiotus pilosus2013-4
Camera Trapping GroupCarl Fitzjames, ,Kelly WarrenGroup Reportdeer and agouti, Dasyprocta leporina, Mazama americana2013-4
Botany GroupLa Daana K. Kanhai, Aidan Farrell, Lester DoodnathGroup ReportDeer Meat (Centrapogon convolutes), Bronze Pagoda (Calathea casupito), Clusia aripoensis, Macrolobium trinit-ense, and Maytenus monticola., 2013-4
Arachnid GroupJo-Anne N. SewlalGroup ReportPhiliponella republicana2013-4
Social Insects GroupChristopher K. StarrGroup ReportAngiopolybia pallens, Metapolybia cingulata, Mischocyttarus alfkenii, M. prob. Collarellus, P. striata, Lestrimelitta spinosa , Nannotrigona testaceicornis, Trigona amalthea, Atta cephalotes, Azteca sp., Ectatomma ruidum, Eciton hamatum, Nasutitermes corniger, N. ephratae, Trypoxylon albipes2013-4
Scorpion GroupRakesh BhukalGroup ReportTityus discrepans, T. trinitatis, T. melanostictus and Broteochactas nitidus2013-4
Aripo Caves (26 Jan 2014)Kris SookdeoClub Field Trip. Some plant and animal observations including a small fer-de-lance, Bothrops cf. aspercooper hoop or moun-tain rose, Brownea coccinea, Costus scaber, Anoura geoffroyi, Chilonycteris rubiginosa fusca, Glossophaga soricina, fer-de-lance, Bothrops cf. asper, Mannophryne trinitatis, Gongora maculata, Maxillaria2014-1
Guadeloupe 2013Kay HinksonOverseas Field Trip2014-1
Erin Savannah (30 Mar 2014)Richard AcostaClub Field Trip. A search is made for remaining Moriche Palms and eventually one is found.Mauritia flexuosa, Genipa americana, Avicularia avicularia, Parides sesostris trinitensis, 2014-1
Inspiration in an artist's gardenAmy DeaconArt Group Trip. A visit to Ajoupa Pottery in Chickland2014-1
The Cumaca Cave, from a perspective of 5o years laterMartin Warwick BermerAccount of the 1964 Cumaca Cave tragedy told by one of the divers.2014-1
Northern Range Crossing 2001 (Part 1)Reginald PotterAccount of how a small group hiked for several days over the Northern Range in 20012014-1
Jumping Guabines in Northern Range RiversDouglas FraserLecture SummaryRivulus hartii2014-1
Encounters with Bothrops (Part 1)Hans BoosA collections of different encountersBothrops caribbaeus, B. lanceolatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper2014-1
From Dolphins to Damselfish - A Marine Biologist's Perspective (22 Feb 2014)Amy DeaconSurvey Group Trip to Huevos in 2014Tursiops truncatus, Huevos, bottlenose dolphin, angelfish, Holacanthus ciliaris, Pomacanthus arcuatus, Pomacanthus paru, stoplight parrotfish, Sparisoma viride, blue-head wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum, white-spotted filefish, Cantherhines macrocerus, French and blue-striped grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum and H. sciurus, porkfish, Anisotremus virginicus, Spanish hogfish, Bodianus rufus, spotfin butterflyfish, Chaetodon ocellatus, blue tang, Acanthurus coeruleus, doctorfish, A.chirurgus and ocean surgeonfish, A. bahianus, sergeant majors, Abudefduf saxatilis, territorial dusky and biocolour damselfish, Stegastes adustus, S. partitus, green moray, Gymnothorax funebris, green turtle (Chelonia mydas), zebra periwinkles, Echinolittorina ziczac, Grapsus grapsus, Littorina nebulusa, West Indian fuzzy chiton, Acanthopleura granulata, marbled chiton, Chiton marmoratus, spotted dove shell, Nitidella ocellata, 2014-2
A Birder's Perspective (22 Feb 2014)Matt KellySurvey Group Trip. Birds of HuevosMagnificent Frigatebird, Fregata magnificens, Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis, Black Vulture, Coragyps atratus, Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, Short-tailed Hawk, Buteo brachyurus, Copper-rumped Hummingbird, Amazilia tobaci, Crimson-crested Woodpecker, Campephilus melanoleucos, Yellow-headed Caracara, Milvago chimachima, Orange winged Parrot, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Myiarchus tyrannulus, Boat-billed Flycatcher, Megarynchus pitangua, Red-eyed Vireo, Vireo olivaceus, House Wren, Troglodytes aedon, Spectacled Thrush, Turdus fumigatus, Tropical Parula, Parula pitiayumi, Golden-crowned Warbler, Basileuterus culicivorus, White-lined Tanager, Tachyphonus rufus, Blue-gray Tanager, Thraupis episcopus, Red-legged Honeycreeper, Cyanerpes cyaneus, Bananaquit Coereba flaveola Streaked Saltator Saltator striatipectus perstriatus, Grayish Saltator Saltator coerulescens brewsteri, Yellow Oriole Icterus nigrogular, Tropidurus plica, Thecadactylus rapicauda, Cnemidophorus lemniscatus, Chlorostibon mellisugus, Troglodytes aedon, Megascops choliba, 2014-2
The Bats of Huevos (22 Feb 2014)Mark S GreenerSurvey Group Trip. Bats on Huevos Jamaican fruit-eating bats, Artibeus jamaicensis, common big-eared bat, Micronycteris megaloti, common long-tongued bat, Glossophaga soricina, greater long-tongued bat, G. longirostris, greater fishing bat, Noctilio leporinus, 2014-2
The Terrestrial Invertebrates of Huevos (22 Feb 2014)Mike G RutherfordSurvey Group Trip. The Terrestrial Invertebrates of Huevos Lucidella lirata, Orthalicus undatus, Neocyclotus translucidus trinitensis, Plekocheilus glaber, Helicina dysoni, Subulina octona, Streptartemon glaber, Drymaeus vincentinus, Bulimulus, Tityus trinitatis, Tityus melanostictus, Nephila clavipes, Lyssomanes sp, Cynortula sp, Mantoida fulgidipennis, Thesprotia filum, Liturgusa maya, Polybia occidentalis, Atta cephalotes, Nasutitermes corniger, Erythrodiplax umbrata, dragonfly, Chalcolepidius porcatus,2014-2
The Lepidoptera Report - Working the Night Shift (22 Feb 2014)Kris SookdeoSurvey Group Trip. Butterflies and Moths on Huevos Melanis electron, Anteros carausius, Campephilus melanoleucos, oilbird, 2014-2
Physical Geography of Huevos (22 Feb 2014)Glenn WilkesSurvey Group Trip. Physical Geography of Huevos2014-2
Overnight Trip to Grand Riviere (30 Aug 2014)Kris SookdeoGroup Trip to Grand TacaribeTelchin licus, Castniidae, crapaud, Rhinella marina, Coccoloba uvifera, Automeris liberia, Brassolis sophorae, Tropidacris cristata, Tityus tenuicauda, Bothrops cf. asper, Tityus trinitatis, Caranx hippos, Aedes taeniorhynchus, Anopheles bellator, Anopheles homunculus, Haemagogus janthinomys, Phoniomyia splendida, Culicoides sp. Blackflies, Simulium sp. Horseflies, Tabanus lineola, Tityus tenuicauda, Tityus trinitatis2014-3
In Search of Salto AngelJohn lum YoungA Venezuelan AdventureSotalia fluviatilis, dolphin, Ceryle torquata, osprey, Pandion haliaetus, wattled jacana, Jacana jacana, pied water-tyrant, Fluvicola pica, anhinga, Anhinga anhinga, Mauritia flexuosa, Venezuela, savanna serrette, Byrsonima crassifolia, Cephaelis tomentosa, jereton, Didymopanax morototoni, niauré, Calliandra guildingii, Pentaclethra macroloba, Ara macao, Canaima National Park2014-3
Painting at Pointe a Pierre (22 Jun 2014)Amy DeaconArt group trip to the PAP Wildfowl Trust2014-3
Escondida Bay, Pointe Gourde (27 Apr 2014)Avinash GajadharMagnificent frigatebird, Fregata magnificens Brown pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis Black vulture, Coragyps atratus Turkey vulture, Cathartes aura White hawk, Pseudastur albicollis Laughing gull, Leucophaeus atricilla Feral pigeons, Columba livia Ruddy ground dove, Columbina talpacoti Swift, Apodidae spp. Cocoa woodcreeper, Xiphorhynchus susurrans Brown - crested flycatcher, Myiarchus tyrannulus Great kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus Grey - breasted martin, Progne chalybea Southern rough - winged swallow, Stelgidopteryx ruficollis Tropical mockingbird, Mimus gilvus Palm tanager, Thraupis palmarum Blue - grey tanager, Thraupis episcopus White - tipped dove, Leptotila verreauxi Red - eyed vireo, Vireo olivaceus Yellow - headed caracara, Milvago chimachima Short - tailed hawk, Buteo brachyurus Tropical parula, Setophaga pitiayumi Violaceous euphonia, Euphonia violacea, Synoeca spp, Bois d’orme, Guazuma ulmifolia Silk cotton, Ceiba pentandra Bois flot, Ochroma pyramidale Naked Indian/tourist tree, Bursera simaruba Philodendron spp Hog plum, Spondias monbin Sapodilla, Morisonia americana Marsdenia spp Chenet, Melicocca bijuga Catasetum maculatum Bois canot, Cecropia peltata Carat palm, Sabal mauritiiformis Mountain rose, Brownea latifolia Bloodwood, Croton gossypifolius Stavewood/cuchape, Coccoloba latifolia, tufted capuchin, Cebus apella2014-3
The Pioneers of Turtle Conservation In Trinidad and TobagoIan Lambieturtle, leatherback, patrol,research,conservation, Dermochelys,2014-3
Northern Range Crossing 2001 (Part 2)Reg PotterAccount of how a small group hiked for several days over the Northern Range in 20012014-3
Encounters with Bothrops (Part 2)Hans BoosA collections of different encountersBothrops caribbaeus, B. lanceolatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper2014-3
From the Archives: Chacachacare Overnight (1997)Dan JaggernauthClub Field Trip. Several bird observations. Dan details the mysterious "sand dance".2014-3
Book Review: Ten Thousand BirdsMatt Kelly2014-3
Nariva Swamp BioBlitz 2014 - General ReportMike G RutherfordSummary of the 2014 BioBlitz2014-4
Amphibian and Reptile Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)John C. MurphyErythrolamprus cobellus, Leptodactylus longirostris, Leptodactylus hylaedactylus, Helicops angulatus, Tantilla melanocephala.2014-4
Bat Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Luke RostantArtibeus cinereus Artibeus jamaicensis, Artibeus lituratus, Carollia perspicillata, Glossophaga soricina, Micronycteris megalotis, Mimon crenulatum, Phylloderma stenops, Phyllostomus hastatus, Pteronotus davyi, Pteronotus parnelli, Pteronotus personatus, Rhynchonycteris naso, Saccopteryx bilineata Sturnira tildae, Tonatia saurophila, Uroderma biolobatum, Vampyrodes caraccioli2014-4
Fungus Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Jeffrey Wong Sang2014-4
Bird Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Feroze OmardeenAplomado Falcon, Glossy ibis, Double toothed kite, barn owl, Azure gallinule, Plain-breasted ground dove, Brown crested flycatcher, Myiarchus tyrannulus, Crested caracara, Caracara cheriway, Blue and yellow macaw, Ara ararauna, Black-bellied plover, Pluvialis squatarola, Tropical screech owl, Megascops choliba, Limpkin, Aramus guarauna 2014-4
Bird Banding Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Darshan NarangAmerican pygmy kingfishers, Chloroceryle aenea, golden headed manakin, Pipra erythrocephala, little hermit, Phaetornis longuemareus. Thraupis palmarum melanoptera, turquoise Tangara mexicana vieillioti, white tailed goldenthroat, Polytmus guainumbi guainumbi, white-chested emerald, Amazilia brevirostris, yellow warbler, Dendroica petechia aestiva, northern waterthrush, Seirus noveboracensis, plain-breasted ground doves, Columbina minuta minuta2014-4
Aquatic Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Amy Deacon and Ryan Mohammedcatfish, Sciades herzbergii, snook or ‘bochet’, Centropomus undecimilalis, goby, swamp guppies, Micropoecilia picta, prawns, Macrobrachium jelskii, a swimming crab, Callinectes sp., mangrove crabs, Aratus pisonii, and fiddler crabs, Uca rapax, cavalli jack, Caranx hippos, catfish, Sciades herzbergii, two species of puffer fish, Sphoeroides testudineus, Colomesus psittacus, mullet, Mugil sp. Stagmomantis carolina, Poecilia reticulata, swamp guppies, Micropoecilia picta, Characins, cascadu, Hoplosternum littorale, leaf fish or king coscorob, Polycentrus schomburgkii, mullet, Mugil sp., and tarpon, Megalops atlanticus, spectacled caimans, Caiman crocodilus, zangee, Synbranchus marmoratus, a guabine, Hoplias malabaricus, freshwater crabs, Dilocarcinus dentatus, Pseudis paradoxa,, Cathorops spixii, Hypostomus robinii and Pseudauchenipterus nodosus, Cathorops spixii, Pseudauchenipterus nodosus, Ischnura capreolus, ‘flame - tailed pond - hawk’, Erythemis peruviana , and the ‘band - winged dragonlet’, Erythrodiplax umbrata2014-4
Lepidoptera Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Kris SookdeoGreat southern white, Ascia monuste, four-spotted sailor, Dynamine postverta, Chlorostrymon simaethis, Helicopis cupido, Eueides isabella, Automeris sp2014-4
Arachnid Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Jo-Anne SewlalGolden orb weaver Nephila clavipes Prionostemma cf insulare (Sclerosomatidae), Santinezia serratotibialis (Cranaidae) Ischnothele cauda Dolomedes sp and Tetragnatha sp2014-4
Camera Trapping Report (BioBlitz 2014)Mike G RutherfordRed-rumped agouti, Dasyprocta leporina, common opossum, Didelphis marsupialis, tegus, Tupinambis teguixin2014-4
Botany Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)La Danna Kanhai and Mike Oathamcoconut trees, Cocos nucifera, red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle, lotus plants, Nelumbo nucifera, nymphaea water lilies, Nelumbo pubescens, water hyacinths, Eichhornia crassipes, moriche palms, Mauritia flexuosa, royal palm, Roystonea oleracea2014-4
Social Insect Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Christopher K StarrApis mellifera, Costus scaber (Zingiberaceae), Heliconia hirsuta, Ectatomma ruidum, Pachycondyla sp, Odontomachus, Anochetus emarginatus, Cephalotes atratus, Nasutitermes corniger and Microcerotermes arboreus, Hymenoptera Pepsis sp. (Pompilidae), solitary, tarantula - hunting wasp Odontomachus prob. bauri (Formicidae) Odontomachus sp. (Formicidae), smaller and darker than O. bauri Neivamyrmex sp . (Formicidae), small black army ant Angiopolybia pallens (Vespidae) Trinidad’s common- est social wasp in forest, drinks sweat Agelaia multipicta (Vespidae), social wasp Polybia rejecta (Eumenidae) social wasp, Hymenoptera Polybia occidentalis (Eumenidae) commonest social wasp in open areas of both Trinidad and Tobago Sceliphron prob . fistularium (Sphecidae), solitary wasp, mud nests on buildings Zeta canaliculatus (Vespidae), solitary wasp, mud nests on buildings Apoica pallens (Vespiae), n A. pallida (Vespidae), A. pallens, Mischocyttarus rotundicollis2014-4
Scorpion Group Report (BioBlitz 2014)Rakesh BhukalTityus trinitatis, Broteochactas nitidus, Ananteris cussinii, Tityus discrepans, T. trinitatis, T. melanostictus, Broteochactas nitidus Ananteris cussinii2014-4
Victor Quesnel The Passing Of A LegendYasmin S. Baksh–ComeauAccount of the life of Victor Quesnel2015-1
Where Have All The Fish Gone?Reginald PotterOpinion piece on overfishing2015-1
Art In The DarkAmy DeaconArt Group Trip Report, 20th November 20142015-1
A Caroni Swamp ChristmasShereen AliTrip into the Caroni Swamp after the 2015 Annual Lunch2015-1
Your Ideas And ObservationsFicus schumacheri, Gasparee Cave, 2015-1
Flooding In Manzanilla Another Expensive Man-Made DisasterIan LambieOpinion piece about the Manzanilla flooding event in 2014 and the history of degradation in the area.2015-1
William H. PayneIan LambieTribute to the late naturalist W.H. Payne2015-1
Nidifugy And The Limits Of ComputationChristopher K. StarrHow does the hen keep track of all those chicks?2015-1
Encounters With Bothrops (Part 3)Hans BoosA collections of different encountersBothrops caribbaeus, B. lanceolatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper2015-1Encounters With Bothrops (Part 3)
In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 1)Glen WilkesMemoirs of a two week paddle around Trinidad in a canoe in 19852015-1In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 1)
Where Have The Frogs Gone?Hans BoosObservations on the decline of amphibians around the author's house in Blue BasinRhinella marina, (cane toad) Mannophryne trinitatis (Trinidad stream frog) Hypsiboas boans (giant tree frog) Hypsiboas crepitans (rattle-voiced tree frog) Phyllomedusa trinitatis (Trinidad leaf frog) Dendropsophus microcephalus (small headed tree frog) Pristimantis urichi (Urich’s litter frog) Trachycephalus typhonius (milky tree frog/ warty tree frog) Elachistocleis sp.(narrow-mouthed frog/siren frog) Leptodactylus validus (Garman’s thin-toed frog) Leptodactylus fuscus (whistling frog) Engystomops pustulosus (tungara frog) Scinax ruber (lesser brown tree frog)2015-1Where Have The Frogs Gone?
Overnight Trip To ChacachacareMatt KellyClub Field Trip. January 24 - 25, 2015rufous nightjar, (Caprimulgus rufus) cotton plants (Gossypium barbadense) sansevieria plant (Sansevieria hyacinthoides) Oeceoclades maculata Bromelia humilis Aedes taenoirhynchus mangrove cuckoo xerophytic button mangrove (Conocarpus erectus) brine shrimp, (Artemia sp) Bande du Sud Bay Megascops choliba Conirostrum bicolor French angelfish, ‘footballers’ (sergeant majors), garfish, and a stingray white-tailed nightjar Thecadactylus rapicauda dolphin Northern scrub-flycatcher Sublegatus arenarum2015-2Overnight Trip To Chacachacare
Mount TamanaMarlene MaynardClub Field Trip Report, February 23, 2015Rubber tree - Castilia elastica Sicana trinitensis2015-2Mount Tamana
Your Ideas And ObservationsLeptodactylus longirostri CDA’s Chaguaramas Master Plan Neotropical River Otter2015-2Your Ideas And Observations
El Socorro Centre For Wildlife ConservationAmy DeaconArt Group Report, April 25, 20152015-2El Socorro Centre For Wildlife Conservation
The 'Alternative' Trip To La Laja WaterfallReginald PotterClub Field Trip Report, March 29, 2015. After a last minute change to the schedule some members find themselves on a alternative field trip to La Laja Waterfall2015-2The ‘Alternative’ Trip To La Laja Waterfall
Encounters With Bothrops (Part 4)Hans BoosA collections of different encountersBothrops caribbaeus, B. lanceolatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper2015-2Encounters With Bothrops (Part 4)
In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 2)Glen WilkesMemoirs of a two week paddle around Trinidad in a canoe in 19852015-2In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 2)
Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars And The Search For The World's Largest ViperHans BoosBook Review2015-2“Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars And The Search For The World’S Largest Viper”
Matura ForestMike RutherfordHerpetology Field Trip Report, January 13, 2015túngara frog, Engystomops pustulosus Polychrus marmoratus Urich’s prophet frog, Pristimantis urichi long-tailed machete savanne, Macrops (formerly Chironius) septentrionalis slug-eating snake, Sibon nebulata turnip-tailed gecko, Thecadactylus rapicauda dwarf marsupial frogs, Flectonotus fitzgeraldi Leptodactylus fuscus, hylaedactylus Rhinella marina, and the ditch frog, Leptodactylus validus.2015-3Matura Forest
North Manzanilla: The 'Road To Hell'?Nicholas See WaiClub Field Trip Report, April 26, 2015. Trip along the Manzanilla coastjumbie bead, Abrus precatorius 2015-3North Manzanilla: The ‘Road To Hell’?
Appreciating Algae At Saline BayPaula SmithBotany Trip Report, March 21, 2015Gracilia sp. Padina spp. Sargassum polyceratium green, brown and red algae Chaetmorpha sp. Enteromorpha sp Bryothamnion sp Trichogloea sp Sargassum polyceratium Caulerpa sp Crustose algae Dictyota Padina gymnospora Galaxura Acanthophora muscoides Dictyota ciliolata Centroceras clavulatum Caulerpa chemnitzia 2015-3Appreciating Algae At Saline Bay
Brechin Castle Sugar Estate And The Indo-Caribbean MuseumVanessa N. Ramrattan & Arielle K. RamadharsinghBotany Group Report, June 14, 2015. Visit to the Sugar Heritage Village project, 2015-3Brechin Castle Sugar Estate And The Indo-Caribbean Museum
Your Ideas And ObservationsMike's millipede, Tacaribe turtles: lessons learned, A wildmeat price database, Observation of Helicopis cupido at Granville2015-3Your Ideas And Observations
In and out of an old volcanoChristopher K. Starr & JoAnne N. SewlalBug Group Report on trip to St Eustatius, January, 2015Polistes crinitus Sceliphron prob. Fasciatum tarantula hawk Pepsis ruficornis Tapinauchenius sensitive plant Mimosa pudica, Manila palm Adonidia merrilli, or coral vine Antigonon leptopus Nasutitermes corniger Termes hispaniolae hermit crab Coenobita clypeatus Anolis schwartzi red-bellied racer, Alsophis rufiventris Philodendron gigantea Aleimosphenus licinus Iguana delicatissima2015-3In And Out Of An Old Volcano
Only a Wasp, Only a Bush, Only the EarthHans BoosCommentary by Hans Boos on the degradation of the natural environment2015-3Only A Wasp, Only A Bush… Only The Earth
Encounters With Bothrops (Part 5)Hans BoosA collections of different encountersBothrops caribbaeus, B. lanceolatus, Bothrops atrox, Bothrops asper2015-3Encounters With Bothrops (Part 5)
In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 3)Glen WilkesMemoirs of a two week paddle around Trinidad in a canoe in 19852015-3In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 3)
Charlotteville BioBlitz 2015Mike G RutherfordSummary of the 2015 BioBlitz2015-4
Amphibian and Reptile Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)John MurphyAmphibian and Reptile Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Pristimantis, Anolis cf tigrinis, Boa constrictor, blind snake, Amerotyphlops trinitatus, single-lined ground snake, Atractus univittatus, A. fuliginosa, 2015-4
Mammal Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Luke Rostant and Mike G RutherfordMammal Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Geoffroy’s hairy-legged bat, Anoura geoffreyi, fruit eating, Artibeus jamaicensis, Artibeus cinereus and Sturnira lilium, Carollia perspicillata, Micronycteris megalotis, Saccopteryx leptura, Anoura geoffreyi, Glossophaga longirostris, crab-eating raccoons (Procyon cancrivorus), red-rumped agouti (Dasyprocta leporina) nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), Robinson’s mouse opossum (Marmosa robinsoni), common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis), red-tailed squirrels (Sciurus granatensis) Brazilian spiny tree-Rat (Makalata didelphoides), Trinidad spiny pocket mouse (Heteromys anomalus). 2015-4
Fungi Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Jeffrey Wong SangFungi Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)2015-4
Bird Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Darshan Narang and Faraaz AbdoolBird Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Northern waterthrush (Seiurus noveboracensis), Cerulean warbler (Dendroica cerulea), ochre-bellied flycatchers, rufous-breasted hermit, copper- rumped hummingbirds, bananaquits, fuscous flycatcher, palm tanager, red-eyed vireo and cocoa woodcreeper, Rufous-vented chachalaca, White-tailed nightjar, Trinidad motmot (Momotus bahamensis), white-tailed sabrewing (Campylopterus ensipennis), Red-crowned woodpecker, magnificent frigatebirds, 2015-4
Terrestrial Invertebrates Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Christopher K. Starr, Shane Manchouck, Kris Sookdeo, Rakesh Bhukal, Virmal Arjoonsingh, Mike G. RutherfordTerrestrial Invertebrates Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Stingless bee Melipona favosa (Plebeia nr. frontalis and Trigona nigra), carpenter bees (Xylocopa spp.), Polybia occidentalis, Sceliphron fistularium (Sphecidae), Trypoxylon albitarse (Pemphredonidae) and Zeta argillaceum (Vespidae), common bachac Atta cephalotes, Ectatomma ruidum, E. tuberculatum, tactac Odontomachus sp. Trinidad's largest ant, Pachycondyla crassonoda, Microcerotermes arboreus, Nasutitermes corniger, giant centipede Scolopendra sp., Pandirodesmus rutherfordi, Syngamia florella, Tityus, Terrestrial flatworm, Plekochielus glaber, Austrocyclotus rugatus, Subulina octona, Helicina dysoni, 2015-4
Aquatic Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Amy Deacon, Ryan Mohammed and Neil CookAquatic Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Bottlenose dolphins, Banded coral shrimp, lionfish (Pterois sp.), cup coral, Tubastrea coccinea, Cladocerans and ostracods, (Tarebia sp. and Melanoides sp.), freshwater mullet, Agonostomus monticola, freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium spp.), American eel, Anguilla rostrata, sleeper goby, Gobiomorus dormitor, swamp eel, Synbranchus marmoratus, zangee, marine snapper, Lutjanus greseus (pague), manicou crabs (Rodriguezus garmani – formerly in the genus Eudaniela)2015-4
Plant Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Mike OathamPlant Group Report (BioBlitz 2015)Duguetia tobagansis, palm Prestoea acuminata, ferns Cyathea pungens, and Cnemidaria spectabilis. Rivina humilis, Amyris ignea, silver thatch palm (Coccothrinax barbedensis), Coral vine, (crappo-cabbage palm forest), Semi-Evergreen Seasonal Forest (sandbox-cogwood - hogplum forest), Dry Evergreen - Littoral Woodlands (seaside grape – manchineel thicket), Deciduous Seasonal Forest (simaruba – silverthatch – dogroot thicket), Young Sec- ondary Forest, Secondary Forest - Former Cocoa plantation and Bamboo Thicket. The Xerophytic Rainforest (balata – blue copper forest (on Ultra - Mafic Soil), Prestoea acuminata, Coccothrinax barbadensis, silver thatch palm, Rivinia humilis, Amyris ignea, Cyathea pungens, Cnemidaria spectabilis 2015-4
The Magic of La Foret (29 Nov 2015)Kris SookdeoClub Field Trip. Visit to La Foret, Toco. Members make several plant observations and enjoy the spectacular scenery.Chrysobalanus icaco, Avicularia avicularia, ringed kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata, Coccoloba uvifera, Terminalia catappa, 2016-1
Plant Science Down The Islands (3 Oct 2015)Ariel MohanSurvey Group Report Pt 1. Ariel Mohan, Aidan Farrell and Joshua Spiers discuss their study of vegetation on Huevos. Particularly, Anthurium jenmanii, Agave evadens, Anthurium hookeri, 2016-1
Additional Notes from Huevos (3 Oct 2015)Amy DeaconSurvey Group Report Pt 2. Summary of the group's activities which included camera trapping, light trapping, hawksbill turtles, fungi and reptiles on the island. 2016-1
Barcant's Beautiful Butterflies (10 Oct 2015)Amy DeaconArt Group Report. The group visits the Barcant Butterfly Collection at the Angostura Museum2016-1
Cumaca Cave (31 Jan 2016)Imran Khanmora (Mora excelsa), penny piece (Pouteria multiflora), (Uroderma bilobatum), oilbirds (Steatornis caripensis), 2016-1
Your Ideas And ObservationsAnolis aeneus, jep tatu nest wasps (Synoeca surinama)2016-1
Bugs in Bush BushRakesh BhukalRed-bellied macaw, Orthopsittaca manilatus, Leptodactylus longirostris, Scinax ruber and Leptodactylus validus, Zeta abdominale, Nasutitermes corniger and N. ephratae, Tityus trinitatis, Microtityus rickyi, Broteochactas nitidus, Ananteris cussini and T. clathratus, Erythrolamprus cobellus, Corallus ruschenburgeri, Megascops choliba, 2016-1
Nature in the NewsSummary of environmental news for Q1 20152016-1
Hawksbill TurtlesHans BoosCommentary2016-1
An Error Brought On By Wishful ThinkingChristopher K. StarrMistaken identity of an ant2016-1
The Invention Of Nature -Alexander Von Humboldt's New World By Andrea WulfMatt KellyBook Review2016-1
Birding In The Southwest PeninsulaFeroze OmardeenBird Group Trip Report, March 17, 20162016-1
Clayton Hull: Our Loss And His LegacySelwyn GomesIn memoriam to the late Clayton Hull2016-1
In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 4)Glen WilkesMemoirs of a two week paddle around Trinidad in a canoe in 19852016-1
L'Eau Michele And Digity Mud VolcanoesMatt KellyField Trip Report, February 28, 2016parrot apple (Clusia rosea), bromeliads, Cephalotes atratus, the turtle ant, Digity2016-2
Aripo Savannah And CumutoFeroze OmardeenBird Group Report, May 15 2016Orthopsittaca manilatus, Tachornis squamata, sulphury flycatcher (Tyrannopsis sulphurea), 2016-2
Caurita Carvings: A Journey To Our PastChrisalene DedierField Trip Report, April 24 20162016-2
Art In Paradise: San Antonio GardensAmy DeaconArt Group Report, May 7 20162016-2
Herps And HoneybeesMike RutherfordHerpetology Group Report, June 4 2016pink-toed tarantula (Avicularia avicularia), moriche palm (Mauritia flexuosa), bees, Rhinella beebei Beebe’s Toad Rhinella marina Marine Toad Leptodactylus fuscus Whistling Frog Leptodactylus validus Ditch Frog Dendropsophus microcephalus Yellow Treefrog Scinax ruber Bathroom Frog Scarthyla vigilans Pale Grey-Green Treefrog Hypsiboas punctatus Polka-dot Treefrog Engystomo pspustulosus Tungara Frog Iguana iguana Green Iguana Kentropyx striatus Whiptail Lizard Oxybelis aeneus Horsewhip snake2016-2
Arena ForestFeroze OmardeenBird Group Report, June 12, 20162016-2
Macajuel PondImran KhanField Trip Report, May 31 2015Neotropical otter scat (Lontra longicaudis, Phyllomedusa trinitatis2016-2
Nature In The NewsKris SookdeoSummary of environmental news for Q1 20152016-2
What Is Life Without A Knife? (Part 1 Of 3)Hans BoosA memoir by Hans Boos2016-2
Your Ideas And ObservationsThe right stuff, A note on the Trinidad striped swamp snake, 2016-2
In The Wake Of The Caribs (Part 5)Glen WilkesMemoirs of a two week paddle around Trinidad in a canoe in 19852016-2
Celebrating Our BiodiversityAmy Deacon and Roma Wong SangReport on the Schools’ Art Competition2016-3
Showcasing Our BiodiversityMike RutherfordReport on the National Museum Exhibition2016-3
Members' MemoirsMembers of the club share their memories2016-3
A Vision For The ClubRoma Wong Sang2016-3
What The Field Naturalists' Club Means To MeHans Boos2016-3
My Field Naturalists' RecollectionsGlen Wilkes2016-3
My Ttfnc MemoirsMala Guinness2016-3
Ttfnc Members In The (Natural) History BooksAmy Deacon and Mike G. RutherfordDiscoveries by and species named after Club members2016-3
125 Years Of The Trinidad And Tobago Field Naturalists’ ClubA timeline of Club history2016-3
Musings On Our MottoMeaning of 'Natura Maxime Miranda in Minimis'2016-3
Reflections On 49 Years With The TtfncElisha Tikasingh2016-3
A Natural ConnectionMemoirs of couples united by the club2016-3
My Ttfnc MemoirsHaroon Husain2016-3
A PoemMala Guinness2016-3
Snippets Of Club HistoryIan Lambie2016-3
A Plan For The Club's FutureKris Sookdeo2016-3
Celebrating With FoodAmy Deacon2016-3
A Few Words From The President...Kris Sookdeo2016-3
Port Of Spain Bioblitz 2016Mike RutherfordGeneral report of the POS Bioblitz Friday 4th - Sunday 6th November2016-4
Nature Fair Report [Bioblitz 2016]Mike Rutherford2016-4
Mammal Group Reports [Bioblitz 2016]Luke Rostant and Mike G. RutherfordCommon longtongued bat Glossophaga soricina Nectarivore Gervais' fruiteating bat Artibeus cinereus Frugivore Great fruit-eating bat Artibeus lituratus Frugivore Jamaican fruiteating bat Artibeus jamaicensis Frugivore Little big-eared bat Mictronycteris megalotis Slow flying insectivore Little yellowshouldered bat Sturnira lilium Frugivore Pale sear-nosed bat Phyllostomus discolor Omnivore Seba's shorttailed bat Carollia perspicillata Frugivore White-winged vampire bat Diaemus youngi Sanguivore Herpestes auropunctatus Trinidad water rat (Nectomys palmipes)2016-4
Amphibian And Reptile Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Renoir AugusteCaiman crocodilus scorpion mud turtle Kinosternon scorpioides Bronze Anolis Lizard Anolis aeneus Trinidad stream frog Mannophryne trinitatis Lesser Antillean whistling frog Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Cuvier’s dwarf caiman Paleosuchus palpebrosus2016-4
Bird Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Darshan Narangpearl kite, peregrine falcon, grey-lined hawk, zone-tailed hawk, shorttailed hawk, bat falcon and merlin; hummingbirds copper-rumped hummingbird, green hermit, whitechested emerald, blue-chinned sapphire, little hermit and one of the world’s smallest birds, the tufted coquette; shorebirds and seabirds: greater yellowlegs, lesser yellowlegs, semipalmated sandpiper, brown pelican, magnificent frigatebird, whimbrel, semipalmated plover and black-necked
Terrestrial Invertebrate Reports [Bioblitz 2016]Pauline Geerah, Rakesh Bhukal, Avion Phillips, Mike G. Rutherfordtomato butterfly (Temenis laothoe hondurensis) (Anartia jatrophae jatrophae) and a skipper (Pyrgus orcus) lady slippers (Pierella hyalinus hyalinus) Azeta melanea Hermes satyrs (Hermeuptychia hermes). beautiful bamboo page (Siproeta stelenes meridonalis). (Tramea calverti, Orthemis schmidti, Erythrodiplax umbrata, Tramea binotata, Perithemis mooma, Erythemis vesiculosa, Erythrodiplax fusca) and one damselfly, Argia pulla. Tityus melanostictus, Microtityus rickyi, Broteochactas nitidus, Tityus tenuicauda and Ananteris cussinii. Orbweaver Spider (Leucauge venusta) Velvet worm (Epiperipatus imthurni) Land snail (Subulina octona)2016-4
Microbiology Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Nikhella Winter, Akilah Stewart and Renee Ali2016-4
Aquatic Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Amy Deacon and Ryan Mohammed2016-4
Plant Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Mike Oatham and Shane T. BallahPurple sweet pea (Dioclea guianensis) Dyer’s mulberry (Maclura tinctoria)2016-4
Fungus Group Report [Bioblitz 2016]Jeffrey Wong Sang2016-4
Caura Jumbie CaveNicholas See WaiField Trip Report, Sunday 27 November, 2016striped cuckoo (Tapera naevia) turkey vulture (Cathartes aura) cecropia (Cecropia glaziovii) grey headed kite (Leptodon cayanensis) fricanized bees (Apis mellifera scutellata) Smooth-billed anis (Crotophaga ani) and crested oropendolas (Psaracolius decumanus)2017-1
In The New New WorldChristopher K. Starr'Naturalist In' SeriesPhilip Henry Gosse2017-1
Caltoo TraceKamal MahabirBird Group Trip, July 17, 2016Ferruginous Pygmy Owls blue ground dove blue and gold macaws azure gallinule 1. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 2 2. Great Egret 1 3. Little Blue Heron 1 4. Cattle Egret 1 5. Striated Heron 2 6. Black Vulture 2 7. Turkey Vulture 2 8. Savanna Hawk 2 9. Gray-necked Wood-Rail 4 heard 10. Purple Gallinule 1 11. Limpkin 2 12. Southern Lapwing 5 13. Wattled Jacana 2 14. Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) X 15. Pale-vented Pigeon 1 16. Ruddy Ground-Dove X 17. Blue Ground-Dove 1 perched in the open with no.16 for a few minutes 18. Striped Cuckoo 1 heard 19. Greater Ani 4 20. Smooth-billed Ani 12 21. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl 1 heard 22. Short-tailed Swift 5 23. Black-throated Mango 2 male and female 24. Copper-rumped Hummingbird 1 25. Rufous-tailed Jacamar 1 heard 26. Lineated Woodpecker 1 27. Yellow-headed Caracara 2 28. Yellow-crowned Parrot X 29. Orange-winged Parrot X 30. Blue-and-yellow Macaw 5 5 seen flying and later 3 perched. Assumed was the same bunch. 31. Black-crested Antshrike 2 32. Barred Antshrike 2 33. Plain-brown Woodcreeper 1 34. Pale-breasted Spinetail 2 35. Yellow-bellied Elaenia 1 36. Pied Water-Tyrant 5 37. White-headed Marsh Tyrant 4 38. Great Kiskadee 4 39. Tropical Kingbird 6 40. Rufous-browed Peppershrike 1 heard 41. Gray-breasted Martin 10 42. House Wren 1 43. Tropical Mockingbird 6 44. Masked Yellowthroat 1 45. Masked Cardinal 1 46. Silver-beaked Tanager 1 47. Blue-gray Tanager 2 48. Palm Tanager 15 49. Blue-black Grassquit 4 50. Bananaquit 4 51. Giant Cowbird 30 52. Yellow Oriole 1 53. Yellow-rumped Cacique 2 54. Crested Oropendola 4 55. Violaceous Euphonia 12017-1
Strategic Plan Update2017-1
Your Ideas And ObservationsA call for caterpillars! and Capybara in Caroni2017-1
OilsandsReg PotterGeology Trip Report, September 25, 2016 to various oilsand structures2017-1
Mount St BenedictMatt KellyBird Trip Report, January 15, 2017savannah
serette (Byrsonima crassifolia) bracken fern
(Pteridium aquilinium) Trypoxylon manni Caribbean Pine
plantation (Pinus caribaea) 1. Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) 2 Heard calling in forest. 2. Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus) 30 Ubiquitous, flying overhead all day. 3. Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) 3 Sitting on a tower. 4. White Hawk (Leucopternis albicollis) 2 Courting or fighting. 5. Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo albonotatus) 1 Passed overhead a few times. 6. Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti) 6 7. White-tipped Dove (Leptotila verreauxi) 2 8. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl (Gaucidium brasilianum) 1 Heard. 9. Short-tailed Swift (Chaetura brachyuran) 4 10. Rufous-breasted Hermit (Glaucis hirsuta) 2 11. Little Hermit (Phaethornis longuemareus) 1 12. Ruby-topaz Hummingbird (Chrysolampis mosquitus) 1 13. Tufted Coquette (Lophornis ornatus) 1 14. Blue-tailed Emerald (Chlorostilbon mellisugus) 1 15. Copper-rumped Hummingbird (Amazilia tobaci) 6 16. Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) 1 Passed overhead. 17. Lilac-tailed Parrotlet (Touit batavica) 12 Two groups flew over. 18. Orange-winged Parrot (Amazona amazonica) 20 Give or take. 19. Green-rumped Parrotlet (Forpus passerines) 14 20. Barred Antshrike (Thamnophilus doliatus) 3 21. Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet (Camptostoma obsoletum) 7 22. Forest Elaenia (Myiopagis gaimardii) 1 23. Yellow-bellied Elaenia (Elaenia flavogaster) 7 24. Yellow-breasted Flycatcher (Tolmomyias flaviventris) 8 25. Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus) 6 26. Boat-billed Flycatcher (Megarynchus pitangua) 2 27. Tropical Kingbird (Tyrannus melancholicus) 6 28. White-bearded Manakin (Manacus manacus) 1 29. Rufous-browed Peppershrike (Cyclarhis gujanensis) 1 30. Golden-fronted Greenlet (Hylophilus aurantiifrons) 6 31. Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus) 1 Calling in forest. 32. Southern Rough-winged Swallow (Stelgidopteryx ruficollis) 2 33. House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) 12 34. Rufous-breasted Wren (Thryothorus rutilus) 1 35. Long-billed Gnatwren (Ramphocaenus melanurus) 4 36. Cocoa Thrush (Turdus fumigatus) 1 37. Spectacled Thrush (Turdus nudigenis) 6 38. Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus) 16 39. Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechial) 7 40. Golden-crowned Warbler (Basileuterus culicivorus) 1 41. White-lined Tanager (Tachyphonus rufus) 1 42. Silver-beaked Tanager (Ramphocelus carbo) 2 43. Blue-gray Tanager (Thraupis episcopus) 7 44. Palm Tanager (Thraupis palmarum) 40 Give or take. 45. Turquoise Tanager (Tangara mexicana) 10 46. Blue Dacnis (Dacnis cayana) 4 47. Green Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza) 2 48. Blue-black Grassquit (Volatinia jacarina) 11 50. Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola) 10 At least. 51. Grayish Saltator (Saltator coerulescens) 10 52. Shiny Cowbird (Coereba flaveola) 4 53. Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis) 2 Pair. 54. Crested Oropendola (Psarocolius decumanus) 1 55. Trinidad Euphonia (Euphonia trinitatis) 4 56. Violaceous Euphonia (Euphonia violacea) 5 One pair at nest.
Rio SecoStephanie Warren-GittensClub Trip Report, October 30, 2016. Simple trip to the waterfall that turns quickly when the rain begins to fall. 2017-1
Nature In The NewsKris SookdeoA quarterly summary of local environmental news2017-1
WaspsChristopher K. StarrBug Group Profile No. 1 - Synoeca surinama the djèp-tatu2017-1
Shining ShadowsKatrina KhanA natural history art showcase2017-1
Discovering Fungi Biodiversity In T&TJeffrey Wong Sang2017-1
Expedition To La Vache CaveHans Boosoilbirds, the guacharos, Steatornis caripens2017-1
Birding In Brasso SecoMatt KellyBird Trip Report, 11-12 March 20171.Little tinamou (heard in forest) 2.Magnificent frigatebird (one lone individual over forest) 3.Black vulture 4.Turkey vulture 5.Gray-headed kite 6.Plumbeous kite 7.Great black hawk 8.Common black hawk 9.White hawk 10.Zone-tailed hawk 11.Pale-vented pigeon 12.Ruddy ground dove 13.White-tipped dove 14.Smooth-billed ani 15.Striped cuckoo 16.Ferruginous pygmy owl 17.Mottled owl 18.Short-tailed swift 19.Gray-rumped swift 20.White-necked jacobin 21.Rufous breasted hermit 22.Green hermit 23.Black-throated mango 24.Blue-chinned sapphire 25.White-chested emerald 26.Copper-rumped hummingbird 27.Green-backed trogon 28.Guianan trogon 29.Chanelled-billed toucan 30.Golden-olive woodpecker 31.Lineated woodpecker 32.Lilac-tailed parrlotlet 33.Blue-headed parrot 34.Orange-winged parrot 35.Green-rumped parrotlet 36.Great antshrike 37.Barred antshrike 38.Cocoa woodcreeper 39.Pale-breasted spinetail 40.Southern beardless-tyrannulet 41.Forest elaenia 42.Yellow-headed elaenia 43.Yellow breasted flycatcher 44.Tropical pewee 45.Pied water tyrant 46.Bright-rumped attila 47.Great kiskadee 48.Boat-billed flycatcher 49.Streaked flycatcher 50.Piratic flycatcher 51.Variegated flycatcher 52.Tropical kingbird 53.Bearded bellbird 54.White-bearded manakin 55.Golden-headed manakin 56.Black-tailed tityra 57.Rufous-browed peppershrike 58.Golden-fronted greenlet 59.Red-eyed vireo 60.Southern rough-winged swallow 61.Gray-breasted martin 62.White-winged swallow 63.House wren 64.Rufous-breasted wren 65.Long-billed gnatwren 66.Cocoa thrush 67.Spectacled thrush 68.Tropical mockingbird 69.American redstart 70.White-shouldered tanager 71.White-lined tanager 72.Silver-beaked tanager 73.Blue-grey tanager 74.Palm tanager 75.Speckled tanager 76.Turquoise tanager 77.Bay-headed tanager 78.Blue dacnis 79.Purple honeycreeper 80.Green honeycreeper 81.Blue-back grassquit 82.Bananaquit 83.Sooty grassquit 84.Grayish saltator 85.Shiny cowbird 86.Giant cowbird 87.Yellow oriole 88.Yellow-rumped cacique 89.Crested oropendola 90.Trinidad euphonia 91.Violaceous euphonia2017-2
Asa Wright Nature CentreJohanne Ryan50 YEARS OF CONSERVATION AND EDUCATION2017-2
If You've Got It, Flaunt ItChristopher K. StarrHummingbirds about the house2017-2
Between Atlantic TidesChristopher K. StarrPhilip Henry Gosse2017-2
Grand CouvaMatt KellyBird Group Trip, February 12, 20171. Black vulture 2. Turkey vulture 3. Gray-headed kite 4. White hawk 5. Broad-winged hawk 6. Ferruginous pygmy owl 7. Little hermit 8. Blue-chinned sapphire 9. White-chested emerald 10. Copper-rumped hummingbird * 11. Rufous-tailed jacamar 12. Channel-billed toucan* 13. Golden-olive woodpecker* 14. Orange-winged parrot 15. Barred antshrike 16. White-flanked antwren 17. Streak-headed woodcreeper* 18. Streaked xenops 19. Forest elaenia 20. Ochre-bellied flycatcher 21. Yellow-olive flycatcher 22. Yellow-breasted flycatcher* 23. Tropical peewee* 24. Dusky-capped flycatcher 25. Great kiskadee* 26. Boat-billed flycatcher 27. Streaked flycatcher* 28. White-bearded manakin* 29. Golden-headed manakin 30. White-winged manakin 31. White-winged becard 32. Rufous-bowed peppershrike* 33. Golden-fronted greenlet* 34. Black-whiskered vireo 35. House wren 36. Rufous-breasted wren 37. Long-billed gnatwren 38. Cocoa thrush* 39. Spectacled thrush* 40. American redstart 41. Tropical parula 42. Yellow warbler 43. Blackpoll warbler 44. Golden-crowned warbler* 45. White-shouldered tanager 46. White-lined tanager* 47. Silver-beak tanager* 48. Blue-gray tanager* 49. Palm tanager* 50. Turquoise tanager* 51. Nay-headed tanager* 52. Blue dacnis* 53. Green honey creeper 54. Blue-black grassquit 55. Bananaquit* 56. Summer tanager 57. Crested oropendola* 58. Violaceous euphonia* * seen in the Ficus schumacheri tree2017-2
Luisa ZuniagaTribute to Luisa Zuniaga who served with distinction as TTFNC Secretary between the years 1982-19922017-2
Your Ideas And ObservationsRuschenberger’s tree boa colour variation and Mating mothsNatada debella Dyar (Limacodidae) Ruschenberger’s tree boa (Corallus ruschenbergerii) Cook’s tree boa Cascabel2017-2
Cocoa Estate At Fishing PondReynold BoyceClub Trip Report, 30th July 2017 tpo an old cocoa house in Fishing Pond2017-2
Celebrating Caribbean Bird DiversityJessica RozekReport on the 21st International BirdsCaribbean Conference at Topes de Collantes, Cuba from 13-17 July 2017.2017-2
Strategic Plan UpdateAmy Deacon2017-2
You Shouldn't Be In SchoolDr Elisha Tikasingh celebrates his 90th year with the publication of his memoirsiguana poaching quarry Moruga grasshopper, Coscineuta virens anaconda oill spill green turtles kilgwyn2017-2
Nature In The News2017-2
TalparoFeroze OmardeenBird Group Trip, June 11, 20172017-2
Begorrat, Bourbon Cane, Breadfruit And
Bamboo In Trinidad
Hans BoosOn the origins of the bamboo, breadfruit and Bourbon caneBambusa vulgaris2017-2

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