Newspaper Natural History Series


The Club started publishing a weekly newspaper series in 2014. These articles appear in the Thursday edition of the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

#TitleAuthorDescriptionDate Published
1The Trinidad & Tobago Field Naturalists' ClubManagementAn introduction to the Club.6-Feb-14
2The Kiskadee and the KingbirdKris SookdeoHighlights the differences between the kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus and the tropical kingbird, Tyrannus melancholicus.13-Feb-14
3The humble Trinidadian guppyAmy DeaconAbout the remarkable guppy, Poecilia reticulata.20-Feb-14
4Two new bird species fo T&TKamal Mahabir, Nigel LallsinghReports on two new bird records - the whistling heron, Syrigma sibilatrix and the Tennessee warbler, Oreothlypis peregrina.6-Mar-14
5The festival in our forestsFeroze OmardeenOn the three Erythrina immortelle species found in T&T13-Mar-14
6The Cumaca Cave Tragedy of 1964 (Part 1)Hans BoosOn the cave diving tragedy at the Cumaca Cave20-Mar-14
7The Cumaca Cave Tragedy of 1964 (Part 2)Hans BoosOn the cave diving tragedy at the Cumaca Cave27-Mar-14
8The Aripo CavesKris SookdeoClub field trip to the Aripo Caves in 20143-Apr-14
9Those annoying sandfliesElisha TikasinghNotes on the Psychodidae "sand flies". 10-Apr-14
10The AgoutiKris SookdeoAbout the agouti, Dasyprocta leporina.17-Apr-14
11Magic in Mayaro - Bioluminescence in the Mafeking RiverNatasha MohammedOn the bioluminescent dinoflagellates in Mafeking.1-May-14
12On the trail of T&T's land snailsMike RutherfordNotes on TT snails in international collections.8-May-14
13What exactly is a zangee?Amy Deacon, Kris SookdeoHighlights the mysterious zangee, Synbranchus marmoratus15-May-14
14Death of a GiantFeroze OmardeenAbout the talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera blooming at Presidents House.22-May-14
15A Naturalists' View: Pt. GourdePhoto diary of the Club's April 2014 trip to Pt. Gourde.5-Jun-14
16The osprey. A fisherman on wings.Kris SookdeoAbout the osprey (Pandion heliatus), a fish eating bird-of-prey.12-Jun-14
17Terrors of the beach.Elisha TikasinghThe Ceratopogonid Sand Flies of T&T19-Jun-14
18Bois canot.Kris SookdeoAbout the versatile bois canot (Cecropia peltata)27-Jun-14
19A Naturalist's View: Lagoon BouffePhoto diary of the Club's May 2014 trip to Lagoon Bouffe.3-Jul-14
20Sun, sea and sand dollarsNatasha MohammedOn the fauna of our beaches10-Jul-14
21The fork-tailed flycatcher - Prince of the skyKris SookdeoAbout the fork-tailed flycatcher (Tyrannus savana)17-Jul-14
22The Africa connection - FloraKris SookdeoHighlights some of our flora which share a unique link to Africa.31-Jul-14
23A Naturalists' View: TobagoPhoto diary of the Club's July 2014 trip to Tobago.7-Aug-14
24Size isn't everythingLa Daana Kada KanhaiA look at our under-appreciated protozoa15-Aug-14
25Icacos: A delight for birdwatchersKris SookdeoOn the birdwatching potential of Icacos.21-Aug-14
26Chaconier! Flame of the forestKris SookdeoA look at our national flower and the many misconceptions about it.28-Aug-14
27A Naturalists' View: Brasso VenadoPhoto diary of the Club's July 2014 trip to Brasso Venado.4-Sep-14
28The Erin Savannah - Beauty under siegeRichard AcostaAccount of a Club trip to the Erin Savannah in March 2014. Adapted from QB1 2014.11-Sep-14
29Ocelot! King of our jungleKris SookdeoAbout the ocelot18-Sep-14
30The last passenger pigeonFeroze Omardeen & Kris SookdeoOn the extinction of the passenger pigeon and the lessons for T&T.25-Sep-14
31A community, a wetland and a port.Kris SookdeoHighlighting the proposed drydock and trans-shipment port at La Brea2-Oct-14
32A Naturalist's View: Grand Tacaribe.Photo diary of the Club's August 2014 trip to Grand Tacaribe.9-Oct-14
33Gardens beneath the wavesNatasha MohammedA look at seagrasses in T&T.16-Oct-14
34The versatile sohariKris SookdeoHow much do you know about your 'roti leaf'?23-Oct-14
35The contentious crapaudNatasha MohammedAbout the crapaud (Rhinella marina)30-Oct-14
36A Naturalist's View: Aripo SavannasPhoto diary of the Club's September 2014 trip to the Aripo Savannas.6-Nov-14
37The jumping guabine: A fish out of waterAmy DeaconA look at the amazing jumping guabine (Aneblepsoides hartii formerly Rivulus hartii)13-Nov-14
38The water hyacinthKris SookdeoAbout the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)20-Nov-14
39Sharing your garden with our beautiful tanagersKris SookdeoHighlighting the common garden tanagers27-Nov-14
40The simply beautiful butterflyKris SookdeoA look at our common butterflies.4-Dec-14
41Learning to conserveA summary of club publications11-Dec-14
42Christmas under the mistletoeKris SookdeoA look at our local mistletoe and Rhipsalis18-Dec-14
43Review of the environment 2014Kris SookdeoA look back at the environmental news stories of 20148-Jan-15
44 Victor Quesnel: The passing of an environmental iconYasmin Baksh-ComeauA abridged version of the eulogy for Victor.24-Jan-15
45 A Naturalist's View: MaracA look at the November trip to Marac29-Jan-15
46The spectacled caimanKris SookdeoOn our spectacled caiman5-Feb-15
47Anthurium:an arrow to the heart.Adian FarrellAbout the anthurium. A valentines day special.12-Feb-15
48Caroni Swamp: A treasure under siege.Natasha MohammedOn the importance of the Caroni Swamp to our fisheries.19-Feb-15
49The incredible lily-trotterKris SookdeoAbout the wattled jacana (Jacana jacana).26-Feb-15
50A Naturalist's View: ChacachacarePhoto diary of the January trip to Chacachacare.5-Mar-15
51A slice of paradiseKris SookdeoAbout the value of green spaces in built areas to wildlife.12-Mar-15
52The charismatic green parrotKris SookdeoA look at the orange-winged parrot (Amazona amazonica).26-Mar-15
53The Catfish of CumacaAmy DeaconOn the catfish Rhamdia quelen2-Apr-15
54Hunting for a wildlife solutionTTFNC ManagementA look at wildlife management9-Apr-15
55A Naturalist's View: TamanaPhoto diary of the February 2015 trip to Mount Tamana.16-Apr-15
56Those frangipani wormsKris SookdeoAbout the tetrio sphinx moth (Pseudosphinx tetrio)23-Apr-15
57Kiss of death: T&T's assassin bugsElisha TikasinghOn the assassin bugs of T&T. Based on a QB article.30-Apr-15
58Hunting for a wildlife solution pt2Kris SookdeoA look at wildlife management7-May-15
59Hunting for a wildlife solution pt3Kris SookdeoA look at wildlife laws and the potential new legislation.14-May-15
60A Naturalists' View: Manzanilla PtRecent trip to Manzanilla Point21-May-15
61Celebrating our endemic birdsLester DoodnathAbout our two endemic birds13-Jun-15
62The helpful corbeauKris SookdeoOn the helpful corbeau18-Jun-15
63The yellow pouiFeroze OmardeenA look at the yellow poui25-Jun-15
64A Naturalists' View: Macajuel PondAbout the May trip to Macajuel Pond2-Jul-15
65Learning to live with our blackbirdsKris SookdeoArticle about the Carib Grackle9-Jul-15
66Our wonderful wild pinesKris SookdeoOn the bromeliads of T&T16-Jul-15
67Attracting wildlife to your yardKris SookdeoHow to attract a variety of wild animals to your home.23-Jul-15
68Africa's connection to our wildlifeKris SookdeoHighlights some of our fauna which share a unique link to Africa.30-Jul-15
69The Manicou CrabAmy DeaconArticle about the manicou crab (Rodriguezus garmani)6-Aug-15
70A Naturalists View: ChaguaramalAbout the June trip to Chaguaramal21-Aug-15
71BirdsCaribbean reps flock to KingstonLester DoodnathOn the 2015 BirdsCaribbean International Meeting27-Aug-15
72Chaconier! Flame of the ForestKris SookdeoAbout the national flower3-Sep-15
73A Naturalist's View of RinconOn the August 2015 trip to Rincon Pool #110-Sep-15
74Land of the hummingbirdKris SookdeoA look at our hummingbirds24-Sep-15
75A New book on the Bats of TTReview by Dr. Burton Lim of the Royal Ontario MuseumOn the book Bats of Trinidad & Tobago1-Oct-15
76Why wait to conserve our wildlifeKris SookdeoSuggestions for wildlife management in T&T8-Oct-15
77 Golden Tree FrogRenoir AugusteAbout the golden tree frog and the discovery of a population in Venezuela.15-Oct-15
78 On the wing and on the moveLester DoodnathCelebration of International Migratory Bird Day22-Oct-15
79 Our vanishing cage birdsKris SookdeoOn the plight of our native cage birds29-Oct-15
80 The versatile sohari leafKris SookdeoReprint of the 2014 article on the sohari leaf5-Nov-15
81 Meet the cornbirdsKris SookdeoAbout the family of 'cornbirds' in T&T19-Nov-15
82 Our fascinating forest butterfliesKris SookdeoArticle depicting some of the common forest butterflies26-Nov-15
83 A tale of two tetasAmy DeaconOn the two freshwater catfishes know locally as tetas3-Dec-15
84 Our majestic mountainsKris Sookdeo and Glenn WilkesCelebrating International Mountain Day10-Dec-15
85Review of the Environment 2015Kris SookdeoA look back at the environmental issues of 20157-Jan-16
86Nariva's natural treasuresKris SookdeoAbout the flora and fauna of the Nariva wetlands14-Jan-16
87Noise Pollution and NatureKris SookdeoAbout the dangers of excessive noise28-Jan-16
88A Naturalist's View of La ForetOn the Club's November trip to La Foret4-Feb-16
89Where have our callaloo crabs gone?Ian LambieAbout the decline in our crab and related fisheries18-Feb-16
90Mosquitoes: good,bad or both?Renoir AugusteA look at mosquitoes and their control25-Feb-16
91Watching as our wild spaces burnAidan FarrellArticle highlighting the scourge of bush fires in T&T03-Mar-16
92Cumaca Cave tragedy revisitedMartin W BermerAt look back at the 1964 cave accident from the perspective of one of the divers that day10-Mar-16
93A Naturalist's View of L'eau MicheleAbout the February trip to the L'eau Michele mud volcano and beach24-Mar-16
94Meet the manicouKris SookdeoOn the well know manicou8-Apr-16
95The fate of Pointe GourdeKris SookdeoWhat will be the future of Pointe Gourde?14-Apr-16
96Art competition to celebrate diversityLaunch of Art Competition for the 125th Celebrations5-May-16
97A Naturalists' View of the Aripo SavannaSummary of the Club's March trip to the Aripo Savanna12-May-16
98Why wait to conserve our wildlife?Kris SookdeoRevisiting the TTFNC's suggestions on wildlife management19-May-16
99Worm lizards - what are they?Renoir AugusteHow much do you know about those curious worm lizards?02-June-16
100Face to face with the caracarasKris SookdeoAbout the two native caracaras of T&T09-June-16
101What exactly is a zangee?Kris Sookdeo and Amy DeaconDid you know the zangee is a fish?16-June-16
102Only a wasp, only a bush...only the earth.Hans BoosAll aspects of our natural environment have an important role to play.14-July-16
103A Naturalists' View of MonosHighlights of the July 2016 overnight camp on Monos21-July-16
104Taking wildlife management forwardComments on the draft COWA recommendations28-July-16
105Celebrating birdlife with BirdsCaribbean and the TTFNCLester Doodnath18-August-16
107Small loses, big consequencesOn the scourge of improper land use and lack of planning15-September-16
108Our National birdsKris SookdeoOur national birds8-September-16
109Bioblitzing for the Botanic GardensMike G. RutherfordPart 1. Bioblitz 201627-October-16
110Time for an urban BioblitzMike G. RutherfordPart 2. Bioblitz 20163-November-16
111The Southern Lapwing - Sentinel of the SavannaElizabeth SeebaranAbout the southern lapwing10-November-16
112The urban jungleMike G. RutherfordPart 3. Bioblitz 201617-November-16
113Review of the Environment 2016Kris SookdeoReview of the Environment 20162-March-17
114The Monkeys of TrinidadKris SookdeoThe Monkeys of Trinidad9-March-17
115Festival in our ForestFeroze OmardeenAnother look at the immortelles of Trinidad and Tobago16-March-17
116Is there more to the moriche?Linton ArneaudCan we save the tree of life?23-March-17
117The Blue and Gold - A true Trini treasureAliya HoseinOn the Blue and Gold Macaw6-April-17
118My name is not PollyAliya HoseinOn research into how parrots communicate which featured our green-rumped parrotlet.22-April-17
119Buccoo Reef marine park or Sandals?Jahson Alemu and Anjani GanaseAbout the proposed Sandals resort at Buccoo and the benefits of having a marine park instead.27-April-17
120Snatched and soldAliya HoseinOn the trade in parrots11-May-17
121Forests on the edgeJahson AlemuAbout the importance of mangrove forests1-June-17
122Journey into the deep - Part ADiva AmonDeep sea dive in the Cayman Trench - A15-June-17
123Journey into the deep - Part BDiva AmonDeep sea dive in the Cayman Trench - B22-June-17
124Why so crabby?Delezia Shivani SinghCrustacean conflict!27-July-17
125The Africa Connection - Our floraKris SookdeoOn the plants that share a common link between T&T and Africa 3-Aug-17
126The Waterman - Beauty of the MarshesKris SookdeoAbout the purple gallinule11-Aug-17
127Nariva's treasureAkilah StewartOn the ecosystem services and true value of Nariva14-Sep-17
128TT Birders flock to CubaJessica RozekOn the 21st BirdsCaribbean Conference in Cuba5-Oct-17
129Unveiling the myth of Africanised bees. Pt 1Jo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout the so called "African Killer Bee" - Part 112-Oct-17
130Unveiling the myth of Africanised bees. Pt 2Jo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout the so called "African Killer Bee" - Part 219-Oct-17
131Those not so scary spidersJo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout spiders26-Oct-17
132Bioblitz heads deep southAlexis Marianes and Mike RutherfordPromotion of the upcoming 2017 Icacos Bioblitz02-Nov-17
133Moths on the moveKris SookdeoAbout the white tailed page, Urania leilus16-Nov-17
134Bioblitzing south westMike RutherfordAbout the 2017 Bioblitz30-Nov-17
135The big deal about biodiversityJo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the biodiversity of T&T14-Dec-17
136The Aripo Savanna and a highwayTTFNCOn the proposed construction of the highway from Cumuto to Guaico18-Mar-18
1372017 Year in ReviewTTFNCReview of environmental news in 201715-Apr-18
138Citizen ScienceDanielle MorongAbout the importance of citizen scientist in T&T22-Apr-18
139Crabs! Not just a delectable mealDelezia Shivani SinghCrabs in T&T26-May-2018
140Webs and what they are forJo-Anne Nina SewlalOn the utility of a spider's web16-Jun-2018
141Exploring T&T's herpetofaunaRenoir AugusteReview of the "A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Trinidad and Tobago" 29-Jul-2018
142Scorpions!Jo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout the ecology of scorpions19-Aug-2018
143Tobago’s timekeeperAnjani GanaseAbout one of the biggest (living) brain corals in the world in Tobago23-Sep-2018
144Bioblitz goes to TocoAlexis MarianesAbout one of the biggest (living) brain corals in the world in Tobago4-Nov-2018
1452018 Year in ReviewTTFNCReview of environmental news in 20183-Feb-2019
146The other arachnidsJo-Anne Nina SewlalAbout harvestmen and pseudoscorpions24-Feb-2019