First Record of the Spider Neotama mexicana (Hersiliidae: Araneae) from Trinidad and Tobago

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal


The first Bioblitz event held in Trinidad and Tobago was held in Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas in north-west Trinidad from 17 to 18 November, 2012. Field collection yielded an adult female Neotama mexicana (O.P. Cambridge). This is the first record of the species for Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to this specimen, the family Hersiliidae was presumed to be present but not confirmed (Sewlal and Cutler 2003). The nearest known collection site was in Guyana (Platnick 2013). Sewlal (2012) confirmed 52 spider families for Trinidad and Tobago. This discovery brings the total to 53.

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