27Field Trip - Pt. Gourde
03Art Group session - Wildfowl Trust
08Club meeting - Lecture: Shark conservation
by Marc de Verteuil, Papa Bois Conservation
10Bird Group field trip - Paramin
18Bug Group field trip - Nariva and Bush Bush
18Botany Group field trip - Gasparee Island
25Field Trip - Lagon Bouffe
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2014 Calendar
TRopical Screech Owl
Tropical Screech Owls
(Photo: Nigel Lallsingh)

Dear Members,


You may have heard by now that the Honourable Ganga Singh Minister of the Environment and Water Resources is considering the implementation of a three year moratorium on hunting. However the various Hunting Associations of T&T have aggressively petitioned against the idea while “we” the environmental NGOs/Groups have been “perceived as” relatively silent on the matter. The Honourable Minister needs the active support of the environmental NGOs of T&T for this three year moratorium on hunting to become a reality. If this does not happen he has indicated that he will have no choose but to go with the wishes of the hunters association and that the hunting season will open as normal on the 1st of October 2013. If you feel strongly about the need for a hunting moratorium you/we need to act now and let the Honourable Ganga Singh know now in writing.


The Honourable Ganga Singh has requested the support of the environmental NGOs of T&T in the implementation of the purposed three year moratorium on hunting. TTFNC will be writing an official letter to the minister supporting the purposed moratorium. However I would like to encourage each member of the Club to write individual letters to the minister on the matter and to additionally spread the word and encourage all you can to do the same. Our voices need to be heard. 

Attached is a copy of the Club’s hunting policy as published in “THE FIELD NATURALIST Issue No. 3/2012  Page 24”. Online link: http://ttfnc.org/photojournals/2012-3.pdf  

Below is the mailing address of the Minister of the Environment and Water Resources. (best deliver letter by hand). In addition you may also try e-mail, and other written online methods. 

Senator the Honourable Ganga Singh
Minister of the Environment and Water Resources
Level 26, Tower D International Waterfront Complex
1A Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago


Best regards

Eddison Baptiste

President TTFNC

You can copy & paste the following letter and email it to him at gangasingh@envw.gov.tt . Remember to be polite, as the Minister is our potential ally.
  • Dear Minister,
    I urge you to implement a three year hunting moratorium, during which time a fully comprehensive wildlife survey should be completed.
    The hunting season should remain closed until the wildlife policy, for which public consultations were held between January and March 2013, is realized.
    Yours sincerely,

Hunting Policy

Purpose: This TTFNC hunting policy is intended to serve as a guide to members when they are acting as official representatives of the TTFNC and to enable club representatives who serve on a variety of external committees to take a stand on behalf of the club. We recognize and accept that club members will have diverse opinions on hunting and this policy is not in-tended to restrict individual club members’ opinions or actions as private citizens.

Guiding Philosophy: The TTFNC holds that protecting sustainable populations of all native species must be the top priority for wildlife management in Trinidad and Tobago. To this end we believe that, if hunting is to continue it must be managed based on sound empirical knowledge of the present populations and population trends of each targeted species. In the absence of sufficient scientific data, we support the precautionary principle, which dictates that hunting should be tightly restricted until adequate data can be collected and effective regulations can be formulated and enforced.


Policy Points:

1) We consider the current legislation and enforcement, as of 2012, to be woefully inadequate for the protection of our wildlife populations.

2) We are of the opinion that commercial hunting is not sustainable in Trinidad and Tobago and should be prohibited. As such, any sale of wild meat, sea turtle, or wild-caught cage birds during the open or closed seasons should be prohibited and the law enforced.

3) We will actively support all efforts from government bodies and NGOs, including recreational hunters, to establish scientific management objectives, facilitate acquiring sup-porting data, and revise legislation in order to ensure that hunting will not jeopardize the survival of the local populations of targeted species.

4) For practical purposes, we accept that incremental improvements may be the most effective path forward. We are willing to work in good faith with other stakeholders, in-clouding hunters, as long as there is evidence of acceptable progress toward our desired standard of wildlife management.

5) The TTFNC believes that, in the absence of tangible progress toward managing hunting on a scientific and sustainable basis, all types of hunting should be severely curtailed.

About the Field Naturalists' Club

The Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club, a society for the study of Natural History, is one of the oldest NGO's existing in Trinidad and Tobago,having being founded on 10th July 1891.

The Club is a volunteer, non-profit organization. Its main objectives are to bring together persons interested in the study of natural history, the diffusion of knowledge thereof and the conservation of nature and natural resources.

Membership in the club is open to anyone who has an interest in nature and the natural environment. Approximately 250 members share interests in the natural environment such as birding, botany, photography, geology, research and scientific investigation, publication, conservation and environmental protection.

The TTFNC conducts an annual program of monthly meetings, lectures and field trips for the enjoyment and edification of its members.

The Club also publishes the following periodicals -

  • Living World Magazine, a journal of scientific research in all fields of natural history relevant to Trinidad and Tobago. The Journal is published annually.
  • Quarterly Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter for club members, containing articles on the natural history of Trinidad and Tobago and giving details of club activities.

In addition, the TTFNC sponsors a number of publications on the natural history and environment of the country. They may be obtained directly from the Club or from local bookstores.