Living World 2018

The 2018 issue of Living World was initially published online as separate papers, followed by the overall issue. This issue comprises five Research Papers, five Nature Notes a guest editorial, the TTRBC Report and a book review.

The 2018 journal can be accessed here:

The photo was taken by Merlin Tuttle, and enhanced by Edward Rooks.

TTFNC 2019 Natural History Calendar

The TTFNC 2019 Natural History Calendar is available at the following bookstores (Average retail price $30).

  • RIK Services Ltd (7 Locations);
  • Paper Base Hotel Normandie St Anns;
  • Pop-In Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval;
  • Ishmael M .Khan & Sons Ltd Henry St POS;
  • Metropolitan Book Suppliers 11-13 Frederick St POS;
  • The University of the West Indies Zoology Museum, St. Augustine Campus.
  • Shore Things Café, Lambeau, Tobago
  • Morshead’s Supermarket, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago

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