QB 2017-2 has been published

The Field Naturalist: 125th Anniversary Special Edition

To celebrate the end of the 125th anniversary of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club, we are happy to release a special edition of The Field Naturalist. You can access it here https://ttfnc.org/photojournals/2016-3.pdf

Quarter in review – April/June 2017


Birding Group: Hobal Trace, St Joseph

Marine Group: Macqueripe



May Lecture: Is there more to the Moriche Palm?

Club Trip: Lopinot forest trail

Bird Group: Granville

Mammal Group: Arena Forest


June Lecture: the Asa Wright Nature Centre

Bird Group: Talparo


Marine Group: Monos Island

Art Group: UWI Zoology Museum


World Environment Day, EMA